White Light Meditation

The White Light Meditation is an essential tool for our times. In fact, it is so critical right now in the world, I am offering to teach it to you at a special price during July, 2021. See below for the complete written instructions at no charge. Or contact me to schedule an introduction via Zoom at the special price of $50 during July, 2021. (Regular price $119).

The benefits of the White Light Meditation are cumulative. This practice is deeply transformational, therefore it is difficult to describe in words. So, I encourage you to take advantage of this special offer for individual guidance. We are all unique and I am delighted to share it. To schedule a session, email me at srijana (at) fiveseeasonsmedicine .com. Tell me what time zone you are in, so I can suggest times. When you select your time, I’ll send you a Zoom link. Payment of $50 can be made via PayPal on my payment page – scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on “Other Amount”, and enter the special price of $50.00.

Executive Summary: White Light Meditation

  1. Breathe White Light into the Center of the Brain, swallow and root it in the center of the Earth.
  2. Bring a 2nd pillar of White Light down from the center of the galaxy through your body to intertwine with the 1st.
  3. Invite a Ball of White Light to surround you, Rooting down in Core of the Earth, up to center of galaxy.
  4. Make a wish or intention to surrender, open, and clear all negatives, scum and unneeded debris.
  5. Focus on any pain in the body or any dark areas. Direct white light into them to dissolve them.
  6. Ask a Question of the Earth/Sky Presence.
  7. Listen for the Answer with no assumptions.
  8. Visualization – 4-sided tetrahedron.
  9. Chant AUM, feel gratitude.

This is not a mental exercise. It is a deep spiritual exercise to be done quietly. If you do it for 10 minutes a day, it can change your life. There may be some new concepts here for you to familiarize yourself. Do this meditation for 10 minutes each day, preferably in the morning after arising, or when your mind is clear and undistracted. The effects are cumulative. The goal / purpose of the White Light meditation is removal of darkness from you and your world, to exercise your spiritual muscles, and to establish you in a higher, happier vibration of clarity, fearlessness, equanimity and resilience.

“Srijana, the White Light Meditation represents a major breakthrough in your teaching, and in my understanding of how everything is connected – the ancient and the modern. You have successfully unified ancient Buddhist wisdom, the light-body, and modern medical science. I will continue to perfect this breathing and visualization and hope to be ready for the next step soon. Huge gratitude.” Alexa S.

Benefits of the White Light Meditation

  • It dissolves the sludge built-up through normal life. We carry impressions of difficult experiences, confusion and wrong thinking. Most of us can’t even imagine what it is like to be free of this burden. To be free we must clear it, and lift ourselves out of it each day.
  • It reduces pain of physical life and outlines a clear path out of confusion.
  • It stimulates the happiness neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, by intentionally causing them to flow.
  • It increases oxygenation of the cells, slowing the breath down to a calm state of mind.
  • It brings awareness into other normal activities, inviting an attitude of selfless service to others.
  • It teaches resilience, surrender, clarity, and strength.
  • It provides a shield of white light protecting you at all times.
  • It grounds the body-mind-spirit into the Earth and the infinite power of the Supreme God.
  • It is a beneficial beginning visualization to practice before trying more advanced ones.
  • It helps build awareness of your thoughts and emotions in a clear way.
  • Do it once a day for 10 minutes. Morning or anytime. No more than one time. No more than 10 minutes.
  • Chanting AUM moves the liquids in the brain and body, linking the Amygdala and Pineal to the Confluence of Sinuses. This calms and vitalize the chakras and nervous system.

Nervous System Benefits of the White Light Meditation

When you breathe white light into the brain, you calm your body fluids and higher intelligence. You recalibrate your brain and nervous system to the emotional intelligence and your connection to source. How does this work physically? The body is 70 – 90% water. The brain is filled with many fluid cavities and passageways, which meet at the Confluence of Sinuses in the back of the head. Your Pineal gland deep in the center of the brain connects you to the universal Source through the top of your head. The Amygdala is the center of emotions, especially fear and fight-flight. When all these three centers are integrated in balance, you feel wonderful. You are balanced. You are never freaked out.

