The 9 Faces of Reality – ZOOM Discussion VIDEO

Is life anything like a “Hall of Mirrors”? Here’s a video of our Zoom Discussion. 

The 9 Faces of Reality appear to be separate facets, but they are all ONE universe, and it is OURS. 

Maybe if we examine each face of our reality one at a time, we can embrace them all to make sense, and integrate them into our lives. 

To claim possession of our world, we need to ask ourselves: What’s My Heart Level? Brainwave Frequency? Density? Parallel Worlds? What is your Bloodline? Soul Lineage? Time? Physical Space? Can we assimilate this awareness in the Sweet Spot in the center of the brain and the belly? INTEGRATION is a key to upgrading our consciousness into a new reality.  

Our world is shifting and we’re beyond the tipping point.
As Earth ascends, the veils between worlds gets thinner. Some of us cling to old concepts, only because we haven’t yet figured out how to use the new frequencies. Every day, our reality is so new we must invent ways to put it into words. In this greatest shift of the ages, we are discovering we can assimilate and integrate many other states of consciousness in the body innate wisdom. The old blueprint of false light matrix now auto-destructs and dissolves, so we are free to choose our direction in a global bifurcation of humanity, toward a new paradigm of our highest destiny. 

The word “UNIVERSE” implies it is “UNIFIED” by vibration. So, our every thought and action impacts all others. And every one of us is a fractal in the universal reckoning.


  1. What’s Your HEART LEVEL? Hawkins Consciousness Scale Measures Heart Frequency and Emotion. 
  2. What’s Your BRAIN FREQUENCY Brainwaves can be measured by EEG on the scalp. What is your level of awareness, health, and joy?
  3. What’s Your DENSITY? 3D? 4D? 5D? There are many levels of density in the universe. Some are physical, some non-physical. 
  4. There are Many PARALLEL REALITIES. 
  5. What is Your BLOODLINE? That is your physical lineage, DNA, blood type, inheritance from your physical mother and father. 
  6. What is Your SOUL LINEAGE? What and where is your soul’s original home?   
  7. What TIME do you Live in? We measure time in days, years, centuries and millenniums, based on celestial movements. 
  8. What is PHYSICAL SPACE? What are the SIX SENSES we use to perceive SPACE? 
  9. We Can INTEGRATE these Faces of Reality in the Brain center.
    Brain balancing synchronizes Left-Right Brain hemispheres and activates the Pineal Gland, the SWEET SPOT in the center.

1. What’s Your Heart Level?

The Hawkins Consciousness Scale Measures Heart Frequency and Emotion. Where are you today on a scale of 1 – 1000? This is a reliable, hypothetical scale based on kinesiology muscle testing.

The Hawkins Consciousness Scale Measures Heart Frequency and Emotion. Where are you today on a scale of 1 – 1000? This is a reliable, hypothetical scale based on kinesiology muscle testing.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, philosopher and psychiatrist, every thought, every emotion, every intention and action has a specific energetic frequency. your “magnetic energy field”. Dr. Hawkins noticed his awareness evolving from an ego-based or left brain-focus into a completely heartful state of pure bliss. 

In his book Power vs. Force Hawkins introduced a hypothetical vibration scale of expanding levels consciousness, from one to 1000. You can purchase Dr. Hawkins map of consciousness from Veritas publishing here.

Emotions are Chemicals in the Bloodstream.
Emotions are part of the Hawkins Scale. Originating mostly in the endocrine system, emotions relay chemical signals via the blood stream. How do Emotions give rise to awareness, thoughts, and actions? Some say emotions are our greatest resource as humans, if we can harness our passion into positive action. 

There is no judgment in this frequency scale, nor is the scale fixed in any way. At the lower levels of consciousness, we find important core lessons.

There is no judgment in this frequency scale.
As living human beings, we fluctuate through different calibration levels on the scale all the time. The Hawkins scale is seed as a useful way to understand “where we are” in our consciousness level.

Your Level of Consciousness Radiates Out to Others

One person vibrating at the 700 level of Gratitude counter balances 70 million individuals operating on lower frequencies. Everything we do, our thoughts, and our words affect our level of awareness, and all beings around us. 

