Ascension Tips for Starseeds

Hello friends. This is an updated revised article I wrote a few months ago. Perhaps it’s even more relevant now. I send you warmest regards from Lama D and me Bali, where everything is quiet and safe.

When we live in the 3D world, physical life gives us experiences and challenges. It gives us duality and choices. The amazing thing is that there’s a progression, we get to make mistakes, and we always get an opportunity to try again, to repeat the lesson. However, this article is intended to help you win on the first try. To learn our lessons, surmount the difficulty, manifest something better, raise our level of joyful life right now.

Ascension to 4D or 5D means we become more multi-dimensional beings. A shift happens between one dimension and the next. This does NOT mean spaceships will land and rescue you. Ascension doesn’t mean we die, however it doesn’t mean we won’t. Ascension could be a merging into Supreme Oneness, “The Rapture”. Or perhaps not. Maybe ascension means we’ll come perilously close to the end, like a NDE, a Near Death Experience. I’m pretty sure on the way we receive clear evidence. We see through the limitations and lies we were told. Yep, the ones we swallowed.

In the shift, somehow we discover a key personal truth. We surrender to the vast knowledge that has always been known. We open our eyes to love, to a miracle. I’ve heard the vast color spectrum in 5D is beyond beautiful! Perhaps suddenly everything is possible!

Ascension DOES mean we get to be our Bigger True Self, which has always been a multi-dimensional being of unconditional love. We have a mind that comes from God and we live from that Awareness. We serve others. We move into a higher level of awareness.

In these strange times as reality shifts so fast, it seems we must re-calibrate and re-inspire every single day just to keep up. I’m going out on a limb here to suggest that ascension may happen slowly one painful step at a time in 3D. And then suddenly it takes a quantum shift in the blink of an eye, into a new form. Like those mornings when you wake up and KNOW that everything has utterly changed.

Ascension means we consciously transport into a higher level of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. What tools do we need to do that? Well, your personal path is unique, but one thing is certain: To move into a more refined state of being requires that we break out of the old ways, and embody a new higher frequency of joy in ourselves.

Practical Advice: The most important part of Ascension is that you must WANT it. You must ASK for it. You must INTEND it. You must EMPOWER yourself to take personal RESPONSIBILITY to question your assumptions and adjust your perspective of reality, and dissolve illusions in order forchange to happen. Trust your inner guidance.

Here are my Top 10 Ascension Tips for Starseeds:

1. Use your HEART and MIND to Manifest in the Material World

In 5D, your thoughts manifest in the physical realm. Creative children do this every day in their imaginations. Manifestation skill is shared by all successful people, usually applied to one’s personal life. However, very few people ever get beyond selfish manifesting. We can train ourselves to manifest out of our hearts. How can we do that? We manifest gifts for others in acts of kindness and generosity. Create physical events or wonderful things for deserving souls around you. Become a secret admirer of people in your community. Be the person that brings joy, unbeknownst to them.

Selfless generosity from the heart is a necessary part of this skill. Practice it in simple ways. For example, plan a birthday party for a friend. Knit a sweater for your partner. Make an art project, design a new computer language, or create something of beauty that benefits all beings. You will meet many people from every religion and walk of life doing this. The ability to manifest with the mind gives you great power. In higher dimensions you use the power of the mind along with the heart. Use care NOT to share or manifest negative thoughts that might hurt you or others. Because with this power you could cause great harm, even destroy yourself or your own universe.

“Manifesting with the HEART-MIND is the key. Once you know this key to creation, you also understand how to destroy. We can use this power to destroy collective nightmares, wars, and suffering. When we no longer cling to them, they fall away.”  Srijana

2. Move Beyond Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

In 5D, emotions and limiting beliefs are distortions of truth and reality. You may observe an emotional reaction in yourself, but you can immediately correct it. You might notice that a belief you carry is being challenged. You do not react with fear or rigidity but relax the stubborn part of yourself that’s holding on to it, and it vanishes. This is called intelligent learning in the moment.

We could make a list of YOUR tendencies. However, YOU know what they are. They’re your old habits of anger, disappointment, frustration, doubt, jealousy, worry, fear, etc. These are patterns you will face directly and leave behind. Whew! Good riddance!

I know a few good people who are ANGRY all the time. Sadly, they live and die locked in anger. Take the high road. Avoid old emotional ruts. Discover balanced equanimity every day, no matter what.

This does NOT mean you are callous or numb. You are not ruled by your emotional reactions, never manipulated, not incited to irrational actions. You see your reactions and harmonize them immediately. Equanimity and balance are the new goal. There are no more excuses.

3. Take Responsibility for Your Health

Observe your body. Enhance the major contributing forces to health: Oxygen, Sunlight, Water, Food, Rest, Joy, Sovereignty, Balance.

Notice any imbalance and correct it in order to align with unconditional Love. You can do this with your mind, your food, supplements, movement, environment, and healing tools. Notice your diet, observe the effect that food has on your wellbeing. Release cravings, addictions, and bad habits. Take intelligent control of your mental and autonomic functions for a healthy microbiome. You will become a beautiful example of physical health, beauty, and harmony over a long life.

