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The Japanese have a surprising expression “Pinpin Korori”. It means “Stay spry and energetic, then die quickly and painlessly”, to be healthy and happy your whole life right up until it is time to go. This the true objective of enlightened health care.

Comprehensive Health Scan measures over 150 health markers and identifies priorities to address for optimum wellness. This Ageless-Timeless program is a follow-up. It helps you track your progress towards an optimal level of health over time. The program addresses the deepest roots of wellness, meaning that it works from the inside out to help you achieve the radiant health on every level that you deserve.

Your Program is Unique 
Every person’s program is custom-designed to address your specific individual needs. After your Comprehensive Health Scan, Sri Jana will suggest your top personal priorities to optimize your health. Then she will track your progress over time, and help you fine-tune your program, as you watch the numbers change.

Top 10 Health Markers 
Health is complex, interconnected, with myriad factors influencing your wellness that can be challenging to quantify. If we can identify and measure your top 10 health markers, then it is possible to address them using various therapies, practices, and lifestyle choices.

Toxins in Bone Marrow, Liver, Kidneys
Throughout our lifetime, our bodies are exposed to various pathogens and toxins from food, air, and water. The body is designed to eliminate many of them immediately, however some of these toxins are deposited in the bone marrow, liver, and kidneys. As time passes, toxic accumulation in these areas can create serious imbalances that can lead to inflammation, acidity, poor functioning of body systems, and chronic disease.

Toxic Accumulation: A Primary Cause of Chronic Disease
In modern times we see rising incidence of serious chronic diseases that were unknown 100 years ago. Some of our common epidemics are even called “idiopathic”, meaning they have “no known cause”. New research shows that most of our chronic diseases are accompanied by accumulation of toxins in the Bone marrow, Liver, and Kidneys. The Comprehensive Health Scan measures the levels of common toxins, and primary accumulation areas.

Bone Marrow
Our red bone marrow produces new blood cells and stem cells. Toxins in the bone marrow compromise red blood cells, white blood cells and the entire blood-centered immune function. Bone marrow toxins also lower the production of stem cells. Stem cells are the young generic cells needed to repair all parts of the body to keep it in top condition. Poor stem cell function leads to slower healing, and faster aging.

Adult red bone marrow and stem cell function are located primarily in the flat bones of the body, excluding the long bones of the limbs, hands, and feet. (See diagram)

The bone marrow is our #1 storage area for toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, cosmetics, household chemicals, PCB’s, DDT, smoke, chlorine, heavy metals, etc. Poor bone marrow function leads to aging and decline.

In Chinese medicine, the liver is closely associated with the blood. One of the liver’s functions is to filter toxins out of the blood and eliminate them via the hepatic ducts into the intestines. However when toxins accumulate in the liver, then the cleaning function slows down. Common patterns of liver stagnation include anxiety, depression, irritability, moodiness, poor vision, melancholy, headaches, fever, dizziness, numbness in limbs,  resentment, painful periods, chronic fatigue, and shingles.

Our kidneys have the important job of filtering toxins out of the blood that come from the lymph system. This process cleans and filters all the inter-cellular fluids and lymphatic system into the bloodstream. The blood toxins are filtered in the tiny capillaries of the kidneys, and into the urine. When this process is overwhelmed with excessive toxins, they can accumulate in the kidneys. Common patterns of excess kidney toxins include lower back pain, adrenal fatigue, incontinence, low appetite, exhaustion, loss of libido, dizziness, shortness of breath, low energy, cold limbs, edema and swelling, poor memory, hair loss, and neurological diseases.

Our intestines are the root of our immune system, nutrient absorption, and micro-biome. It is essential to cultivate a healthy ecosystem of friendly bacteria in the small intestines. Toxins in our food such as GMO’s, herbicides, and pesticides damage the friendly bacteria. Poor micro-biome balance has been shown as a factor in most of our chronic conditions including Depression, Parkinson’s disease, Autism, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, ADHD, Migraines, Arthritis, Heart disease, Cancer, Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, and IBS.

It’s easy to see that a pattern of toxic accumulation can result in the growing chronic diseases we see around us, such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, Auto-immune diseases, Obesity, Depression, High blood pressure, Celiac disease, IBS, and Neurological diseases. The Ageless-Timeless program can help.

Top 10 Priority Factors That Determine Our Health
While myriad factors influence our wellbeing, these top 10 factors largely determine our level of health.

  1. Joy, Attunement to Nature
  2. Sleep level, Deep rest
  3. Sugar – (Highs vs. Lows in Glucose and Fructose)
  4. Water Hydration, Fluid Flow & Lymph clarity (H20 in interstitial tissues)
  5. Thoughts & Emotions such as Fear, Anger, Grief, Worry, Agitation
  6. Accumulated Toxins in Tissues (Bone Marrow, Liver, Kidney)
  7. Micro-biome – Healthy Bacterial balance
  8. Sunlight Exposure % of needed (1 hour daylight per day is optimal)
  9. Body pH, Acid / Alkaline balance (7.2 or higher is optimal)
  10. Kidney Jing level (Stored Qi Energy Resources)

Sample Health Scan
We have chosen a few top indicators to track over time.