2. What’s Your Brain Frequency?

Brain waves are states of consciousness.
We can measure brainwaves by EEG using electrode connections on the scalp. Brain waves are one indication of your level of awareness, health, and happiness. Brain frequencies are highly relevant to higher states of awareness.

What Are Common Brainwaves?

Gamma Waves (38 To 42 Hz) are fast, subtle, high-frequency brain waves. In some experienced meditators, Gamma waves indicate a complex integration of Left-Right hemispheres and different brain centers when you are very quiet. Gamma waves are usually short duration, like a burst of genius, such as when you find a brilliant solution to a problem but don’t know quite where it came from. 

Beta Waves (12 To 38 Hz) are a normal waking state of faster brain activity when your attention is focused on everyday talking and linear cognitive tasks. Like listening to a lecture on body anatomy or designing a website. Beta state gives you problem solving ability, judgment, decision making, and focus.

Alpha Waves (9 To 14 Hz) are slower, associated with quietly flowing thoughts, when we are fully present in the moment and the brain is calm. You could be relaxing with a cup of tea. Alpha waves are characterized by relaxed focus, ease, good memory, alertness, mind-body balance, and some types of meditation.

Theta Waves (4 To 8 Hz) occur in sleep, deep meditation, and hypnosis, when the senses are somewhat withdrawn from the external world, and more focused on inner signals. Theta is our doorway to learning, memory, and intuition, such as the twilight state that you might feel in hypnosis, drifting off to sleep, or just waking up.

Delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz) are slow and deeply penetrating, in deep meditation and profound, dreamless sleep. Delta waves are said to be essential for healing, regeneration, and access to collective awareness.

Lambda (200 Hz) are extremely high frequency brainwaves associated with integration and mystical out of body experiences. 

Epsilon (less than 0.5 Hz) High frequency Lambda waves occur simultaneously with a very low frequency Epsilon waves. They also notice that whenever extraordinary meditation states are present, electrical activity between right and left brain hemispheres seems to synchronize, in a special heightened awareness. 

All higher frequencies and states of consciousness are associated with synchronized electrical activity balancing right and left brain hemispheres.

Brainwaves Can Be Remotely Controlled
Funding from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s ElectRx program, supports programs to send impulses to neurons to turn then on, off, as well as implanting V2K “Voice to Skull” thoughts and emotions that can penetrate us and be used for various purposes.

The shots are part of an energy harvesting program utilizing human bodies. In the shots are smart hydrogel, nanotech, carbon bots, graphene fibers, and ribbons. Many took the shots, and it has now been it purposely spread and deployed to every person who didn’t take it. This is an energy /electron harvesting and mind control program via technology and synthetic parasitic hybrids. 
Defend your Body from Remote Frequency Control:
  • Replenish electrons by grounding several times daily.
  • Keep your blood moving. 
  • Remove heavy metals and tech from your body. There are many methods. 
  • Build your immune system to remove toxins.
  • Build bone marrow to replenish your red blood cells back to normal.
  • Especially remove nano parasites, a highly intelligent part of this control. 
  • Exercise and get right with your diet. 

Harmonize Your Frequency to the Earth Schuman Resonance
The 7.83 Hertz of the Schumann Resonances\ (Earth’s magnetic frequency) is within the range of human brainwaves. It lies in the middle, where Alpha and Theta brainwaves meet. Practices such as meditation help to connect human physiology to the Earth’s Resonance.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to develop and be AWARE of your own brain waves. I believe we can all move through states of consciousness like “brain-frequency gymnasts”! We can embrace and enjoy the many states of consciousness of which we are capable!

3. What’s Your Density? What is 3D?  

Your DENSITY is your layer of reality in the multiverse. 

Some experts say there are 7 densities, others say 12, and others say 15. One common 7-Density model comes from the Law of One Books. The 7 densities are said to be for physical embodied beings, and the 12-density model includes 5 more higher NON-physical realms, such as angelic realms and plasma or spirit hierarchies all the way up to the GREAT SPIRIT or SOURCE or God and creator of densities at the top.

These days hear talk about ascension from 3D, to 4D, and 5D But what does this really mean? Are areas in space/time really numbered? Does the universe have veils and demarcations, with levels clearly compartmentalized. Maybe Fourth and Fifth densities aren’t exactly destinations, but collective awarenesses and stages of self-discovery along a souls’ evolutionary journey back to Source.

What are the Physical Densities? 

