Post-Surgery Scar Therapy

One of the least understood aspects of health care is the treatment of scars after surgery or trauma. Scars are a kind of connective tissue that forms to heal any wound. Scars of any size can often block the flow of energy along the meridian pathways, which inhibits the function of all areas supported by that meridian. When one meridian is out of balance, all the energy pathways in the body become compromised, and health suffers. There are 12 major and 8 extra meridians that run the entire length of the body.

scar-imageEven a small scar or incision can affect a seemingly distant and unrelated part or function in the body, particularly if the two points are connected on the same acupuncture meridian.






What is Energetic Scar Therapy?
Sri Jana uses an energetic approach to scar therapy called “bridging”. By releasing rigid connective tissue and at the same time dissolving traumatic memories stored in the tissue around scars, the energy pathways can be restored, bridging across the scar, and health follows. The optimal time for scar therapy is immediately following surgery or trauma. However excellent results can often be achieved even decades later.

Occasionally scar tissue becomes so tight that it restricts movement of joints, and more surgery is required. Energy medicine can often restore flexibility without the need for further surgery. Energetic scar therapy can also treat the cosmetic appearance of scars, to make them smaller in size, or even disappear.






The Garden Hose Image

Picture a garden hose where the water runs freely. If you fold or bend the hose to put a kink in it, the water will slow to a trickle from that point onward.

The same principle holds true in the body meridians (energy pathways) around scars. When the flow along a meridian is blocked by a scar, then energy circulation will become weaker along the entire meridian. Health suffers in every area relating to that meridian because it has no energy flow.

Energy in the body flows along meridian pathways somewhat like Earth’s energy lines.

Surprising Case Study in Scar Therapy:

John (name changed) came to my office with digestive problems and numbness in his legs. A former basketball player and super athlete, he had been treated successfully for cancer and a bone marrow transplant nine years ago. At the same time he had experienced a traumatic separation with his wife. Unfortunately since that time his digestion had deteriorated to the point where he could tolerate only vegetable smoothies without throwing up. To make matters worse, he had lost most of the feeling in his lower abdomen and legs.

Using energy medicine, I first dissolved an active memory of the trauma related to the separation with his wife. Then my attention was drawn to a scar over his stomach and a series of scars the abdominal area. Using the “bridging” technique, I palpated in a downward direction to address all abdominal scars, both external and internal. Within a few minutes he was amazed to feel the sensation in his legs restored, and the feeling has improved every day.

Example – Declining Health after a Hysterectomy

Clinical experience has shown that transverse scars across the abdomen can have a powerful affect on meridian flow and health. It is quite common for a woman to undergo a hysterectomy and find that over the next year she becomes unusually tired, and feels her body deteriorating. She may become prone to constipation, poor digestion, weak lungs, sagging breasts, and loss of tone in facial muscles and skin. The “bridging” technique can restore flow through the meridians blocked by the scar, energetic balance can return, and health improves.

Scars can seriously prevent the flow of healthy energy in the body.

The scars may be physical or emotional, external or internal. When the emotional charge around a scar is released, and at the same time energy pathways are restored by “bridging” across the scar, the results are especially effective and permanent.

Scar Therapy can be done in a personal consultation with Sri Jana. It may be included as a part of another single session, when it is a priority for your healing.

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Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, CBP, CRM, LAP, MBA, author is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Accunect practitioner, Certified 3rd degree Reiki Master, Certified Qigong Guide, Sacred Sexuality Instructor, MBA, and a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhist Kundalini meditation for over 50 years. She lives with her husband Lama D in Bali, and offers distance sessions anywhere. Contact Sri Jana


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