Tibetan Kirtan

Jane’s Tibetan Kirtan soirees are celebrations of sacred sound. Chanting is a powerful way to share transformational sound. Sound is a powerful healing vibration that can cultivate joy. A “kirtan” is a traditional gathering for chanting, often in call and response. Jane’s periodic musical events are a chance to relax, enjoy healthy food, infuse, absorb, and saturate your body with beneficial energy. Jane channels many ancient traditions which she enriches with accompaniments that harmonize with modern ears. She plays instruments tuned to A=432 Hertz, a highly healing vibration for the Earth and its creatures. She uses crystal bowls, bells, drums, chimes, guitar, tambura, harmonium and voice to create a unique experience that will deepen your experience of spirit.

It’s sometimes difficult to explain how this works on a physical level. When you let go and chant with your heart, the sounds circulate inside your brain, suffusing and cleansing your nervous system, hair follicles, toenails, and penetrating parts long-forgotten. Jane’s next Tibetan Kirtan will be the Winter Solstice, Thursday December 21, 2018.







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