  1. First Density (1D) is the lowest density of subatomic particles, electrons, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals, where conscious development is rudimentary and limited to simple awareness. The archetypical elements of air, water, soil, fire, and the substances of matter, i.e.  Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc.
  2. Second Density (2D) contains the animated awareness that we call LIFE, vegetable, and animal, starting at the single-cell existence. These entities interact with their environment to eat and to procreate, like the bacteria, insects, plants.
  3. Third Density (3D) includes human beings like us, who possess a physical body with DNA, blood, Qi energetic meridians, chakras, and requirements for biological life, like food, water, oxygen, and a diverse microbiome. We also possess free will and seeds of self-awareness. Hence, we can make a choice between two paths: to serve the self or serve the ALL. We communicate in language and audible words. We use an exchange system of money and other valuable things. These lower three densities are fully physical and subject to the limits of physical space and time. We interact with animals and plants, so be careful if you wound a tree, swat a firefly, or meet a dolphin, as they could be an enlightened being! We can see the lower densities, but not the higher one. Like mini gods, we create our own smaller reality in 3D using our mind, imagination, thoughts, and actions. This is our little layer of the universe.
  4. Fourth Density (4D) A density of Love. It includes beings that straddle the boundary between 3D spacetime and the higher ethereal realms. In 4D physicality is more flexible and responsive to thought, hidden from 3D behind a dimensional curtain. There are said to be two Fourth Densities, one positive, the other negative. This is based on Positive – Love of the ALL vs Negative – Love of SELF. It is said that 4D environments are part physical, part ethereal. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily. 
  5. Fifth Density (5D) is a physical and ethereal level of existence, and a native realm for beings who have evolved to that level. This is a positive density inhabited by beings focused on accumulating and sharing wisdom and total perfection of themselves and their society. Fifth Density beings are said to observe humans in 3D, noticing our thought sequences and state of being. These beings are allowed to assist when asked, but cannot interfere with our collective evolution.
  6. Sixth Density (6D) is said to be where individual entities have finished their personal evolution and come together as a group to evolve as a soul family. They exist as energetic beings in a realm completely outside spacetime.
  7. Seventh Density(7D) is said to be “Unity with the Creator” and the total dissolution of individual existence, not through annihilation of consciousness but through achievement of infinite consciousness that permeates all life and all existence.
  8. 8th through 12th are said to be Non-Physical Densities

Carl Sagan explain density in this hilarious video.

Cosmos – Carl Sagan – The 4th Dimension – a Video

4. There are Many Parallel Realities.

I am no expert in parallel realities, however I believe infinite Simultaneous Worlds can exist. Since we are living through the dissolution of a kind of shared fantasy, this makes us keenly aware of parallel realities.

Quantum physics suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality. It must be consciously observed in order to exist.

In this video, Bashar suggests we live in a “Splitting Prism” of Parallel Realities.

Good and Evil? Dark vs. Light. Are There Two Parallel Dimensions?

According to the ancient prophet Mani, there was a time before the first creation. Good and Evil existed in two separate realms, one the World of Light, and the other the World of Darkness. 

A Story of Good and Evil – Brilliantly Foretold by the Prophet Mani in the 2nd century CE:

“There will be men who are mighty in Love and Goodness.
But Evil will also be there as a mood and a disposition without any covering within a large number of human beings.
They will glorify Evil.”

“The task of the Sixth Root Race is to draw Evil again into itself through gentleness. In the followers there will live the inviolable principle that Evil must be overcome through gentleness. That is the task of the Manichean spiritual stream. It must express itself in the forming of a community which has to spread above all things: Peace, Love, and Non-resistance to Evil. It must create a Form for the Life that is to come later.”

5. What is Your Bloodline?

Your bloodline is your physical lineage, your DNA, blood type, and inheritance from your mother and father and all your ancestors. Biological blood lineage is not the same as soul lineage of other incarnations. DNA and blood represents a huge rabbit hole in our understanding of creation and evolution, as we now discover our true bloodsong may reside in the “junk DNA”.

Genetics and Blood the Biggest Rabbit Hole, and I am no expert.
Human blood is an enormously fascinating subject, and could take many lifetimes to understand. Much information has been hidden. No wonder so much secret research has gone into blood and AI nanotech vaccines targeting specific bloodlines. Since I am not an expert, I invite you to do your own research, and refer you to experts like Stewart Swerdlow, David Icke, Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, Eddie Page, and Dr. Robert O. Young. Links in Resources below.

