How does the EGO separate the MIND from the HEART?

It’s just a tiny layer. 
A mind implant we picked-up in early childhood. This invisible idea separates you from your inner self. Once this mental layer is planted, it tells you that YOU are a separate entity, unique, and that you are the center of the world. It is my opinion that the EGO is an AI Implant that does not belong to humans. When this selfish awareness is OVER-developed, it becomes a dangerous selfish pathology suffered by most of humanity! 

In beings with higher levels of awareness, this balanced consciousness exists as integrity, inner strength, and self-assuredness. But when the sense of EGO is exaggerated, your mind falls into a myopic trap of limited vision. The EGO is a deceptive shell that can mask many weaknesses. If this tiny layer of SELF becomes OVER DEVELOPED, you will see everything from the point of view of your own needs and desires. Selfish wishes motivate your every action and every word. This is the now the case in most modern humans. Why is that? 

“The HEART rules the MIND. An over-developed EGO is a self-centered mind layer that separates a person from their own HEART. The result is that the MIND KILLS their own HEART.”  

At birth, the MIND is deeply rooted in the HEART. 
We are born with this tiny layer of “me” awareness in perfect harmony with my heart. We can see the world as it truly is. When I am balanced, my thoughts and actions come from my heart. I can live in harmony. We know each person is unique physical reflections of the Great Supreme Oneness. We see this awareness in many indigenous cultures.

The Ego is not BAD. In fact it is NECESSARY.
It is important to have a sense of self, of healthy boundaries, and a sense of who we are. It is important to value ourselves, to love ourselves, nourish and protect ourselves as unique sparks of creation. However, an EXAGGERATED sense of self creates too much separation and this is where the problem comes in.

People once believe the Earth to be the Center of the Universe. Your EGO sees YOU as the Center of the World.
We see everything revolving around “ME” as “number 1”.  Just like Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, believed the Earth to be the center of the universe in 2nd century CE. Ptolemy had no inkling that centuries earlier Ayurvedic Astrologers had already mapped the universal orbits for thousands of years in the past and future. They knew our planet was a tiny speck in the vast universe. We can learn the detailed wisdom of these ancient orbits from the 1896 book of Yogananda’s guru, “The Holy Science” by Swami Sri Yukteswar, cosmic philosopher and Vedic teacher. Selfish identification is the root of misunderstanding and disharmony.

“Taking Care of Number One” – The EGO is a Perfect Step toward Trans-Humanism 
When the layer of “ME” becomes exaggerated or over-developed, it overwhelms the heart. It blocks our awareness from seeing the real world. Then we can’t give or receive. We’re out of touch with our deeper self. The heart is no longer supreme, the aura is gone, and we’re on our way to being a heartless trans-human cyborg.

An oversized EGO-is the first step toward transhumanism and death of the SPIRIT. This is a pattern in Western consciousness.

What’s the EGO?

Ego just means “I” in Latin and ancient Greek. But the term EGO didn’t come from Rome or Greece. EGO is a modern made-up concept that got mis-translated, analyzed, and blown a bit out of proportion.

Where did the Word EGO Come From?
It seems the term “EGO” first popped up in English translations of German philosophers. Philosophers and psychologists such as Nietzsche, Kant, Hegel, and Freud, used the German term “Das Ich”. This has no specific meaning. It just means “The I”. And each of these philosophers had very different theories about what ‘Das Ich’ meant. But someone gave it a name, and Oh boy! it stuck. 

So, a new made-up English “thought form” of “EGO” was born. It sounds really scientific! Coined with an ancient-label, and backed by famous European names, we believed it to be something real. Who knows? Maybe it came from Washington or CIA think tanks. A thought was born!

The American Revolution was a product of the “Age of Reason”.
During the 1600’s and 1700’s many great Western minds were looking for solutions for society under stress of revolution. European intellectuals like Nietzsche, Kant, Robespierre, Hegel, Freud, Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, and Ernst Mach offered solutions for a better world organization. The birth of America was a fledgling result of many truly great minds of Europe.

A few German philosophers began to use the term “Das Ich”. Nietzsche wrote “Whenever I climb, I am followed by a dog called “Dass Ich” or ‘Ego’”. Well, what does that mean? Then there was Ernst Mach who viewed all “things” as “complexes of sensations”, denying the existence of an external world as independent of human consciousness. He effectively introduced the concept that our awareness is entirely a reflection of ourselves. As you can see, none of them agreed on a definition of “the I”.

According to Karl Jung, the Ego – the “I” or self-conscious faculty – has four inseparable functions. His four ego-functions proposed as psychological types are: Sensation, Thinking, Feeling, and Intuition.

Karl Marx, 1844, was very sure of himself. He wrote: “Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution.”

A few great utopian Europeans and Khazarians shaped our modern mindset, our current thought forms. A common objective was to find a solution to the most pressing social problem of the time, observing the demise of feudal system of the royal families, and establishing a world of financial freedom. For a brief time, it seemed Napoleon offered an alternative to the royalist stranglehold of feudalism. However, after Napoleon lost in 1815, British and royal monarchies firmly established their financial oligarchy world-wide.

