Shangri-la Mountain Healing Center of Bhutan

A humanitarian project proposal submitted 11 August, 2023.

A pristine mountain nexus of traditional healing and MedBeds, where thousands will meet to meditate and birth a new humanity, The property is 20 min. from Paro Intl airport. Bhutan is steeped in ancient wisdom of Gross National Happiness, protected by seed saints and the not-so-mythical White Thunder Dragon.


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Paro River Valley and Rinpung Dzong, near Paro International Airport in Bhutan.

Where is Bhutan?
Bhutan is a small country the size of the US state of Maryland with 800,000 people, located in the Himalayas, in a nexus of the delicate power balance between, China (Tibet), Nepal, and India’s chicken-neck states. Bhutan is a clean, quiet, and peaceful land of 70% forest with a Constitutional Monarchy, two-house Parliament, and some 12,000 Buddhist monks.

Who are the People of Bhutan?

Bhutan is the only country in the world that has never been conquered or colonized. Bhutan is known for its unique approach to measure progress by Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. Resilient, kind souls with strong physical nature descended from ancient, pure Buddhist roots, never indoctrinated by controlling religions, Bhutanese people retain their deep, spiritual connection to the sacred land.

In the past 30 years the entire country has been on an accelerated path to enter modern times after eons of isolation. Now Bhutan has over 70% literacy, and all schools are in English, which is spoken by anyone under 50 years old. Summers are temperate, winters are cold, and it almost never snows.

Bhutan is Protected by the White Dragon, the “Druk Karpo” Bhutan is the land of the “Druk Karpo”, the “White Dragon”. It is also called the “Thunder Dragon”. This is the true name of the country. The sacred White Dragon symbolizes protection, purity, and multi-dimensional power. The “Druk Karpo” is usually depicted clutching jewels in his claws symbolizing the country’s wealth. The nickname “Bhutan” came from a British mispronunciation of a central province of “Bumthang”, the site of an early meeting between British Military and Druk Royalty, and the mispronounced name stuck. 

Where is the Proposed Property?

Video of Proposed Property:


Nearby 5-Star Hotels

Proposal for Shangri-la Mountain Healing Center of Bhutan

Property Cost in USD: $500,000
We have a secure agreement for 1/2 acre land (50 decimals) at very good price 350,000 BTN per decimal. Valuable forest land 8 km NE of Paro Intl Airport. Good access road. Adjacent acreage is available. Excellent water & power sources. We prefer 1 acre (100 decimals). Current price is 450,000 BTN per decimal and going up. We should secure it now. 

Who will benefit from your project?

12,000 Bhutanese members of “Seeds for Enlightenment” online Buddhism students of my husband. Also for Visitors, VIP’s, Tourists, Farmers, Parents, Business people, Monks, Royal family, Government.

Who will use your project?

All people above, offering traditional healings, MedBeds. Monthly events to include Blessings for mothers-to-be, Sacred days, Cooking Classes, Farming techniques, Conferences, Healthy Life Workshops.

How many clients will you see a day or week?

10 – 20  clients per day, which means 70 – 140 per week. And many more during special events.

How do you propose to manage the project while it’s being prepared and once it’s up and running?

We will live there and oversee every step with professionals and vigilant care. We will be delighted to receive any direction and guidance from CC.

How will you know if you’re successfully reaching the right clients?

I will qualify each client to monitor health progress. Holistic practices in harmony with nature will benefit all. Goal is strong community health numbers and newborn children to be brilliant souls.

What is your main competition? Other NON Government Organisations? Or Government Funded Organisations? Give details:

Very Little competition. Our traditional healings & high-tech treatments will be totally unique. NGOs, Government Funded Hospitals, 5-Star hotels not expected to compete. Our monthly blessing for mothers-to-be exists only at far-away monasteries like Chimi Lhakhang. There is some 5-Star hotel competition for Tibetan Kunye Massage.

How do you know there is a need for your project?

