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kinesiologyWhat is Kinesiology?
Get Immediate Answers To Your Health Questions.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, holistic approach to health and well being. Your body’s natural inclination is to be healthy. Based on the concept of internal energy fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine, Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring, or muscle testing, to discover areas of stress/imbalance in the body systems and identify ways to bring you back into a healthy balance.

Kinesiology: A Holistic Approach to Health
Discover the Roots of any Issue

Kinesiology views the body as a functional organism, rather than a series of separate parts. It focuses on unifying body, mind and spirit. It addresses the links between the body, emotions, and biochemical stress. Instead of focusing on symptoms and diagnosis, it asks specific questions to discover the body’s priority to reconnect, and what is ready to shift to a healthier balance.

Because it addresses the root causes of any issue rather than symptoms, Kinesiology can discover and treat imbalances that are often overlooked by other therapies. It can help restore your health more quickly, permanently, and less invasively than many other therapies. Kinesiology can provide information on energy blockages, organ functions, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and other areas.

Body-Talk-KinesiologyHistory of Kinesiology

Kinesiology has its roots in the early 1960’s, conceived and developed by American chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart, who explored the relationship between internal organs, acupuncture meridians, and skeletal muscles.
This work is called Applied Kinesiology or Energy Kinesiology.

How it Works

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to indicate the roots of your health issues. Kinesiology can answer questions about the meridians, organ systems, and link them to emotional sources. Using the body’s own feedback mechanism between the nervous system and the skeletal muscles, Kinesiology is an effective method to receive specific personal indications without   pharmaceuticals or invasive medical tests.

Jane-Energy-MedicineWhat to Expect in a Session

Sri Jana will ask about your history and your objectives for the treatment. You will lie on a treatment table fully clothed, while Sri Jana touches your wrist lightly to ascertain the priorities for your treatment. When she finds a combination of points, she will explain the therapy, so you understand how it relates to your health. Your session will finish with a discussion of the shifts that took place, any homework, lifestyle factors, or follow-up suggested. Most clients find they feel deeply relaxed after a session.



Sri Jana uses a high level of skill and sensitivity to read the energy and the flow of a therapy session. With a very light touch on the client’s wrist, she can discern a great deal of information. The many ways that Sri Jana uses Kinesiology include Food and Nutrient Sensitivity Testing with electronically imprinted vials to indicate optimum diet. She uses it to locate and treat activation points in the meridians. She also uses it to indicate possible causes and treatment options for Insomnia, Adrenal fatigue, GERD, Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, and more.

Kinesiology can be done in a personal consultation or a distance session with Sri Jana. It may be included as a part of another single session, if it is a priority for your healing.

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“Sri Jana’s transformational energy medicine is unique in that she listens directly to the body wisdom to find the most important underlying health issues to address. Ideal for chronic, unresolved physical and emotional problems, Sri Jana’s healing systems can discover and rebalance functions that conventional therapies tend to overlook.”  Adam B.

Sri Jana aka Jane Barthelemy, author, intuitive medium, healer. Sri Jana’s transformational healing aligns the body to spirit. Sri Jana is a Certified BodyTalk practitioner, Accunect Chinese Medicine practitioner, Certified 3rd degree Usui Reiki Master, Certified Qigong Guide, Sacred Sexuality Instructor, and MBA. A prolific writer and blogger, her website recently won the CEO Magazine award for “Most Innovative Food & Lifestyle Blog in North America”. Sri Jana’s upcoming books include “Buddha Speaks,” a channeled book by Gautama Buddha, and “Heal Your Past Lives, Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness”. Sri Jana and Lama D live in Bali.

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