Dissolve Unconscious Beliefs – Zoom Special Price $50 through May 10

Our core beliefs can dramatically impact how we think, how we experience every aspect of life. Discount Price of $50 on SPECIAL through May 10, 2024. (Normal price is $90 for a distance Zoom session.)

Deep Unconscious Beliefs Distort Our Experience 
The premise of my work is that every human being has a birthright to live in joy authentically and naturally. But deep-seated, unconscious beliefs can distort our experience of life. How can we be free? So, instead of fighting or analyzing these harmful convictions we simply need to have light shed on them, the light of awareness, and instantly they lose their power over us. My energy healing techniques are specifically designed to catalyze and facilitate this process.

Your Negative Subtext
You know the feeling. You are having a wonderful day, maybe it’s a ceremony or a very auspicious event. But all the while, your mental subtext is “I’m not lovable” or “I always sabotage myself”. So the auspicious day is utterly ruined by your mind. Where do these negative subtexts originate? And how can we exit this pattern into a positive frame of mind? 

A Few Discordant Beliefs Held by Millions of People:

  • I never get to be happy
  • I’m not worthy of receiving anything.
  • I’ve got to be in control.
  • People wouldn’t like the real me.
  • I’m powerless. I can never accomplish anything.
  • Many more….

All we need is a quantum shift in perspective.
Beneath our compensating masks of personality and beliefs lies a solid human being, able to accept vulnerability in loving self-acceptance. The resulting opening of the heart and trust in one’s own essence supports a complete therapeutic release, integration, and quantum step in personal evolution.

Psychic Knots Waiting to be Unraveled
Each person has a complex personal history, attitudes, beliefs, traumas and stresses. Our experiences and reactions tend to accumulate in patterns and habits. After a time, these can become like psychic knots that combine beliefs, emotions, memories, and specific physical body parts. In time, this may manifest as disease. In my healing work, I identify beliefs to unravel include issues around sexuality, sensuality, control, intimacy, and self-love relationship to yourself. A faulty belief may be something you believe about yourself or the world. Although, this belief may seem 100% normal and natural to you, because it has been lingering in your deep unconscious mind.

Repeated Beliefs Attract Emotions and Disease
When a negative belief is allowed to repeat and become a habit, and we support it with other emotions, that belief begins to grow and attracts additional beliefs. It spreads and compounds upon itself, becoming a tangled web of roots that becomes a composite belief system. We sometimes see this as negative mind chatter in the deep unconscious.

What is the origin of these beliefs?
These beliefs often begin when we are children and absorb thoughts of the people around us without question. These become part of our personal identity so closely, that we are entirely unaware of them. It helps to have a practitioner trained to recognize faulty beliefs.

Shine the Light of Consciousness
To dissolve a flawed belief, in a session, we shine a light on it and acknowledge it. We untie it from the other issues tangled into the knot, such as memories, events, and body parts. Then we tap with intention to release the strangle-hold. The gentle re-orientation usually takes a week or more, and you will feel lighter, less entangled, less chained to your old limiting convictions.

To schedule a session, email me at srijana @ fiveseasonsmedicine.com.
Please include the following items:

  • A  brief description of what you need.
  • Tell me your time zone so I can suggest a time. I’m in Bali, Indonesia.
  • The normal cost is $90. Special price is $50 through April 30, 2024.
  • Please pay via PayPal on the Payment Page. 
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I will email you a suggested time.
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Best Wishes! Srijana


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