Earth Sky Meditation

Earth-sky-meditationThis meditation is as old as humanity. Yet it is just as important today as it was thousands of years ago. It came from Swami Sri Yukteswar, the guru of Yogananda, via Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is a meditation with form, direction and a purpose to allow an ordinary person to consciously experience the presence of God. God is always present everywhere, but often as humans we forget. This meditation lets us remember.

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably, on the Earth itself if possible, and close your eyes. Begin to breathe rhythmically and evenly — meaning that you inhale in the same amount of time that you exhale. Relax, and let your everyday thoughts go. Just simply follow your breath.

In your inner vision, see a beautiful scene from nature. Whatever you find beautiful, the mountains, the desert, or ocean. If it is the mountains, for example, you might see their peaks covered with snow. You might picture rivers, trees, and the animals, and see white, billowing clouds in the sky. Breathe in the clean, fresh air. Do something with whatever place you have chosen that is dear to your heart. And in your heart, feel the love that you have for Nature and for Mother Earth. Allow this love to become strong until your very body feels this love.

Then take this love that you have for Mother Earth and place it in a little ball — perhaps two inches across — and with your intention send this little ball filled with your love down to the center of the Earth. Send it with the intention that Mother Earth feels the love that you have for Her. And then you wait.

You wait for Mother Earth to send Her love back to you. She always will, as you are Her child. Some people experience it immediately and for others it takes a little while. It is a very real experience. It is not an intellectual thing. It is not you saying to yourself, ”I am now feeling Mother Earth’s love.” When Mother Earth’s love returns to you, it will be as sweet as the time that your own mother looked into your eyes when you were a baby. Feel this love, and let it move all through your body. Let it move through every cell in your body. Let it move even into your Light Body, and all that you are. And for a time — as long as you wish — simply stay in this connected love, with yourself in the arms of the Divine Mother.

When the time seems right, and without breaking the connection with the Divine Mother, turn your attention to the Divine Father, who is the rest of creation other than the Earth. In your inner vision, see a night sky filled with the multitude of stars of the Milky Way. See the planets, the sun (which would have to be over the horizon), and the moon. See the beauty of Creation, and feel the love that you have for the Divine Father. Allow this love to grow stronger until you are ready to burst with tears of love.

And then, just as with the Mother, gather this love and put it into a little ball, and with your intention send it into the Heavens. Either send it to the sacred grids around the Earth, if you understand them, or send it to the Central Sun, if you understand what that means. Or — which is what most indigenous people do — send it to our own sun. It is your intention that matters. And then you wait.

As with the Mother, you wait until the Father sends His love back to you. He always will, as you are His child. When you feel this love return to you, let it move throughout your body and to all your cells. Let it move even into your Light Body and all that you are. Again, you can stay in this love with the Father as long as you wish.

Realize at this moment you are in love with the Divine Mother and Father at the same time. It is extremely rare for a human being to experience this. Realize even further that the Holy Trinity is now being manifest on Earth. The Divine Mother, the Divine Father, and you — the Divine Child — are all bound by Love in a Holy Triangle.

According to Sri Yukteswar, it is only from this sacred place of the Holy Trinity that the Creator can be seen clearly and experienced so directly. Now, without breaking the bonds of love between your Divine Parents, simply allow the presence of God to be experienced directly. Allow God to come within your body and all around you. What happens now is between you and God. Trust yourself, as you are a Child of God. Believe in yourself, as you are one with the Source. From this point on, there are no words. May this meditation be a blessing in your life and to all those you touch. From Sri Yukteswar via Drunvalo Melchizedek.

“Human conduct is ever unreliable until man is anchored in the Divine. Everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.”  Sri Giri Yukteswar


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