We see rising Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, and Heart Disease from imported foods, poor diet & farming methods. Bhutan needs food self-sufficiency. All Bhutanese received Covid-19 vax, and there are health consequences.

What will be the cost to set up your project?

Building USD. $1,500,000

Land USD $500,000

Equipment US D$50,000

Professional Fees (Expenses to advise you, e.g. architects, surveyors, etc.) USD $126,000

How Many Employees and What Will their Roles Be?

23 employees:General Manager, International Conference Planning, Local Event Organizer, Restaurant Chef, 2 Kitchen Staff, 3 Restaurant Service, 2 Receptionists, 2 Nurses, 4 Therapists, 2 Indigenous doctors, 2 Security, 2 Drivers.

Annual Staff Wages: USD $104,260 

Annual Utility Costs:  $15,929

See Shangri-la-Project-Costs Spreadsheet

1. Why did you choose this type of project? This is the dream of my life. To offer high-tech medbeds, indigenous & holistic healing, classes, conferences with my husband’s beautiful community. With CC collaboration it will be truly miraculous. 
2. How long have you been a CC member? 2 years approximately. I meet regularly with CC’s Thailand/Myanmar/Indonesia/Malaysia Zoom group with Bev Greenwood and Ron White. I use Mighty Networks.
3. What have you done in your life that CC would recognise as service to others? Everything I have done is service to uplift. Even my MBA was to serve as CFO of a $10-million company. I wrote 2 healthy cookbooks, Now I heal, write 2 blogs, teach, run a free community health group.
4. Are you currently in employment? No. I am full-time SELF-employed as healer, writer, blogger, using my varied life experience to serve in the best ways I can. See my websites and
5. Do you live near the proposed project? We will live in Bhutan on the property. We have been in Bali since 2020, restricted from traveling by vax requirements. We are ready to return to Bhutan, my husband’s native country, and my adopted home.
6. Are you part of a group or are you on your own in regards to the application? My husband and I are alone in this application. He is busy teaching 12,000 online members in Bhutan. I’d be the visionary and Exec Director. His family members would participate and work there.
7. Who are the other people and what will be their roles? No other group is involved. However we have selected board members from the local community in all walks of life. See their names and more details below. 
8. How much time will you be able to spend per week building up the project? I can work full time, 50 hours a week or more. We are grateful for this amazing opportunity. We are ready to start anytime.
9. Do you have family responsibilities at home? No family burdens. No disabilities. I’m a resilient, hard-working soul in excellent health at 75 years.

Project Phases:

  1. Phase 1. Professional Fees, Project Design, Layout, Legal Permissions, Board
  2. Phase 2. Construction
  3. Phase 3. Open for treatments, classes, monthly events for Bhutan members, tourists, and public, Launch Hi-tech clinic, MedBeds, Invite high-profile guests, include all people, Launch conferences with local hotels on World Health Issues: (Edible Oils, Non-glycemic sweeteners, Rice processing methods, Large-scale wheat cultivation, World Food distribution and marketing, Electrical Power Implementation.)

Who are the 12,000 Members of “Seeds for Enlightenment” WeChat Groups?

Lama D’s daily classes now reach 12,000 members via WeChat or Telegram. His group is called  “Tharpi Sabuen”, meaning  “Seeds for Enlightenment”.  Lama D takes no money for his classes. The group receives generous voluntary donations via bank transfer, and uses these funds to sponsor many gatherings, blessings, meals, and local events. His website is

Lama D started a small WeChat group during the lockdown in 2021. Within 2 months, he had over 5,000 members. Surprisingly, when the lockdown ended, the groups kept expanding! He does all this from Bali, Indonesia. Tharpi Sabuen members are online every day. The group is supported by generous contribution, which it uses to sponsor countless activities and blessings to benefit the people of Bhutan and the world. Tharpi Sabuen has received praise from His Holiness Je Khempo, Bhutan’s highest spiritual head who is on a par with the Dalai Lama, however in the ancient Bhutan tradition.

