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Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, is an intuitive medium, teacher, artist, channel, author, healer, MBA, and a lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. Married to Lama Dungtsho, Sri Jana lives in Paro, Bhutan and Bali, Indonesia. Her two cookbooks are paradigm-breaking recipes for natural health, free of sugar, GMO’s, and processed ingredients. Her six upcoming books include a series called "Buddha Speaks" with channeled words direct from the master, "From the Kingdom of Happiness, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook", and "Heal Your Past Lives". See below.  Contact Sri Jana Jane-books


Paleo Desserts

125 Delicious Everyday Favorites, Gluten & Grain-Free

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Good Morning Paleo

150 Easy Favorites to Start Your Day, Gluten & Grain-free

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Upcoming Books by Sri Jana

These six books have recently come out of our quiet, peaceful environment in Asia.

  1. Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master.
  2. Buddha Speaks, Illustrated Quotes for Children and Adults.
  3. Buddha Speaks, Oracle Cards.
  4. Buddha Speaks, Weekly Oracle Planner.
  5. Heal Your Past Lives, Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness.
  6. From the Kingdom of Happiness, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook.

Overview of “Buddha Speaks” Four Products

What did the Buddha really say? Can anyone tell me? I am genuinely curious, because we desperately need his counsel right now. Although the Buddha lived two thousand five hundred years ago, his words still touch us deeply today. What advice does the Master have for our modern world? “Buddha Speaks” is a series of four products offering timeless teachings for humans on any path. Integrating all religious faiths, Buddhist lineages, divergent translations, and centuries of interpretations, these words are authentic, unique, and timely, because they come directly from the Master himself.

  1. Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master. A collection of 36 chapters channeled with the Buddha. He offers highly relevant and surprising advice for modern times, on a wide range of issues including trust, anger, obstacles, sexuality, diet, and how to bring about positive change in the world. 60,000 words.
  2. “Buddha Speaks Illustrated Quotes for Children & Adults.  A book of 36 illustrated quotes direct from  original texts in Pali and Tibetan. It offers a fresh perspective on the Buddha’s words, and a unique opportunity for children and adults to have a conversation around everyday thought-provoking questions. Attractive images bring clarity to the Buddha’s intention, for easy understanding of advanced concepts in simple words.
  3. Buddha Speaks Oracle Cards. A set of 54 cards of authentic quotes directly from ancient texts, offering a new modern version of the Buddha’s words to inspire and challenge readers to find their highest path. The cards are beautifully illustrated to promote crystal clear understanding of his meaning.
  4. Buddha Speaks Weekly Oracle Planner. A 52-page journal of inspiring quotes direct from ancient texts, one for each week of the year, with colorful images.

Click below to view pdf proposal and sample chapters:


Heal Your Past Lives

Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness

Who would you be if you didn’t carry burdens from the past?
Heal Your Past Lives
 offers a technique to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past. Many people carry distant memories of heartbreak and fear. Deep, subconscious memories influence our experience, and can manifest as illness or stress. This book shows how to pinpoint and dissolve any past trauma.

My mission is to empower everyone to find health and wellness, to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past. I offer 6-Steps to identify and remove old patterns forever.

What is trauma? Trauma represents highly concentrated toxic energy, like a knot at the root of friction and stress. Trauma holds you back from achieving your highest destiny. Every trauma you carry fragments your consciousness, as if a piece of your awareness is tied up remembering it. When you deal with your trauma, your consciousness opens up. Your intuition wakes up.

Trauma is a burden. Trauma creates holes in your auric field, that protective energy called Wei Qi in Chinese medicine. Old memories show up as wounds in your light body. Each trauma is tethered to specific memories and to a part of your body. Think about a pain in your body. When you release the root of trauma, you dissolve a physical knot and expand your inner awareness.

For example, a person who suffers panic attacks for no apparent reason, may carry an old pattern of fear, or activation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), increasing the likelihood of a fight-fight-reaction. It’s as if PTSD from the distant past seeps into our subsequent lives, bringing with it physiological as well as psychological distress.

This book outlines six steps to heal your own past trauma, plus a journal of 60 past lives, and how clearing them transformed my reality. As past life scenes were revealed, I could hardly believe the traumas I found. My journey included wars on earth and other planets. At my best I was a Buddhist Lama in Tibet and the clairvoyant medieval nun, Hildegard von Bingen. At my worst, I was a Babylonian part God, a cruel mastermind of pestilence and extermination. With each session, trauma vanished, health returned, and my intuition expanded. I found it easier to forgive everyone including myself. My healings became a life-changing journey to wellness.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Intentionally change your brain chemistry for happiness in the present moment.
  • Reprogram subconscious memories to harmonize with your highest destiny.
  • Free yourself of old self-defeating habits and restore your body-mind to peak levels.
  • Develop the capacity to tune in to frequencies beyond our material world.
  • Learn to face yourself with compassion to weaken the bonds of past Karma.
  • Experience your own hidden, latent creative abilities, to change your destiny.

Anyone can do this. To heal old emotions can change your whole perspective, empower your true destiny, and bring you to health and wellness. Click below to view proposal and sample chapters.

Sri-Jana-Heal-Your-Past Lives-Proposal-1mb


Book Proposal:
From the Kingdom of Happiness,
The Bhutan Travel Cookbook

I Discover Peace, Love and Radical Simplicity in the Kingdom of Happiness

From the Kingdom of Happinessis a journey into the soul of Bhutan, a window to the original Shangri-La, a collection of true stories about how I found balance and peace. After clearing past traumas, my life became a series of serendipitous adventures, including falling in love with a Bhutanese Lama, being forced out of my home in the US, and moving to Bhutan, to find the purity of the Eastern mind largely unaltered by time. Yes, the Himalayas are dotted with caves and real footprints where saints and rinpoches walked. This book is a rich, multi-sensory guide for trekkers and armchair travelers alike, with stunning images and stories that share intimate first-hand experiences of Bhutan’s cultural traditions, breathtaking landscapes, and authentic food flavors. Click pdf examples:


Table of Contents
From the Kingdom of Happiness
The Bhutan Travel Cookbook

Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, is an intuitive medium, energy healer, craniosacral therapist, and author. A practitioner of Kundalini Buddhist meditation for over 50 years, she has an MBA and worked as CFO of Rudi’s Bakery for 10 years. Her life path includes other careers including opera primadonna in Italy, and owner/designer of Marco Polo Designs Venetian glass jewelry company. Health challenges led her to study Daoism, teach Qigong, Taichi, and write two wellness cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo published by DaCapo Press/Hatchette Books. Her first website JanesHealthyKitchen.com recently won the 2021 Corp Today Magazine Award for “Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America”. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives” and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”. Srijana and her Bhutanese husband Lama D are faculty members of the NewEarth University. They live in Bali where they offer distant healings, classes, and retreats. FiveSeasonsMedicine.com.




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