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“Sri Jana has many healing modalities in her tool basket. Her intuitive understanding of the meridians helped me overcome a life pattern of avoiding the most fundamental issues I face, which I don’t see. I have gone to her for nutritional counseling, for a dislocated shoulder, to resolve an emotional entanglement, and to heal past life trauma. Her energy treatments range from the subtle to the downright miraculous.”  T. Lee

Acupuncture with Qi
A powerful and non-invasive form of acupuncture, Advanced BioEnergetics is a healing therapy and a course of study for licensed acupuncturists. It consists of a meridian scan for hot or cool spots in the body, and balancing the entire body without the need for inserted needles. Instead of needles it uses Qi emanating from the practitioner’s field to clear blockages and activate meridians. Based on traditional acupuncture techniques, it relies on vital energy to create deep shifts in the body.

Yes, you can also use needles. However this ancient system has the advantage of being able to reach and treat all points on a meridian, both external and internal, whereas needle acupuncture can treat only the superficial points located on the skin (See dotted lines in diagram). For this reason BioEnergetics can have a more powerful healing response by simply harnessing the Qi, without the need to insert needles.

Advanced Bioenergetics can access all points along a meridian, including deep internal points that cannot be reached with needles. Hence it can powerfully open the flow of a particular body function, integrating it with the channel source point and all other relevant meridians.

In ancient China, the primary three areas of study for medical practitioners was traditionally Meditation, Qigong, and Diet. Medical students had to master these three areas before any training was given in point location or acupuncture. Acupuncture with needles was considered a more invasive healing therapy used in extreme cases of illness. Chinese doctors used the Qi first in their healing. Only when this failed, did they utilize needles, infusing them with Qi. In modern times Chinese medicine has become associated with inserted needles. Over the years, acupuncture schools have shifted to an emphasis on external points, finding and correcting blockages. While this study is essential, in order to be a complete healing practitioner, one must learn to infuse his or her own body with Qi, as well as master the arts of Meditation, Qigong movement, and Dietary health. Advanced BioEnergetics fills this gap.

Advanced BioEnergetics does not use a top-down system to treat blockages or balancing deficiencies. Instead it uses a bottom to top approach, which addresses first the deeper energetic layers in the body, and lastly the superficial manifestations of health or illness.

Advanced BioEnergetics treats the body from an structural point of view. Hence it encompasses all body systems including bones, muscles, tendons, organs, arteries, nerves, and meridians. Allergies, sin problems, and swelling are also associated with this therapy.

BioEnergetics is gentle, safe, and relaxing. It works with all 20 meridians in Chinese Medicine, including the twelve organ meridians and the eight extraordinary meridians, energetically in a safe non-invasive healing system. After your treatment, Sri Jana may suggest for you to continue doing a simplified daily meridian activation between sessions.

Homework for Continued Self-Healing
Sri Jana may suggest homework to stimulate one off more of your meridians every day, and will give you detailed instructions. She may also identify the most critical points for you to stimulate every day to continually take charge of your own health and improve your wellbeing without the need for a session.

Advanced BioEnergetics can be an effective and complete treatment system for many diseases such as neurological ailments, allergies, vertigo, addictions, mental imbalance, cancer, weight loss, digestive issues, sexual problems, depression, and adrenal fatigue to name a few. Since it does not use needles, it is a good alternative for children and anyone who does not tolerate acupuncture with needles.

Advanced BioEnergetics can be done in a personal consultation with Sri Jana, or remotely via Zoom. It may be included as a part of another single session, if it is a priority for your healing.

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