Qigong Hikes


I returned from teaching a Qigong workshop in Italy with a few clear intentions for the future. One was to do Qigong hikes around Santa Fe. The simple act of walking in nature calms the nervous system, resets the energetic body, tones the muscles and activates the meridians. It connects us to the unlimited energy resources of Earth and Sky. I will choose a special place – a trail or a destination in Nature. We start by walking. We find a clearing that invites us. We practice Qigong in harmony with the land today and its original nature. We do a brief meditation. We have a bit of water and a healthy snack. We come home renewed. Today is Sunday October 23, 2016. We’re starting today! I’ll bring my camera.

Atalaya-trail-10-23-16Our first Qigong hike on Atalaya Trail 10/23/16, a gorgeous day, clear blue sky. We hiked to a rocky clearing at the top of the hill with this view. We practiced Qigong and did a brief meditation. I feel rejuvenated in the clean air, the gentle wind.









This tree collapsed and shattered like a pile of old dry bones by its own weight. I thought the shadows were beautiful. 10/23/16



A fuchsia cactus flower shoots up 10/23/16.


Sunday October 30, 2016 we walked the Nature Conservancy at the old reservoir.


A stupendous view looking down the ledge. 10/30/16


A group selfie shadow photo! 10/20/16


Today 10/30/16 – the colors were stunning!

















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