Six Step Harmonization in 30-minutes

In this personal video lesson you will learn how to powerfully rebalance your thoughts and reset your nervous system. It will give you six critical tools you need to relax, ground, protect, and navigate every day in the very best way for you. In this 30-minute session I will teach you exactly how to balance your brain, reset your nervous system, shield yourself from invasive technology, boost emotional and physical detox, release negative emotions, and ground you on a clear, harmonious path. After your session you will receive complete instructions. You can harmonize yourself in 15 – 30 minutes anytime. Do it often, once or twice a day for cumulative health benefits. Click here for the free video:

Why Harmonize?
Myriad vibrations surround you, envelop you, coming in, out, and through your energy field. Some of these are your own internal energies, some come from outside you. Which energies will you absorb? You’re a living system that processes energy. Which vibrations will you absorb, participate in, and enhance? Which energies will you pass up on, or even correct in your mind? Your thoughts and your state of being can choose anytime how to live. You can tune into a heavy energy of mind control and limitation in our 3-D world. Or you can make yourself immune to lower energies, resilient, free and unbothered.

For millennia, yogis and sages from Eastern cultures have understood the importance of deep diaphragmatic breathing. Since the 1970s, the trailblazing efforts of mind-body thought leaders such as Herbert Benson and Jon Kabat-Zinn have popularized the paramount importance of deep breathing as a central component of maintaining a healthy physiological balance (homeostasis) within your autonomic nervous system, which is widely accepted by “Western medicine” practitioners today. Neurologists now teach that by increasing the duration of the exhale after taking a deep breath, One can trigger the vagus nerve to produce stress-busting hormones on demand. This is like a self-made tranquilizer that relaxes your nerves and calms the fight-flight fear-based habitual reactions of the autonomic nervous system.

What is your vibration now?
Are you feeling fearful? Angry? Calm? Confident? If you tune into the collective dissonance and distress in the world, you might feel helpless and weak. Now do the opposite. Use your mind to tune into your strength, sovereignty, and highest destiny. Now feel the myriad positive, benevolent energies beaming into you and filling your heart in any time. You always have a choice. This session is about claiming your highest vibration in every moment.

Six tools designed to sharpen your inner skills, to stay on target to your highest path.

  1. Brain Balancing to reset the nervous system.
  2. Alternate nostril breathing to calm the mind.
  3. Release Negative Psychic Tension, to clear grief or anything else.
  4. Loving Kindness Meditation, to set powerful positive intention.
  5. Bubble of Golden Light. Energy protection visualization during times of crisis.
  6. Sacred Prayer or Chant to reinforce protection.  End with gratitude and forgiveness.

How to schedule your session?
To request a session, email me at Srijana @ Please tell me if you prefer to meet via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp, so that I can send you the links. Please tell me what time zone you’re in, and give me three possible times you are available. Since I am in Bali, Indonesia at the moment, if you are in the USA, it is best to meet during the morning or evening hours. I will respond via email to confirm your session and time.

How to prepay for a session:
Please prepay for your session via PayPal here: Click to go to the payment page
Enter the amount of $45.00.

How to call me for your session:
At the time of your session, please call me according to my confirmation instructions.
I prefer to use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp.
I’ll be waiting for your call.

Why does this six-part harmonization work?

Because truth and light are invincible. You can’t keep the truth down.
Yes, there may be a need to struggle and even fight.
The laws of Nature are too powerful to resist.
Just like a pendulum swings from side to side,
Every obstacle always leads to the discovery of solutions.
For example:

Limitation ⇒ Freedom

Loneliness ⇒ Develop inner self

Covid19 Disease ⇒ More health awareness

Bewildered Quarantine ⇒ Research the Truth

Can’t believe what you hear ⇒ Develop trusted networks

Darkness ⇒ Striving for light

Isolation ⇒ Telepathic communication

Can’t  speak out ⇒ Find new communication pathways

Can’t touch others ⇒ Use other methods to connect

Sensory deprivation ⇒ Awakens inner senses

Loss of life ⇒ Planting seeds, Rebirth

Mind Control and Domination ⇒ Just Smile and Say No


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Sri Jana is an intuitive medium, medical channel, author, artist, and teacher, aka Jane Barthelemy. She carries the ancient Hermetic teachings of Ra and others. Born and raised in the USA, she is a 50-year student of Swami Rudrananda and practitioner of Buddhist meditation. She is the author of two cookbooks showing how to create delicious meals using non-industrial foods. Her food and lifestyle website recently won the coveted CV Magazine award for “The Most Innovative Food & Lifestyle Blog in North America”.

Sri Jana’s upcoming books include “Buddha Speaks” a channeled book by Gautama Buddha. She will soon release “Heal Your Past Lives, Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness”. Her latest book, co-authored by her Bhutanese husband Lama D, is titled From the Kingdom of Happiness, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook”. More on upcoming booksSri Jana and Lama D live in Paro, Bhutan.

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