What Determines Blood Type?
Your blood type is based on your DNA blueprint at conception, with DNA representing your physical link to the infinite.

New blood cells are constantly created in the bone marrow, located mostly in the flat bones. Bone marrow produces many types of 1) new red blood cells, 2) white defensive cells, and 3) generic stem cells for healing and regeneration. The bone marrow is also an area where toxins can accumulate, which can shorten your lifespan, so it’s important to keep your bone marrow system vital and free of toxins. We use the ABO blood type system to read the presence or absence of antigen molecules and categorize blood into four types (A, B, O, AB). In addition, each blood type is either positive “+” or negative. “-“.  Blood types are often incompatible.

The the human genome is a collection of 22 or 23 distinct races of extraterrestrial origin.
According to Alex Collier and Elena Danaan, there have been many genetic changes over time in our history. Many scientists have spent their entire lives tracing the history of genetic changes that might affect our DNA through migration, war, genetic manipulation, radiation, etc. As the Bible clearly states, there has been and mixing with other races and Elohim extraterrestrial visitors. Many people say there is evidence of reptilian genetics from Anunnaki or Draco races in Rh negative. 

“Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?”   Carl Jung

There is much discussion about Rh-Negative Factor Blood that may from a lineage said to come from the Draco Caverns in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe. Many of these people were Red-Haired with Green Eyes or Black-haired with Brown Eyes. They are said to have mixed their lineage into the Blond/Brown Haired-Blue Eyes civilizations. Many Rh-Negs have a Cauda (tail) or an Extra Vertebra (Tail Bone). Rh-Negative people are said to be Hybrids. But then maybe we all are hybrids.

ALL Royal Families Have Rh-negative Blood.
Many believe that Rh negative blood to be the legacy of Anunnaki rulers. Some say royal “Blue Bloods” are a hybrid human combining reptilian bloodline with Neanderthal DNA.  The Royals and “Blue Bloods” can be tracked back to the Lost Tribe of Dan and Cain in the Old Testament who are described as having had red hair and green-eyes. Some say that the red hair DNA came from Neanderthal DNA. They are also referred to as the “Serpent Bloodline” or “Reptilian Bloodline.” This bloodline is said to have migrated into Europe from the Mediterranean Sea into Spain, France, and the British Isles with the aid of the “Sea People”, possibly Phoenicians. It also spread via the Scythians into the Caucuses, Turkic tribes, and Mongolians, who were also light-skinned with red hair and green eyes.

A great deal of information about our blood has been hidden.
No wonder so much secret research focuses on the blood. Nowadays we have novel AI nanotech graphene particles in our blood from vaccines, also from food and water. Essentially these are electrical bioweapons that we all possess, as we move into a fascinating future never seen before.

Every country has a database of blood types for all inhabitants, presumably taken at birth. Even Wikipedia shows blood types by country here.  I noticed few huge differences, except for high concentrations of O- in Northern Europe and Somalia(from Biblical times?). 

Blood types are very much distributed across the planet.

 In just 50 generations, if they were all unique beings and no crossed lineages, you’d have over 500 trillion ancestors. That’s a lot of ancestors, and a lot of lovemaking.

What is the Star-Seed Bloodline of Jesus Christ?
According to Eddie Page, Pleiadian source, there was a creation of the El-lohim, or “those who came down”, who created what some call a Star Seed blood line in their own image. This O negative is a bloodline of King David. Jesus stated he was from the royal lineage of David, a Nazerite tribe. The shroud of Turin samples tested years ago showed that the blood was O negative. The O negative blood holds key elements that other blood types do not have, such as Parp cells, enzymes, special traits that makes it very-very rare indeed. 

The RH Negative migrations to Earth may be a combination of two lineages: pure RH negative from Scandinavians, and hybrid RH Negative Serpent bloodline from Sum-Aryans, The Basque people are all O negative. Their oral traditions say they came from the Caucuses (Babylon) and eventually settled in Europe. They also claim that they descended from Jesus Christ. All are Caucasian, their average life span is the highest on earth at 98.2 years old, and they are rarely sick. 