The goal of Bhutanese Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism is to protect all sentient beings from suffering, and offer an opportunity for enlightenment to everyone. Lama D teaches members how to plant seeds via every word and action, in order to build virtue, so that upon death one can graduate beyond the realms of Samsara, illusion, and impermanence.  Lama D teaches practical skills including meditation, how to balance the mind, and how to live in the modern world without creating Karma.  


How is Bhutan Protected by the White Dragon?

The Drukpa Lineage of Bhutan was founded by 12th-century Lama Tsangpa Gyare, the 1st Gyalwang Drukpa. As he began to build the Ralung Monastery, there was a terrible storm. He heard violent thunder, saw nine roaring dragons rising from the ground into the sky, and he heard a “Cloud-Voice” or roar of the dragons. Understanding this to be an auspicious omen, he named the monastery Druk-Ralung, for the “Thunder Dragon”. His disciples were called Drukpa, or “Those of the Thunder.” Followers of this school were simple people happy to live with few material possessions. They were known for their deep service and practice of the Dharma, the Sacred Path. It is important to remember that Bhutanese Buddhism has its roots in early Bön Buddhism over 20,000 years old, an indigenous spiritual tradition that is somewhat shamanic in nature. One of the most sacred books of Bön is “The Scripture of a Hundred Thousand Dragons” (Klu).

Bhutan National Emblem of Druk Karpo, the “White Protecting Dragon”.

Under the protection of the White Dragon, Bhutan is called Druk Yul, or “Land of the Thunder Dragon”. The Bhutanese people call themselves the “Drukpa”, meaning “Dragon people”. Bhutanese Kings are called Druk Gyalpo, or “Thunder Dragon Kings”. The current King of Bhutan is Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the 5th Druk Gyalpo.

How Did Three Great Seed Lamas Bless and Protect Bhutan?

Many important turning points in the history of Bhutan came from the Blessings of Three Seed Saints:

1. Padma Sambhava (8th century), who cleared the demons.
2. Lama Tsangpa Gyare (12th century) who saw the White Dragons and named the Druk White Dragon Lineage.
3. Ngawang Namgyal Zhabdrung Rinpoche (17th century) who powerfully ruled, blessed, and protected the country for many centuries.

These three important saints had higher visionary powers, and planted the seeds for a peaceful, free Bhutan, guarded from evil forces. Since Dragons exist in another dimension, to most people they are invisible. Only Lamas and persons with extraordinary higher virtue can see Dragons. The White Dragon resides all around and everywhere, to protect the land and people of Bhutan.

The Dragon’s protection is powerful.

When British tried to invade the country, a miraculous event took place. As British and Bhutan forces faced each other, one of the Bhutan soldiers’ old-fashioned guns accidentally mis-fired. The the bullet struck the British one-armed general right in the center of his forehead. He was killed instantly. Everyone on both sides was surprised and shocked,  When the British General collapsed, his troops fled in terror, leaving all their equipment behind. The British never returned. Perhaps that is why Bhutan is the only country on earth never colonized by a foreign power. Bhutan is a lucky, peaceful place that was quite isolated until recently. Bhutan had zero Covid deaths. Perhaps for the above reasons, Bhutanese people are happy, and do not carry the same layers of fear and beliefs prevalent in other nations.

Possible Adjunct Conference Site at the Zhiwa Ling Resort in Paro, Bhutan

Proposed Board of Directors

  1. Srijana Barthelemy (President)
  2. Lama D. Damchey, Damchey Thinley (Tharpi Sabuen)
  3. General Manager (TBD)
  4. Ghalem (Sister, Tour Company Owner)
  5. Pemba N (Butler for King)
  6. Nyima Dema (Hotel Owner)
  7. Khandu (Paro School Principal)
  8. Zhabdrung Reincarnation (Spiritual)
  9. Thinley Tshering (Engineer, Social Welfare)
  10. Namgye Ongdi (Retired Police Officer)
  11. Phubs Dorji (Brother, Paro Police Traffic Chief)
  12. Tshering (Health Assistant)
  13. Military Alliance Representative

Etheric Board of Directors

  • Padma Sambhava
  • Ngawang Namgyal Zhabdrung Rinpoche
  • Rudrananda
  • Jesus Christ
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Sakyamuni Buddha
  • Medicine Buddha
  • Master Li Hongzhi
A person standing in front of a large statue Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Srijana arrival in Bhutan, September, 2018.