How to do this? For example, if you notice your skin is dry, you drink more water and apply coconut oil after bathing. If you feel a pain, you correct it with various changes in diet, movement, until you succeed.

Increasing your awareness is the #1 key to all body healing. Diagnosis of a disease and intervention are always a last resort. Your personal path is unique, so do not compare yourself to others.

4. Draw Energy from the Earth

In 5D, you can create balance in your body and heal yourself. How to do this? We learn to draw energy from the Earth. This will be a new skill for many of us as it is not discussed in schools. A few people do this naturally and enjoy health from it.

How can we learn this? There are many ways. You can lie down on the Earth directly and begin to digest her nourishing energy. You can study Earthing and Grounding practices. If you are able to go lie in a crop circle, the Earth has been powerfully activated in these sites. Or you can sleep in a grounded bed made of 100% natural materials. Live in a completely natural house that is well situated in nature.

Or you can practice Qigong standing on the ground, allowing your body to absorb energy coming in. This is your birthright. This is the fastest way to learn to draw Earth energy into the body. Practice Qigong and check out the art of Zhan Zhuang in the style of Master Lam Lam Cheung of London.

5. Be a Reflection of Harmony

You are aware of Nature and Your Environment. If there is a lack of balance in your home, community, or planet, you move to assist or rebalance. Since you love all of life, you care for your body, your physical surroundings. You maintain your home, office. You clean your room and straighten your toys.

6. Create a Harmonious Energetic Environment

Notice the people around you. How are your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues? How clear are your boundaries and mutual respect in a group? Any issues indicate this is your next lesson or area of work. Imbalances are an invitation for you to look more carefully, to face issues before they become problems, and to bring balance and stability without judgment.

7. Be Here Now. 

That means you’re Present, Awake, Resilient, and Flexible. In higher frequencies, we listen to our messages each moment in the field. We know we all receive non-random messages from the universe that are specifically intended for us. 5D requires us to be attentive to them. We are awake, flexible, and resilient. Every new situation invites us to be open minded. We can forget our old habits.

8. Be Strong, Sovereign, and Protected 

To be sovereign with clear boundaries is your responsibility. This means you maintain your clean field of energy that emanates from your core. It protects you from negative, invasive harmful energies, physical or non-physical. We live in a multi-verse and there are many energies around you. It is essential that you relate to them as a conscious being, not a victim. Become aware of Psychic Protection techniques. Check out my blog article “Why Psychic Protection?”

Remember always that you are sovereign and your soul lives forever. We will all die someday and how this happens is complex. Yes, it is true that we create our reality, however many other factors are involved so you are not the ONLY creator of your destiny.

Take comfort in knowing you are always safe, and universal laws always apply. This security makes it easier to face every situation with courage and joy, as we might  prepare for a new adventure. Even death. If this should happen, be sure you’re thinking with love about the supreme ultimate creator when you meet your moment.

9. Honor the Supreme Creator

I’m talking about God. YOUR God. The GREAT SPIRIT. By any name. This just means you acknowledge an ultimate force far greater than yourself. We can make offerings and honor that force in our chosen way, with great reverence. Find a beautiful way to visualize your personal Supreme Power. Pray to this power even if you don’t fully understand it. You can pray specifically for what you want.

Go ahead, say your prayer or intention out loud. I like to write it down, put a glass of water on top of the paper, and let them infuse and then drink the water ceremoniously to absorb that intention deep inside. We must acknowledge the higher powers and know we are not alone in the universe.

In order to join and navigate higher dimensions in integrity, it is required that we open in deference to the Supreme Power and surrender to our highest destiny.

10. Guard Your Independent Mind

In 5D you see beyond time and space. What does that mean? It just means that when you think about a tree, you might perceive the seed, the seedling, the mature tree, the tree when it dies, and all trees in the universe – at the same time!

In 5D you may learn many truths about the world we live in. You can learn faster. You may take an interest in quantum computers, higher math, health, longevity, or travel to realms beyond time and space.

In 5D your thoughts must be your own, not seeded by some authority that you believe without thinking. You have five working senses plus a 6th which is native intuition linking them ALL. When you use your 6th sense, your independent mind is flexible and powerful.

You don’t accept everything you hear. You don’t believe every reflection of the limited five senses. You trust the five senses only after carefully testing over time against your intuitive 6th sense.

That’s it! Top 10 Ascension Tools for Starseeds. Have an amazing journey! This reminds me of the wise words from the Buddha

“Do not believe something just because
You’ve heard it over and over,
Even if it’s a tradition, a rumor, a legend,
A sacred scripture, a logical analysis,
A probability, a thought,
Not based on someone’s intelligence, or your own opinion.

Only when you yourself know
Something is blameless,
Praised by the wise, and when put into practice
Leads to well-being and happiness.
Then you should believe and follow it.”

The Buddha’s Words: Anguttara Nikaya 3.65,
Kàlàma Sutta, 6th century BCE

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Being alive right now is a wonderful opportunity to start anew.Thanks for stopping by! Srijana



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