What is the Holy Grail?
The Holy Grail that the Knights Templar tried protect so fiercely was the blood line of Jesus, the chalice and the sword, carried through Mary Magdalene. This is sometimes called the San Griel, the Sangreal or “True Blood” from the grail lore of ancient times. Read the book “Holy Blood-Holy Grail”. As the ancient saying saying goes: “Power is in the Bloodline”.

Some say the battle on 3D Earth is between two opposing alien bloodlines. However, this struggle may be more accurately described as a “trans-humanist” battle between left brain vs. right-brain function.

By balancing the two brain cortexes, we integrate detailed rational thinking vs. intuition to reclaim our fully expanded Whole Brain function.

6. What is Soul Lineage, Soul Purpose?

Soul Lineage is your timeless blueprint, essence, and origin of your soul. We all come from Source energy / God energy. The soul exists beyond time, space, or density. The SOUL activates our human body with life, as the “Atman”, that vital essence that is eternal, unchanging, and the source of the universe itself. Although we may have many physical lifetimes in which we are born, live, and die, the soul is indestructible, it sees all our existences as it can never die.

Maybe the transition we feel in 3D is an instantaneous upshift in the stillpoint of the NOW. Maybe it’s a reflection of the Buddhist concept of impermanence, meaning all that is physical will soon perish.

What we do matters. Every soul has a lesson, a purpose. Our life is an opportunity to balance and heal all dissonances.

We are all travelers, visitors in a multidimensional universe.
Maybe you have been here on Earth for many lifetimes. Or maybe your soul recently came to Earth from another space-time. Our job is to learn our soul lessons, dissolve dissonance and move to the next level of our existence.

We can do this by simply going inside to accept ourselves deeply in contemplation, listening, in a deep state of surrender, and asking to penetrate layers of misunderstanding and confusion. When we do this work in ourselves, our families also benefit, and all of humanity benefits.

7. What Physical Space to you Live in? 

Physical space is closely tied to our Body Senses and Perceptions. 
Our world radiates out from our physical body, based on perceptions from which we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell our world”

What are the Six Senses with which we Perceive? 

Using the five physical senses we are able to feel certain narrow bands of electro-magnetic frequencies. Our sixth sense represents the integration of the other five senses, the intuition, which helps us sense additional frequencies and dimensions. This is said to reside in the skin and hair follicles. The sixth sense is a key to opening the door to imagination, creative visualization, and manifesting an expanded reality. However, when we believe our limited five physical senses give us the whole picture, we cripple our imagination, our creativity, and become slaves to a materialistic paradigm.

Our senses show us space, speed, movement.
The senses work together to confirm and enhance each other, to gain awareness and act on information gathered. From this perspective all experience is mostly BASED on the integration of the senses. Our perspective is not about the senses themselves but rather the overall spatial construction of the experience enabled by sensory signals that converge in the brain for interpretation.

Nikola Tesla believed that sound and resonance are responsible for our reality, as they have the power to manifest physical form and shape the world around us.

We are vibrating beings, along with all matter around us. Clear proof of Tesla’s words that sound and vibration create matter and form can be seen in these Cymatic sand formations. Maybe it’s not that sound AFFECTS matter, but rather that it CREATES matter.  

Maybe our material reality isn’t physical at all.
We perceive SPACE as height, width, and depth. Yet quantum physicists explore the relationship between energy and the structure of matter, only to discover that MATTER is mostly an ILLUSION. And we begin to realize that everything in the Universe is spinning energy. 

Quantum physicists demonstrate that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature. This means we need to only observe our experiences to discover what we are. We are multidimensional creatures of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy signature. 

Has Mainstream Science Lost the Thread of Expanding Consciousness?
According to Dr. Edward R. Close mathematician,  physicist, and cosmologist, Mainstream science has become stagnant in a false belief system of dualistic materialism, and devolved into “scientism”, a well-organized atheistic religion, relegating consciousness and spiritual evolution to the realm of mythology and fantasy. And modern education is the antithesis of expanding consciousness.

He says our current battle represents the struggle between Left brain AI transhumanist materialism and Ego vs. Right Brain expanding intuition. Will we choose balanced multi-dimensional Whole Brain Awareness?

8. What TIME Do You Live in?

TIME is Movement of Celestial Bodies in Space.