The sound “AUM” is a pleasing vibration within the whole body. Sound helps to vitalize and move the body fluids, all the liquids of the brain anatomy and the chakras. Chanting the sound “AUM” sound links the Amygdala and Pineal to the Confluence of Sinuses, Cerebellum, Brain stem, Spinal cord, and Perineum at the root of the body. You may need to experiment on yourself to locate the brain centers and integrate them in your body. The secret is to BREATHE the white light and direct it with your own positive focus. It’s fun. Let me know what you discover! Something tells me the ancient Tibetan Lamas already knew this, but their wisdom is locked up in caves and chants we don’t understand.

Hydrate Your Body to Receive Benefit.
To understand life, you must understand water. Water exists in our lymph and interstitial fluids between the cells. Water is in our tears, synovial joint fluid, blood, blood plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and it bathes our brain. Embodied life is all about water, which is physical form of JOY! You can live in dirty water. Or you can fill it with white light and make it crystalline water. It’s a choice we make. So, this is just a reminder – You must drink enough pure water and be well hydrated in order to meditate and be healthy. Personally, I drink almost 3 quarts of water per day in small doses in order to function. Your physical body is mostly water. It makes sense, if your body is dehydrated, you will not benefit from this “activation” of the water.

Instructions for the White Light Meditation

Step 1: Breathe White Light into the Center of the Brain, swallow and root it in the center of the Earth.

The meditation starts with a breath. Inhale a stream of white light into the center of your brain. Visualize a flow of pure white light coming into your forehead between the eyebrows. Feel the radiance and purity as it bathes your brain. Swallow, and allow the light to move down through your body to the root chakra. Feel it penetrate down through your heart down to the base of the spine and root. Allow it to penetrate straight down to the core of the Earth. this is like connecting to the Mother.

Step 2: Bring a 2nd pillar of White Light down from the center of the galaxy through your body to intertwine with the 1st.

Now invite the column of White Light to extend up from your head up into the center of the galaxy far above your head. Feel the whole pillar from tip top in the galactic center, down through your body down into the center of the Earth. Allow the two pillars to wind around each other like lovers inside you. This is like taking your place in the universe and entering into a conversation with your Father and your Mother.

Step 3: Invite a Ball of White Light to surround you, Rooting down into the Earth, up to the Galaxy.

Allow the pillar of white light to connect into the core of the Earth and Galaxy, as you visualize the white light surround you and protect you. Allow an expansion of light to issue from your belly out in a sphere around your body. Like a bubble of joy it is equidistant all the way around in front, sides, and back, and it is surrounded with brilliant flaming oceans of light. As you feel this protection around you, be aware of your pillar into the Earth, and into the Galaxy. This is all one unit, a single conscious organism of Earth, Sky, and You. And it is totally safe.

Step 4: Make a wish or intention to surrender, open, and clear all negatives, scum, and unneeded debris.

Empty yourself. Ask deeply to be filled with White Light. Ask to be clear and free of negatives, build-up of sludge and old thoughts. Ask to open to the truth about your life, whatever it may bring. Ask for the ability to listen and hear knowledge you need for your life. Stay with the pillars of light, and the surrounding protection. The light will help you do this.

Step 5: Focus on any pain in the body or any dark areas, if you wish. Direct white light into them to dissolve them.

If you have any painful parts in the body, or any dark areas, you can direct the white light into them to dissolve it. Point your ray of white light directly into the center of the pain. Relax deeply. Accept the pain and ask to dissolve it. (If needed, also see my Meditation for Chronic Pain, which addresses total body pain.)

Step 6: Ask a Question of the Earth/Sky Presence.

Begin a conversation with your true Mother/Father. As you focus gently with your mind, ask to dissolve the ego. Feel a melting sensation of surrender and submission to the highest authority of the universe, the Supreme God, whoever or whatever that means for you. Ask from a deep place of respect and reverence to open, and to discover the highest truth.

