AI Implants and the Transhuman Agenda – To Expand Awareness? Or Kill the SOUL?

What’s the new Machine Religion? Why is an AI reality invading our shared awareness? I’m laughing, because the Deep State timeline can never succeed. Ha Ha! 

Any proposed “Machine Evolution”, DNA degradation, and continued global rule by the Illuminati is mathematically impossible, because it is utterly incompatible with the Laws of Nature, which I understand to be the rule in this part of the galaxy. It all comes down to the question: What Do We Value? And that is related to the question: What is Evolution? I see EVOLUTION as a positive upward path of increased awareness, joy, and self-determination. Every human is born unique. We each possesses a unique genetic DNA sequence, and a personal soul. What do we want for our collective future? Do we really want a one-size-fits-all Great Reset 2030 Agenda? What is the essential takeaway from the Transhuman Program? Is a bio-metric hybrid human really the highest path for the evolution of our species? 


Will connecting my body to the cloud expand my awareness? Or will it mean the death of my SOUL? 


UN Agenda 2030 Intends to Merge Man and Computers  
According to Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution is to change what it means to be human by merging man and machine by 2030. Humans are now “hackable”, he contends. New technology now exists by which a company or government can know you better than you know yourself. Ha! But that can be very dangerous if misused. Israeli Professor Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to Schwab, predicts that AI algorithms will increasingly be used to make difficult decisions once made by humans – decisions such as if you’ll be hired for a particular job, if you’ll be approved for a loan, what scholastic path you will follow, or even whom you will marry.

He says once we accept a global digital system that knows our most intimate details, it will be impossible to dismantle. Its control will be total and irreversible. We already have the technology to directly alter thoughts, emotions and behavior. Is the next step government-regulated thoughts?

Do you believe your thoughts and behavior are always under your own control? The Transhumanism agenda is trying to prove you wrong.


    What’s Transhumanism?

Adolph Hitler dreamt of his race of “Ubermen”. The objective of the elite is to meld man and machine into a new super-human. The plan has always seemed ridiculously far-fetched and superficial. However, now we see that a small group of world rulers and billionaires are quite serious about implementing it. Transhumanism looks to shape the human species through the science of 5G, Biogenetics, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Technology can change our destiny, they say. But will our hearts and souls allow it? In other words, they believe that technology could help us control our evolution and “hack” our own fate. Will we be “more intelligent”? Certainly NOT in the true sense of the word “intelligent”. However we know that electronic self-assembling bots in many vaxeens make the body accessible to remote control and planting foreign thoughts via the 5G network worldwide. At that point the carrier is an altered, patentable product, no longer human.

To me, electronic transhuman “enhancement” is nothing but an insane pipe dream of the elite. If humans try this path, we’ll all die. Or maybe that’s the intention. 


The focus of Transhumanism is the MIND. Not the HEART. Not the ENERGY FIELD of SPIRIT. After all, these concepts are foreign to a robot.

As we unlock the secrets of DNA, we can alter our genes to promote desirable traits and block negative ones. Perhaps this can bring longevity and eradicate disease. We could create a generation of perfect babies, perhaps introducing selected DNA from other species into the human code. We could build a race of “Humans 2.0” with superhuman strength and cloud access 24 hours a day. WOW! The trans-human/hybrid could be a walking, talking GMO genetically modified enhanced human being-robot.

If you’ve studied Agenda 2030, you know it was developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the 1980’s and approved by the UN in 2015.  If you have still not yet studied it, everything is clearly laid out in great detail on this WEF website: After you log in with your password, prepare to spend some time to study it. You’ll be amazed. The Power Elite’s vision for the future goes far beyond population control.

As the age of super computers, robotics, and nano technology opens doorways to previously unknown possibilities, the power elite are using their enormous wealth and influence to advance this agenda far beyond what any of us could imagine. They already have implemented plans for controlling mankind by changing DNA and installing bio-electronic frequencies to connect us to the all-powerful grid. Elites do not believe in God as we know it. Is technology their God?



Big Tech is Already Using Artificial Intelligence via Bio-Circuitry

Our friends at Big Tech and Big Pharma in Silicon Valley and worldwide, are merging new technologies into injectable concoctions called vaxseens, to permanently alter cellular DNA. For example, I was surprised to learn that Google’s focus is not only search parameters and selling our personal information to the tune of $74M per year. Google is also heavily invested in Pharmaceuticals, Artificial Intelligence, and Vaxes. Google even claims that “thought-prompting” can guide your online research.“Google’s Chain of Thought Prompting Can Boost Today’s Best Algorithms”

The influence of AI is all around us, especially on our cell phones and computers.

AI is ready to create our thoughts, if we will allow it. I recently learned that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, holds other companies in Artificial Intelligence, Vackseens, Bio-robotics, Computer chip design, Motorola Mobility, Data analysis, Cloud data storage, Travel ratings, and Intellectual property. One of their pharmaceutical companies, Calico, is a Google-backed life-extension company searching for the eternal key to old age using robotics. Another Google-founded pharmaceutical company, Verily Life Sciences, recently released 20 million mosquitoes infected with a fertility-destroying bacteria into the heart of California. I wonder who got “infected” with that?

Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, says humans will have cloud-connected hybrid brains by 2030.

What would a human robot hybrid be? A human body with brain chips controlled by electronic manipulations from the cloud?


Google’s  company Galvani Bioelectronics is developing ways to control body electrical impulses via cell phones and the cloud, presumably to treat chronic illnesses. Galvani grew out of Glaxo Smith Kline’s Bioelectronics along with academia and think tanks. One of their recent vaxes was developed by Sanofi and GSK, using recombinant mRNA protein-based technology. They plan to offer an injection of bot-controlled DNA chips in vaxxeens that communicate via cell-phone health apps. Maybe it’s already here, as scientists have reported self-assembling nano structures in the blood of vexed people. Really? Wow! Soon we can dispense with hand-held Siri, and instead we’lln receive answers to any question from the cyber world!

Each subsequent dose of a vax could implant more bots to merge us gradually into a new cyber-reality. Then for our toughest life questions, we could just ask for the solutions from the cloud? Huh?




Ray Kurzweil of Google says by 2030 we’ll actually begin to merge with the cyber world. But it won’t be humans vs computers anymore. Oh no – we’ll actually put the chips and nano bots right inside our brains and bodies. He predicts that humans will have hybrid brains able to connect to the AI cloud, just like WiFi connects computers. Our mind will think in artificial intelligence, which would make us “super-intelligent”.

Kurzweil says: “In this cloud, there will be thousands of computers which will update human intelligence. Our hybrid thoughts will be a combination of biological and machine thought processes.”

“By the end of 2030, our thinking should be almost entirely non-biological and able to function much like an external hard drive – having the ability to backup information as with technology. We keep expanding the abilities of the human mind.” says Kurzweil.

“We will continually transcend our limitations. It’s human nature.”


“Consider your cell phone.” says Ray. “It wouldn’t be very smart if it didn’t connect to the cloud. Most of its intelligence it is constantly getting from the cloud. And we’ll do the same thing with our brains. So, our thinking then will be a hybrid of our natural thinking, plus the thinking from the cloud. And the cloud will grow. Sadly, our natural thinking doesn’t advance. So, when we get to 2045, most of our thinking will be in the cloud.”

So, What’s the Big Problem?
The problem with this AI agenda is finding a way to get humans to voluntarily accept DNA alterations within their bodies, so that the hybrid process of humanoid robotic evolution can begin. And wait a minute – why does Ray say our natural thinking does not advance? That’s not true. Our natural thinking is expanding every day! And BTW who says intelligence even exists in the cloud??? Are we so superficial that we define “intelligence” in bytes, bots, and searchable phrases? What about intuition, knowing, wisdom, passion, and feelings? Does the big bad cloud possess these? I don’t thin

The BIGGEST problem with the Transhumanist concept is that some humans actually want to be self-evolving.

Hmmm, it makes me wonder.
Maybe a lab-created virus like Covid-19 could frighten people SO MUCH, they would beg for a vaccine to save them. This “vaxxine” could contain nano hydrogel, computer chips, and messenger RNA to modify human DNA. But wait a minute! Are these the untested vaxes that don’t even protect you from Covid? Is their population control agenda hidden in plain sight?

Transhumanism Kills the SOUL

Each human being is unique physically, genetically. And each has a unique personal destiny. The creative act of living means we listen to our own SOUL. This means we each have a divine connection to SOURCE. Maybe elites are not aware of this way of living. Who are they anyway? 

The human SOUL is inextricably linked to SOURCE. This interaction with the SOUL happens through frequency vibrations via spirit. If you don’t already know, these are messages from higher dimensions that we do not fully understand in the 3D body. These messages guide us in our embodiment to true evolution toward expanding positive consciousness that connects one lifetime to another. We are EVOLVING SOULS.

The multi-dimensional spiritual path seems diametrically opposed to the AI transhuman agenda. People who listen to the SOUL might prefer to die, rather than submit to the fate of becoming a hybrid human-cyborg, The DNA-altered humans would be controlled by the cloud from cyberspace. But the modifications disconnect the SOUL.


Hijacking the SOUL?
Are we slowly being manipulated into believing that a SOUL can be artificially hijacked? The mechanical assimilation to AI is being pushed at a break-neck-pace towards merging with machines and embracing transhumanism. Especially for the children. But merging with machines risks the dullness and decline of the human SOUL. It separates us from our creativity, our intuition, and disconnects us from true SOURCE. This also makes us more docile, easier to control, and better worker-bees.

Human beings have a SOUL. We are full of love and emotion. We are perfect, and we are flawed. We are complex multi-dimensional beings, eager to expand our consciousness. We are ready to follow the path of awakening awareness, even if it is a risk. Because THIS is our true nature.

The beautiful blue planet of Earth still exists beyond blue computer screens, far outside the capture of a photo lens, free from microphones and sensors. All you need are passion in your heart, eyes to see it and ears to hear the universe guiding you! 

Thanks for reading!

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