The Lung Meridian, How to Strengthen and Clear it

What is the Function of the Lungs?
The Lungs regulate Qi that we absorb from the natural world and distribute it through the body. The Lungs control breathing, distributing oxygen to the blood, helping circulate blood and Wei Qi. The Lungs are a detox organ, eliminating stale Qi. Lungs help Qi and fluids descend into intestines, so with Kidneys they regulate water metabolism. The lung meridian rules the skin and sweat glands, which are all important detox organs. The Lung system also regulates protective Wei Qi, sinuses, bronchia, nose, throat, voice, the ability to smell and to speak with a clear voice. The Lungs generate the emotion of grief, and its opposite, the wisdom of understanding significance.

Possible Signs of Lung Imbalance:
Depression, sadness, sedentary lifestyle, repressed emotions, repressed sensuality, occipital headache, sore throat, shortness of breath, tiredness, cough, catches colds easily, anxiety, aversion to cold, excessive greasy or spicy food, excessive alcohol or smoking, and asthma – which is often caused by eating cold food.

Lung Consciousness Issues:
Grief, Letting go, Release, Surrender, Vulnerability, Acceptance, Receiving, Manifesting, Reactiveness, Responsiveness, Courage, Communication, Justice, Suffocating, Control, Vitality

Psycho-spiritual Role of the Lungs
According to ancient Chinese medicine, the Lungs are called “the Priest” or “Minister of Heaven”. Thus they are responsible for establishing the foundation of Qi for the entire body. The Lungs house the body’s Corporeal Soul, called the ‘Po’, and are responsible for self-protection and self-preservation.

Lung’s Best Friends:
Clean air, Good water hydration, Qigong, Strong Protective Wei Qi, Stable family upbringing.

Lung’s Worst Enemies:
Grief, Self-Rejection, Dryness, Sweets and Sugar.

To Balance the Lung Meridian:
Set a clear intention to build health. Start with your hand on your opposite lung. Move outward to touch LU-1 in the hollow near the front of the shoulder (LU-1).  Trace straight up to LU-2 and down the front of the arm along the outer biceps to the elbow crease (LU-5), down the forearm to the wrist at base of thumb (LU-9), continue to the outer thumbnail to finish at LU-9.

To Clear the Lung Meridian:
Set a clear intention to build health. Trace there meridian backwards once. Start moving up from the outside of the thumbnail, up the inner arm to the elbow crease, up to the shoulder area, and down to LU-1 in the hollow near the front of the shoulder. Then trace the other side. Then balance by tracing the meridian forward 3 times as indicated in the above paragraph, one side after the other.

 “The Lungs control the 100 (blood) vessels.”
Huangdi Neijing medical text, 2,500 BCE

This is due to the intimate connection between Lung and Heart. Lung 9, for instance is the influential point for blood vessels. Bronchitis, a lung ailment, can move from acute to chronic, to emphysema, and become pulmonary heart disease.

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