Our Wedding in Bhutan. We received our Marriage Certificate from the Bhutan High Court on November 13, 2018.  
We met in Nepal in 2017 when Srijana was on a medical healing service tour of the Himalayas, seeing thousands of Tibetan refugees with varied health issues. Lama D was translator for the group, as he speaks English, Tibetan, Hindi, Nepali, Dzongkha, and Chokey (spiritual language of Mahayana Buddhism). We had so much fun working together, we decided to continue the journey as a unit.

Proposed International Conference Topics:

  • The 13 Forgotten Pandemics and Childhood Diseases, MindMapping the Future of World Health (Speakers: Dr. Christiane Northrup, Her Majesty The Queen Mother Gyalyum Sangay Choden Wangchuck)
  • Gross National Happiness and Other Non-Financial Measures for a New Society (Speakers: Jigme Singye Wangchuck-4th King of Bhutan, Jigme Y. Tinley)
  • East Meets West: The Union of Science and Spirit in Quantum Religion without Dogma. Harnessing the Multi-Dimensional Power of Human Emotion (Speakers: Master Li Hongzhi, Sacha Stone)
  • Non-Glycemic Sweeteners World Production & Distribution: Comparing African high-intensity sweet berries, Stevia, MonkFruit, Chicory root, and more.
  • Edible Oils: Production and Distribution: Beyond GMO Seed Oils, Linoleic Acid, and Cancer
  • Rice Cultivation and Processing Methods to Optimize Mineral Nutrition
  • Large-Scale Grain Cultivation and Hulling Methods to Optimize Mineral Content
  • World Food Distribution and Marketing, A New Paradigm Beyond “Nutrition Facts”
  • Renewable energy innovation and implementation
  • Education vs. Learning, the New Paradigm for Childhood Empowerment
  • Meet the ET’s: Disclosure Happens Quietly and In-Person (TBD)

Healthy Class Offerings Proposed, Many Ready

  • Best Foods for Expectant Mothers
  • 10 Ways to have Strong Pones and Flexible Joints
  • Rice Hulling Methods – Machine Demonstration and Tasting
  • Wheat Noodles vs. Zucchini Noodles – which is Healthier?
  • Three colors: Red, Black and White. Which one has 5x more minerals?
  • Baking Soda, How Many Uses and Benefits?
  • Top Family Health Supplements: Tools for Challenging Times
  • Ivermectin: Uses, Benefits for Cancer and Other Parasitical Illnesses
  • A Healing Journey with MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution
  • Brain-Balancing Left and Right Cortices, for Superior Cognitive Function
  • What’s Your Body pH?
  • Why Take Mineral Drops?
  • Beware High Blood Sugar from Our Favorite Foods!
  • Fast food vs. Slow food, The Story of the Tortoise and the Hare
  • Time-Restricted Eating, Intermittent Fasting
  • What Oils are Healthy?
  • Causes of Hypertension – High Blood Pressure
  • How to Strengthen the Immune System?
  • Setting Health Goals
  • History of Food and Grains
  • High-Fiber Foods Keep Your Intestines Clean!
  • Causes of Hypertension, Heart Disease, and Blood Clots
  • 30-Minute Qigong Class
  • Water Quality Test for your Community
  • A Memory Game for Healthy Foods
  • Disease Causes, a Game for How to Heal Sickness
  • Which Foods Are Healthy? A Game with Pictures
  • 6 Ways to Detox the Body, Healthy Habits and Parasite Control
  • The 12 Body Systems and Your Health Goals
  • Inflammation is the root of disease. How to Avoid it.
  • What are the Most common Parasites, and How to Clear them?
  • DeStress your Mind, and Body Health Will Follow



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