How Does the Ageless Timeless Program Address the Priorities?
Every program is custom-designed for the individual. It combines all of Sri Jana’s therapies, other modalities, specific practices, and your own lifestyle choices for maximum effect. Here is a possible healing protocol for these particular top 10 health markers:

  1. Joy, Attunement to Nature
  • Zero Point Activation, Attunement to Nature
  • Kodaishin Meridian Therapy to Clear Old Patterns
  • Energetic Clearing of Beliefs & Traumas
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Qigong & Taichi classes
  • Meditation Practice
  • Forest bathing, Spend time in nature
  • Dancing, Music
  • Making Love
  1. Sleep Level
  • Bedtime Preparation
  • Sleep meditation technique
  • Aerobic movement
  • Juvent Micro-Impact Platform
  1. Sugar Variance
  • Eliminate glucose, fructose, and sweets
  • Skip refined carbs and sweet fruits
  • Use recommended non-glycemic sweeteners
  • Therapeutic Molecular Hydrogen/Izumio water
  1. Fluid Flow & Lymph Clarity
  • Drink 75 -90 oz. water per day
  • Upgrade water quality
  • Hydration protocol
  • Qigong & Taichi classes
  • Juvent Micro-Impact Platform
  1. Thoughts / Emotions / Trauma
  • Meditation Practice,
  • Qigong & Taichi classes
  • Clear Traumas from Present Life and Past Lives
  • Energy Medicine to Clear Old Thoughts, Beliefs,
  • EFT daily practice for self-healing
  • Sri Jana’s Protective Wei Qi practice defends the body from pathogens, EMF’s, Cell towers, WiFi, etc.
  1. Toxins in Bones, Liver, Kidneys
  • Eliminate exposure to toxins in foods, vaccines, environment
  • Vibrational Healing to remove heavy metals, GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides
  • Vibrational Healing for Toxins in Bones, Liver, Kidney
  • 2-week Detox Program for Bones, Liver, Kidneys
  • Qigong Bone Marrow Cleansing Protocol
  • Eat 100% Organic, Lots of Clean Water and hydration
  • Monsanto-Free Kitchen Consultation
  • Juvent Micro-Impact Platform
  • Therapeutic Molecular Hydrogen/Izumio water
  • Far Infrared sauna
  • Aerobic movement, such as Power Walking 3x/week
  1. Micro-biome – Healthy Bacterial balance
  • Eliminate GMO’s, pesticides, which kill friendly bacteria
  • Take Fermented Foods
  • Use Restore4Life supplement
  • Eliminate pathogenic bacteria, fungus, parasites with vibrational methods or supplements
  1. Sunlight
  • Spend 1 hour in full daylight each day
  • Take a daily walk in nature
  1. Body pH – Acid / Alkaline balance
  • Eat alkalinizing foods, pH paper checking
  • Baking soda protocol
  1. Kidney Jing level
  • BioEnergetic Meridian Therapy, Qigong & Taichi classes
  • Good Sleep, Naps during the day
  • Stress management
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Energy Medicine to Clear Thoughts, Beliefs, Trauma
  • Qigong and Taichi classes

Empowering a High Level of Body Awareness

Balance is the key to wellbeing. The Body, Mind, and Spirit are intimately connected. When you’re feeling great, all levels are working together. When any one level of your life is out of balance, the other parts suffer equally. Your healing process is transformational by its very nature. This Ageless-Timeless Lifelong Vitality Program helps you to connect deeply to all levels of your life as you shift and transform. By measuring and tracking your progress over time toward optimum health, the program can increase your awareness of your own health markers. And this in turn can help you learn to rebalance yourself whenever needed. That’s true health.

6 Reasons to Drink More Water

  1. Cellular Metabolism Requires Water
    Our bodies contain trillions of cells, each of which is suspended in a bath of fluid. 70% – 90% of our body weight is made of water. When the water in the body is alive and moving, our cells are able to release their metabolic wastes into the fluid. The lymphatic system carries these wastes into the bloodstream and eventually to the kidneys for filtering and eliminating waste through the urine.
  2. Body Communication and Clearing Toxins
    The water in our bodies conducts electromagnetic energy which helps to spark intelligent thought and intuition. Good hydration assists the nervous system and connective tissue to communicate efficiently. Body movement allows the lymphatic system waters to carry away toxins and waste products. Without movement, the waters can become stagnant.
  3. Muddy Waters
    Most people have sluggish and dirty intercellular fluids. We are not able to think, intuit, receive information through the energy pathways. We cannot release toxins adequately. Drinking more water is important. I believe most people need between 70 and 80 ounces of water per day, nearly 3 quarts. That’s quite a bit over the standard recommended 64 ounces per day.
  4. Dehydration Means Accelerated Aging
    If you feel tired, you may need more water, or different water. If you feel tired, have aching limbs, headaches, poor skin elasticity, sagging skin, sunken eyes or cheeks, muscle cramps, rapid heart rate, or irritable, water may be the simple solution. Dehydration causes faster aging and decline.
  5. How’s Your Water Quality?
    Poor quality water is not easily absorbed into the tissues. Much of our water is energetically damaged, or just plain dirty with toxins. If absorption is an issue, the more we drink, the more we pee, and our cells remain dehydrated. The quality of your drinking water is critical, for it to cleanse the tissues. A good home filter is an absolute necessity in modern days.
  6. Hydration Protocol
    Sri Jana’s water hydration protocol is very helpful, as it can teach the body to absorb the water after years of poor quality or body dehydration. Ask for her tapping system to bring Joy and water into your tissues. It takes about 1 minute each day.

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