FINALLY! My Three Books have been Submitted to an Agent!

BREAKING NEWS!! These three books were just submitted to an agent in UK.  I FINALLY finished the manuscripts and book proposals. This has been over eight years in the making. Because NOW is the TIME. Please send best wishes for their success! 

1. Buddha Speaks for Children 

48 pages of unique quotes by the Buddha in a child’s words, with illustrations, to bring the Buddha’s wisdom into the present moment. Each page is an opportunity for a child to take a deep dive and have conversations exploring thought-provoking questions.

The emotional journey of a book can be a powerful force in a child’s life. My book, Buddha Speaks for Children, consists of 48 pages of quotes by the Buddha, reframed in a child’s words. This is something like Ursula Le Guinn’s Tao Te Ching meets Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. This is an important story for all of humanity. Like uploading a new operating system, it can plant invisible seeds of personal integrity in a child that will endure forever.

I have spent my life studying Buddhism, only to find the Buddha is not what we thought. Like a Zen Koan, I hope these authentic, reframed quotes are how a great master might wake up a child.

2. Heal Your Past Lives – Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness

My mission is to clear past trauma of humanity. This is a self-hypnosis technique on a universal theme for anyone to clear heartbreaking trauma to find health, wellness, and joy. It includes 55 politically-charged past life stories and how the clearings altered my reality.  46,000 words.

3. Buddha Speaks, 36 Channeled Conversations with the Master 

What would the Buddha say to you if he were sitting here right now? 36 chapters of unexpected revelations on a wide range of practical questions discussing anger, trust, sexuality, diet, and how to create positive change.

My next projects will be an illustrated Children’s Book of of identical Quotes by Jesus Christ and the Buddha. Followed by a similar Wall Calendar. After that will be The Spiritual Sun Tzu, the Art of War.  This should keep me off the streets. 


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