Your Direct Path is Within Your Body – Stoke Your Inner Fire

Musings. After everything is said and done, we allow ourselves to enter a deep quiet in which all truth is known. Relax your awareness into a level of calmness, and what happens? A flow of universal joy rises upward in the body. Where does it come from? I dunno. It just comes up naturally through your body from the center of the earth, up the spinal cord to the crown chakra and further up to the center of the cosmos. This is as natural as SUNSHINE and RAIN. If you are a human being, this energetic process is happening in you all the time, otherwise you’d be dead. 

This is the union of the dual forces of the universe in the body: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. But Oh! Please be careful, because to cultivate this is like connecting two major electrical cables together in your body. 

A very few rare souls experience spontaneous activation of this cosmic power. For most of us it is a gradual opening. We meditate to connect the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE forces together. When you INNERSTAND this, you will be cultivating the most powerful force in the universe. Some call this the union of the FIRE and WATER elements. Some call it the union of MALE and FEMALE. Some call it KUNDALINI. These are all just names for the same thing. We work with it every day and digest it over time. 

In Chinese medicine the root point of the body is the meeting point of two primary meridians. These channels are created at conception. The Du Mai and Ren Mai meridians sound like a strange name. OK, let’s give them an English name. Call them the Positive and Negative meridians in the body. Strangely enough, both these points originate at the base of the body at the VERY same point, the perineum. In Chinese this is called Huiyin. In Yoga it is called the Root Chakra. This is that sacred point between the sex and the anus in both sexes, at the pelvic floor.

These two extraordinary meridians connect your positive and negative frequency channels. The “positive” Du Mai channel starts at Huiyin, flowing up the back and around the head to the upper lip. The “negative” Ren Mai channel flows up the front of the body, to meet also at the upper lip. 

That’s why in Qigong and energy medicine we keep the tip of the tongue slightly resting against the upper teeth. Try it now. This connects the two forces, the fire and the water, the life force meridians and your body. Both channels start at the root and move vertically upward. Take a breath and feel the channels alive. Try to keep your tongue resting behind your teeth.

If bringing your awareness to the root chakra feels sexual, that’s because it IS sexual. However, in truth this is way beyond sex. When we feel a flow of energy coming up from the root through the spinal column up to the top of the head and out, it is the pathway to enlightenment. If we cultivate it along with a harmonious diet, balanced lifestyle, and positive thoughts, we are on the higher path. 

The body ROOT connects our physical existence to Earth. But unfortunately, our society has bedeviled this area of the body. we are further challenged by toxic food, air, water, traumatic memories, and negative thoughts in our everyday environment. If this essential root point in your body is traumatized or restricted in any way through fear, shame, or disease, your inner ascension life force will be limited.

Energy blockages at the perineum point can cause health problems such as constipation, impotence, fear, and prostate obstruction. It’s no wonder.


Although the inner fire is beyond sex, you can vitalize it with healthy sex. Everything is inner-connected. As you go through your day you can ask to relax this point. Breathe into it. After all, it’s the root of your health. Try to massage this point gently every time you take a bath or shower. Over time it will relax, to allow your inner flame to grow more and more vital. This allows you to receive energy from the center of the Earth through the perineum up through the chakras and out to the cosmic center all the time. This is called BEING ALIVE.

The Sanskrit word “chakra” means “wheel”, with each one as a spinning vortex. The chakras are often visualized as a series of lotus flowers of different colors and numbers of petals. Some see a chakra as a spinning torus or black hole. The visual details vary in different traditions. The main point is, that we have an energy network of dual polarities connected to Source. Maybe it’s Male-Female, Yin-Yang – these are just names. By refining this cosmic flame we can perfect our awareness and ascend by whatever means.

How do we cultivate the inner fire? When you have chosen your practice, if any, remember this: You can bypass all the made-up thought forms that teach about this root energy in the body. Some cultures call it Kundalini, some call it the Heavenly Cosmological Orbit.

All these practices are good, but in a sense they’re filtered and cleansed methods, which may be useful for a time. At some point you have to move beyond the concepts. We’re surrounded with fancy techniques to find the truth of the universe. And they are hidden in your body, so you knew this secretly all along. Many of the modern techniques we see are just watered-down versions of controlling psyops from previous centuries that someone has dug up to make a business. After all, it’s YOUR BODY. 


When it is time for you to choose your path, just bypass all the teaching methods. Stoke your inner fire. Move beyond all the complicated techniques with strange names. Even the medical names in Latin can’t help us here. For better or for worse, you are on your own direct path, your inner meditation journey. You just get really quiet, listen to the infinite space between the in-breath and the out-breath. Notice what you feel, any emotions are fine. Try to feel your body’s unity with the infinite cosmos. If your desire is to understand the end point of living in a body is to move beyond this dimension, then perhaps these musings will reach your inner knowing. Hope this is helpful! I’ll see you on the other side. 

Thanks for showing up. Srijana

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