We measure time in planetary orbits, days, years, centuries and millenniums. Time and Space are related. 

Some of our TIME Concepts are REAL, some FICTIONAL.

REAL: Time is movement in space, the orbits of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and celestial bodies. Years and Moon cycles are true. Days and Planetary movements are true.

FICTIONAL: Minutes, Seconds, Weeks, our current Months, even centuries, and counting years from the birth of Christ are fictional. They’re just Made-up.

TIME itself is an Illusion. It is Part Fiction and part Real. 

In higher densities above 3D, all of TIME is one and all moments are simultaneous. For that reason it is said that TIME is both real and an illusion. 

When we live in the infinite present moment, we can never be limited by the illusion of time.

How Do We Measure Time?
On Earth, we measure a day as the full rotation of the Earth on its axis in relation to the Sun. We mark 24 time zones around the globe. Our year is the movement of the Earth around the Sun in 365.24 days. A month is 29.5 days moon orbit around the Earth. We count years from the hypothetical birth of Jesus Christ. 

Timelines toward a positive shared future can be observed and controlled consciously.
Multidimensional beings and our collective consciousness can change timelines. Much information about Time Travel has been gleaned from the Secret Military including proof that our space force can travel anywhere in our solar system, and from Project Looking Glass that indicates all time lines converge and move toward planetary ascension.  

Astrology is “Earth-Centric” Life Map
Astrology is the precise science of measuring planetary positions at the exact time of your birth, to give a potential energy map of your life. However if you come from another planet, Earth astrology would make no sense at all, and our Astrology cannot be applied. For example, if you lived on Mars, your year would be 687 Earth Days. And on Pluto, your year would be 248 Earth years.

What’s the Great Year Precession Cycle?
Earth’s next big orbit is the ‘Great Year’ of 25,920 years. This is our Sun’s orbit with a sister star, sometimes called the “Precession of the Equinoxes”. This orbit through the Milky Way brings us closer to the Galactic Central Sun on the expanding half 12,500 years, and further away from it on the contracting 12,500 years. This cycle has a huge impact on the level of consciousness on Earth, which rises and falls based on how close we are to the galactic Center of Consciousness. Right now we are in the expanding side of the orbit, so energetic forces in our galaxy are heating up and this includes Earth. There is growing awareness, excitement, and polarization on our planet. This is really a shift of the ages. Later on there is always a contracting side of the orbit of approximately 12,500 years until the cycle begins again. 

Swami Sri Yukteswar, guru of Yogananda wrote the groundbreaking book “The Holy Science” in 1894, to clarify a common misunderstanding that much of the world believes we have been in the Kali Yuga for thousands of years. In his book Sri Yukteswar addressed this discrepancy, and explained how the count was lost several thousand years ago. He says the Kali Yuga started in 500 BC and ended in 1600 CE. We are now in the Dwapara Yuga, a period of expanding electrical, atomic, and finer forces, until 4100. At that time we will be in the Silver Yuga for 3600 years, followed by the Golden Yuga for 4800 years. Read my article on Yugas here. Check out my article RELAX! Enlightenment is Inevitable, and read his book here: “The Holy Science”.  

Time, and the world we perceive with our five senses are a small reflection of an infinite world we do not see. To observe the whole picture we need to move beyond the physical senses to a larger multi-dimensional reality.

“Everything flows out and in.
Everything has its tides. All things rise and fall.
The pendulum swing manifests in everything.
The measure of the swing to the right
Is the measure of the swing to the left.”

The Kybalion, Hermetic Texts

9. We Can Integrate the Faces of Reality in the Brain Center

The two hemispheres of the brain have very different abilities. The right hemisphere looks at the whole picture, the similarities, and what we share in common, creating benefit for ALL beings. The left hemisphere has the awareness of separation, of the EGO, of Me as separate. It can handle, details, numbers, words, and measure time.

It’s mind-boggling. How can we integrate and embody these diverse gifts?

There’s no BEST brain hemisphere, each side is limited. We need both the left and right brain in order to live in perfect harmony.

We can choose how we want to live. We have three choices: 1) We can live in binary logic and details in the EGO-based left brain, 2) We can live in Right-brain intuition and emotion, 3) We can merge them to live in the WHOLE INTEGRATED BRAIN.