Continue to be aware of the pillar of white light penetrating the body from top to bottom. If you study chakras, you can be aware of those. Allow your root of white light go deep into the center of the Earth, and far up into the center of the galaxy. Wait, listen, and ask for an answer from the universe or God, as you wish. This is the Source consciousness that created you. If you listen with respect it will answer.

Divine knowledge is not fixed. It is a flow that is every changing. To participate in the universal flow requires a different kind of listening without assumption each day. Since energy is constant in motion, this will feel different each day.

True listening requires softness, flexibility, and resilience. You are building your spiritual muscles for the future. You will need to be strong to withstand the coming tests. We used to believe that strength was force, but we know understand that strength is deep and wise. It may appear soft, however it is filled with integrity. So our old stereotypes of hard vs. soft don’t function in this realm.

Become a quiet observer of your thoughts, your tendencies, your mind. Can you be empty? Only then can you receive. Become an observer of others around you and of the world mind.

If you’re not sure what to ask, try:  “Who Am I?”  “What Do I Need to Know Today? “Do you have a message for me? Or for humanity? Or for my family” Then wait for an answer. As you listen, release all emotions, thoughts, feelings. What is it that you really want?

Step 7: Listen for the Answer with No Assumptions.

To receive an answer, be very quiet. Empty your mind of all thoughts and emotions. Sit there utterly quiet until you receive a reply. The answer may be an image, a word, a concept, a mantra, a suggestion, instructions, a request, loving advice, or an angry warning.

Enjoy your pillar of white light from the center of the Earth out into the Galaxy. Listen without ego. Ask to clear the slate of your mind so that you can receive. Ask your question.

The answer may come to you immediately. Or it may come much later in words, images, instructions, or signals around you. It may stimulate impressions, thoughts, memories. It may be a strange meeting that contains a message. All these are important coded information.

Step 8: Visualization – 4-sided tetrahedron.

Imagine a 3D geometric shape of a 4-sided tetrahedron, sitting flat on the earth. That means an equilateral pyramid sitting on a base, pointing up.

Rotate it laterally around to the right 360 °. Then rotate it around 360° to the left. Place it deep in the center of your brain, and breathe the white light into the center point of the tetrahedron. Se it shining. Feel the breath bringing the white light to circulate pleasantly throughout your brain, clearing or dissolving any darkness, sludge, or phlegm.

This visualization strengthens your spiritual muscles, helps empty the mind of chatter, literally clears the brain liquids, and builds and your ability to manifest in the physical world.

Step 9: Chant AUM, feel gratitude.

Finish with the sound AUM. Feel melting gratitude in your heart. AUM is an ancient sound and pleasing vibration as you do it. Uttering this sound links important energetic body parts. It vitalizes the Amygdala and Pineal with the Confluence of sinuses, Cerebellum, Brain stem, Spinal cord, Tailbone, and Perineum at base of the body. Enjoy it.

Feel your entire pillar of white light. If you study chakras, you can use that but it is not required. Now offer something of yourself to the eternal wisdom in the Earth, and to the Sky. Think: What do you have to offer? Take your time with this.

Remember, for every issue in the world, or problem in a person there is an antidote. What is your selfless gift? Take your time. Maybe YOU are the antidote.

If your antidote to offer is silence, be silent. If it is listening, listen deeply. If it is to do nothing, that is often perfect. If it is death, you are free to go. If it is just to be yourself or listening to the moment, do that. If it is a special ability or project you wish to offer, you must plan it and carry it out. The universe is waiting for you and will help you do it. You must visualize what you really want and ask for it. Your antidote is fluid. Your life is fluid. Energy is never still. You must listen. Sometimes the perfect antidote may be even violence and killing, although only as a last resort. Release old stereotypes and patterns. Make no assumptions.

Chant AUM with gratitude. It helps to link the liquids of the brain anatomy and all chakras in a pillar of light.

More information – Email Sri Jana: srijana (at) fiveseasonsmedicine .com for a personal session.

Source: Channeled from Thoth, aka Hermes Trismegistus

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