Back in Kathmandu for Two Weeks

I’m in Kathmandu for two weeks for immigration purposes. When I return to Bhutan hopefully I’ll be able to stay for a much longer time. I’m with Baby, the Lama’s daughter from a previous marriage. She’s 17 years old, brilliant, and she wants to improve her spoken English. We’re having a good time together.

Baby and I are working on our web writing projects. We took a break at the Himalayan Java Coffee Shop. Today she’s trying coffee with steamed milk and carrot cake.

I’m having Golden milk tea with turmeric, ginger, and black pepper.

Not much to say today. This week has been a test for me. Intense chronic lower back pain and muscle spasms that won’t relax. I can lie down, but I can’t get up. The pain doesn’t go away, even with repeated massages, moxibustion, and cupping. My own healings tell me it is caused by that inexpensive GMO soy oil that is so popular here, and industrial chemicals on Indian vegetables that I ate at the family puja.

My body does not tolerate fake foods. It goes into a total melt-down. The family knows of my sensitivities, but it seems they sort of got put aside in the intensity of the big celebration. Yet everybody got the same coughing cold that I believe is associated with this toxic oil. Every day I do a healing on myself, and the answer is the same. When I am ready, we’ll have a friendly family discussion about this.

So every day I’m using used my age old Meditation for Chronic Pain. Yep, it works. I even posted it here on the blog, just in case it is useful to anyone. Hope to have more to share next week…

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