But the think tanks didn’t stop. These utopian philosophers called their idealistic solutions with names like “Communism” and “Debt Capitalism”. Both labels have been predictably utilized, mis-defined, and carried to their ultimate highest ridiculum by political leaders. So, if the EGO in the West is a mad-up thought form, I wonder what Chinese Medicine says about the EGO?

The concept of “EGO” does not exist in Chinese medicine.
TCM is a holistic system that balances the unified body-mind-spirit and does not possess anything like “psychology”. A Chinese diagnosis might see the overblown EGO as a lack of grounding in the Kidney meridian, a tendency toward thought obsession, a deficiency or excess in “Shen” or “Spirit”, which is reflected in the meridians, and can be read in the organ pulses.

My healing practice is essentially Chinese.
In my energy healing sessions I sometimes have to address a blockage or pathology in consciousness. It comes up as an exaggerated sense of separation, a break between the person and their true self. A misconception of their true nature. Surprisingly, I find most Westerners have this implant to one degree or another. Maybe it comes from our society or family rules of conventional thinking. Regardless, it separates a person from the oneness they come from, and that theye are always part of. I call this “exaggerated awareness of self” the “EGO”.

How to Heal An Overblown EGO?

Book an energy healing session with me. We balance the pathological consciousness of separation, which subtly shifts the awareness. Over time, this shows up in your thoughts and actions. 

To achieve freedom from the physical world, we must calm the exaggerated EGO. You can do this yourself:

  1. Believe in a positive force greater than yourself. A power in the universe that you can trust, respect, and love.
  2. Do random acts of kindness and generosity.
  3. Do NON-random acts to benefit and bring joy to others. In every encounter, find a special way to uplift and enrich a person’s life. This can be your secret game.
  4. Travel. Study other cultures and languages. Appreciate indigenous traditions still alive in the world.
  5. Welcome failure. Embrace failure, because it is the greatest teacher.
  6. Love someone with all your heart for your whole life. Honor the sacred source in that person.
  7. Love and respect others until you are able to see everything from their point of view.
  8. When you are open to it, the universe will bring you many different ways of stripping down the ego/self. This is the greatest gift, however you may discover jolting surprises about yourself.
  9. Learn by deeply observing life. Make everything your teacher. There are no coincidences.
  10. Ask for a true spiritual teacher (in any tradition) willing to teach you, to test you, to see through you, to help you remove implants, to refine your spiritual metal until you are strong enough to go on your own.

I’m tired of talking about the EGO

Why do we waste time talking about nothing? We debates about a made-up word, a thought-form from a mistranslation of 17th century philosophers that had their own objectives, and could never even agree on its meaning. Even worse, the concept has been distorted even more than meaningless political terms like left, and right, liberal, conservative. It’s all useless mind-jacking.

Empty discussions of EGO remind me o high school when we dissected a frog. Ha Ha!
One day in 10th grade biology class, we had to dissect a stunned frog. I was horrified to perform it, and I would have preferred to run away. Never afraid or squeamish, I just knew no matter how much we cut and cut we would never find the frog’s life force. The frog had already departed, and his poor mutilated body would end up in the school dumpster. When the exercise was finally finished, we left our tangled mess to the teacher, having destroyed myriad layers of wonder and perfection. Why dissect something non-physical and sacred with a physical knife in a fool’s hand under the guise of “education”? It was a total waste of time, and loss on every level. I guess maybe I had already become a Buddhist, averse to killing for any reason. Like this, I will not discuss the EGO any more.

I’m a Westerner living in Asia for a Reason.
Back to the Ego. Recently a wave of New Age debate goes on about the EGO, which I see as a modern made-up Western concept. Although I come from the West, I’m a student of Eastern spirituality. I feel more comfortable living in Asia because people inherently possess a deeper connection with Nature and to the original indigenous wisdom. The “EGO” layer is far less pronounced. The true sense of self is more balanced and harmonious in general. This is especially true in rural areas.

I see my life’s work as helping to unify East and West, to integrate all human brilliance in the birthing a truly balanced society on planet Earth. I see it happening now and coming soon! We have much to look forward to!

Thanks for showing up today!

Srijana, aka Jane Barthelemy, is a medical intuitive, healer, and author with decades of experience in meditation, Kundalini, Buddhism, Qigong, Taichi, and Daoist sexuality. She has an MBA and was CFO of the original Rudi’s Bakery. Her life path followed many careers including opera primadonna in Italy and owner of a Venetian glass jewelry company. Serious health challenges led her to write two cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo”. Her website recently won the 2022 Corp Today Magazine award for the “Most Innovative Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America”. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives”, and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”. She and her Bhutanese husband, Lama D, are on the faculty at the NewEarth University. They live in Bali where they offer meditation and healing workshops.



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