The Pineal Gland is the Antenna Third-Eye Receiver of the Human Body
The amazing Pineal gland sits in the center of the brain, between the two hemi­spheres. It contains very pure water and tiny crys­tals that respond to piezo­elec­tric fre­quen­cies. The Pineal gland secretes hormones such as melatonin and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), as we sleep. DMT is said to be a psychedelic substance and a key to accessing divine realms, used in Ayahuasca ceremonial healings. Maybe those wild Ayahuasca shamans are on to something!

Pineal Gland Calcification Can Damage Your Body Energy Connections. 
Symptoms of pineal calcification include depression, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, neurodegenerative diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. Primary causes of pineal damage are Glyphosate herbicide, fluoride, WIFI, EMF-smog, aluminum, chlorine, mercury, and pesticides. It also helps to keep your attitude positive, eat clean food, drink pure water, walk in Nature, and practice Qigong.

When the body-mind is truly in balance, we find a SWEET SPOT of PERFECT HARMONY between two polarities, a seat of infinite personal power. 


Service to Self? or Service to the ALL?
Every polarity in nature represents a basic dualistic energy such as ME vs the ALL, Yin-Yang, Male-Female, and Electric Positive-Negative. When these dual energies are in balance, there is maximum intelligence, freedom, and flow. 

When we balance the brain hemispheres, the left and right meridians align. The Pineal Apex in the Brain center naturally moves into binary orbit with the Xia Dantien Seat of Power at the navel, sometimes called the Sacral or Sexual Chakra, as shown in this ancient Buddhist diagram.

Western Society Teaches Left-Brain Dominance
In modern society we are taught Left-Brain logic and intellectual thinking. This overrides the natural balance of our two brain hemispheres through education and cultural norms. Left-brain dominance brings more rigid scientific materialism, so that we believe the body is a physical object like a car or a computer. There’s no place for right-brain visionary intelligence, whole picture, artistic, creative thought. No place for meditation in a deep state of surrender, And no room for God.

Brain Balancing is the root of the current trans-humanist battle in the world today. What path do you choose? Service to the SELF? OR Service to the ALL? Will you enhance your left-brain and become an expert in details? Or will you enjoy right-brain feelings to become an emotional wanderer? Or will you choose to balance ALL your abilities and embrace your destiny as a WHOLE MULTIDIMENSIONAL WARRIOR of LIGHT?  So, every day, with every breath, each of us can choose how to utilize our WHOLE intelligence in this cosmic experiment.


Brain Balancing is a simple and deceptively potent tapping technique to activate the Pineal Gland. Synchronize your two hemispheres a little every day. The mental-physical benefits are cumulative every time you do it. And it’s FREE!

Our state of consciousness is flexible. We are free in every moment to change our State of Awareness. We can move to a different HEART LEVEL, BRAINWAVE FREQUENCY, or even into another DENSITY, TIME, or SPACE. In fact, our consciousness constantly changes every day of our lives. We are free. Our reality shifts radically over time in weeks, months, decades, and lifetimes. We each have our own path of discovery.

So, the moral of the story is to balance your brain. Use your WHOLE BRAIN to optimize your God-given abilities. Stay flexible, don’t get stuck in dominance of either side. Stay conscious, be mindful, and move out of your old patterns. Then your body will also benefit from rebalancing every day. You will be creating new patterns to stay vital every day, and you’ll have 100% of your awareness available.

Thanks for watching!

Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, is an intuitive, energy healer, craniosacral therapist, and author. A practitioner of Kundalini Buddhist meditation for over 50 years, she has an MBA and worked as CFO of Rudi’s Bakery for 10 years. Her life path includes other careers including opera primadonna in Italy and owner/designer of Marco Polo Designs Venetian glass jewelry company. Health challenges led her to teach Qigong, Taichi, and write two wellness cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo published by DaCapo Press/Hatchette Books. Her first website recently won the 2021 Corp Today Magazine Award for “Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America”. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives” and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”. Srijana and her Bhutanese husband Lama D are faculty members of the NewEarth University. They live in Bali. The 9 Faces of Reality-Word document

Suggested Resources:

  • “The Holy Science” by Swami Sri Yukteswar
  • Mani & Rudolf Steiner: Manichaeism, Anthroposophy, and their Meeting in the Future,
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  • Rhesus factor, a good explanation of blood types.
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