A Quiet Week of Working and Healing

It’s been a very quiet week working on writing projects and healing my back. Not too much happening. As soon as my spinal muscles are completely healed, I’ll return to Paro. My Bhutan visa for 11 months just arrived, and that is great news. I’m here in Kathmandu with the Lama and his daughter “Baby”.

I stopped at this storefront when walking around the Boudha. I love the flaming statue of Mahakala with the Stupa reflection in the window.

Amazingly, one day the sun came out! It was warm enough for a relaxing break on the hotel rooftop. My DIY pedicure-manicure consisted of a few gallons of hot water in a tub, lots of salt, tea tree oil, a credo blade to remove callouses, foot massage, toe exercises, and meridian balancing pulling toes and fingers. Finish with pure Shea butter. Feeling so different!

With the help of the baristas at Himalayan Java Coffee, I am continuing my web series on Golden Milks. Today I designed a Chocolate Golden Milk with plenty of turmeric. Yummy! The health benefits of tumeric are great, however you first must know how to formulate it, otherwise the body does not absorb curcumin easily. This recipe will be posted soon on my food website. https://janeshealthykitchen.com. Are you a subscriber yet?

The Lama is here in Kathmandu. He enjoys spending time with his daughter “Baby”. Today they went “shopping” for teenage things.

Meanwhile I am working online to finish my 2018 bookkeeping in Excel and QuickBooks. In few weeks I’ll have it done.

 Cupping removes toxins and stagnation – an example of many efforts to heal my back. I’m also doing hot rocks, massage, acupuncture, Tibetan herbs, liver clearings, yoga stretching, meditation, energy healing, turmeric, ginger etc, etc. It is better every day. I got a big dose of toxic food a few weeks ago, which led to an allergic reaction, coughing cold, back spasms, along with the cold Bhutan weather, and my back froze. It is healing steadily, better every day. Yes, it was a big lesson. No worries.

Today my lunch was Dahl, Green veggies, and Chick Pea Papadam at Thakali Kitchen. Very yummy! Total cost $2.30.

Did you know that many popular “Buddha Quotes” are fake? The Buddha lived in the 6th century BCE. It seems he did not have a habit of making one-sentence pronouncements or rules to live by. Instead he preferred to respond more fully to a particular situation or specific question asked by a follower. Oh really? Then what did the Buddha actually say? Much like multiple translations of the Bible, important meanings can sometimes be lost in each successive translation. The Lama and I are working on a book of authentic words of the Buddha. Yep. Stay tuned!

The Buddha spoke Pali, a distant relative of the Sanskrit language. Pali was mostly a spoken tongue. It was sometimes written down in the Brahmi script. Many of the Buddha’s actual words were remembered and recorded by his disciples, and some of those were translated into Tibetan and other languages. English translations came much later, however many are not direct translations from Pali. This stone carving is an example of Brahmi script.

The Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. Tomorrow we’re taking a road trip to visit his birthplace, at the request of Lama’s daughter “Baby”. Its a 7-hour drive from Kathmandu. I expect it will be a very interesting trip!

Last but not least, Baby finished writing another wonderful article with her own video called “Gho and Kira, the National Dress of Bhutan”. It’s a very interesting and well-written article. Check it out!

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