Embracing Each Moment in an Unknown Universe

Looking at the big picture, I see that the future of the world is utterly unclear. Our civilization and our shared reality hang by a thin thread. Yet at the same time, I also see that humanity is completely safe and protected. There is no cause for any alarm. But how can both these realities be true? Some nights I don’t sleep, wondering about this. However in the morning when the sun comes up, everything is fine. After my meditation, that is.

Some say we are being manipulated in order to divide and separate us. Others say there’s a plan for death, disaster, cancelled election, and control. However I see the future is still unknown. Many fine solutions, benevolent blessings, and a few good leaders are showing up. On a positive note, every one of our illusions and stereotypes are collapsing around us. And that couldn’t be more wonderful. It takes time to sort everything out. Let it go.

What to do? Embrace each moment with as if the world has already shifted into the light. Live in this awareness. Hold onto it, especially as reality is shifting. This helps it find its way.

June is an interesting month in the heavens!

This weekend is the solar eclipse, on the very same day as the Solstice, the change of seasons. Yikes! At the same time we are feeling a retrograde intensity, as we have six planets retrograde in June. If that’s not enough, we also have an exciting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at the end of June.

On June 21st, 2020 we have the Solstice. This heralds the beginning of winter in the North, and the beginning of Summer in Bali and the Southern hemisphere. The solstice and equinox set the scene for the next three months of the year. This Solstice coincides with the most powerful solar Eclipse of 2020. This is important. The upcoming 3 months will have a flavor of destiny playing out. Each day will feel like an eclipse!

June 21st, 2020 – New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Cancer. This is the most important eclipse of the year, at 0° Cancer, a power degree. The Eclipse occurs hours after the solstice so it is extremely potent, a this is where the Sun changes direction in the sky.

This Solar Eclipse is an “annular eclipse”, meaning “ring”, which creates a beautiful circle of fire around the moon. This eclipse will be visible in Central Africa, Middle East and Asia. We plan to watch it here in Bali. This Solar Eclipse in Cancer is a North Node eclipse, which is said to be an “opportunity to rewrite the script of our destiny”.

Anything is possible when we have a North Node Eclipse. Be especially mindful of what you do, as there will always be a bonus payout – sometimes at a future South Node eclipse.

Some say we will feel like a crab, with one foot we go in one direction, and with another foot in another. Push and pull, pull, and push. Perhaps we can learn from this Crab-Cancer approach. Walking sideways gives us room and time to assess the environment, take calculated risks, and still arrive to our destination.

The “ring of fire” annular solar eclipse is a special kind of partial solar eclipse. It occurs when a new moon is furthest away from Earth. the opposite of a “supermoon” — so it doesn’t cover the sun’s disk completely. Solar eclipse glasses must be worn at all times to avoid the threat of blindness, so it can be dangerous if you’re not prepared.

Where can we see the solstice “ring of fire” eclipse? The ring of fire solar eclipse on June 21, 2020 will follow a narrow path across Africa and Asia, visible at sunrise in Central Africa, then as a higher-in-the-sky in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, India, Tibet, China, and Taiwan. Observers will see a ring around the sun for a maximum of about one minute. That doesn’t sound like much, and that’s why it’s so exciting.

We’ll have a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on June 30th. This means the Lord of death and shadows (Pluto) joins forces with the God of growth and expansion (Jupiter). These conjunctions occur about every 12 years, and have seen some of humanity’s greatest leaps forward. Together, Sky God Jupiter and his brother the Underworld Lord Pluto continue to expand our human world, to trigger scientific breakthroughs, awaken new paradigms, distribute mega-wealth, and inspire sweeping shifts in political power.

This description of the end of the world makes me laugh!

As things sort themselves out and our new shared reality takes shape, the answer is to be present in ourselves each moment. To hold to what we love. To notice and deeply feel each emotion that presents itself. To savor the discomfort completely, and let it go. To hold yourself to the highest and most beautiful version of integrity in every moment. To participate in creating our new reality as best we can. Then to release it and go to sleep at night with a clear heart.

All is well here in Bali. The daily pace is gentle, and we are safe. We must stay here until Bhutan opens it’s severe 21-day quarantine restrictions. We continue to do our inner work.

I spent many hours this week cleaning my Mac computer. Here it is finally finished! Now all the files are current and in the proper folder. I discarded thousands of old files. Whew! Fortunately I found a brilliant Balinese Mac expert, who helped me upgrade my MacBook Pro, install Final Cut Pro for video editing, a teleprompter, and PhotoShop for drawings. These tools will help me create media to build online groups and classes.

Lama D’s morning practice consists of intense running, yoga, meditation, and transformational chanting.

Every morning he feeds the fish in the lotus pond in front of our house.

Meanwhile, I’m doing quite a few distance sessions, especially past life clearings, at the special price of $75 that continues through June 30th. I hope they are helpful.

Who were you in past lifetimes? We all carry emotional burdens of violence, cruelty, and fear. A stressful situation can trigger us to remember past trauma. Each lifetime we continue old patterns, repeating familiar stories of hatred, fear, and guilt. It doesn’t matter whether you were the cruel killer or the victim – in both cases, the psychic burden is the same. The memory of brutality remains forever. The key is to dissolve the emotional charge from these old traumas, and thus eliminate your burden forever.

Contact Sri Jana to Schedule a Session:

How Do We Carry Past Trauma? Traumatic memories represent highly concentrated toxic energy, like a knot at the root of friction and stress. Trauma holds you back from achieving your highest destiny. Every trauma that you carry fragments your consciousness, as if a piece of your awareness is tied up remembering it. However when you face the past and dissolve old trauma, your consciousness opens up. Your intuition awakens.

Fun with virtual Zoom backgrounds. Ha Ha!
Here I’m playing around with backgrounds for my sessions, since our bedroom background is very boring. Which do you like best?

This is an antique Korean gold screen background.

How about a Balinese entryway?

A traditional library background?

How about ancient Buddha rock carvings?

Or a Bali beach at sunset?

Here we are floating in the cosmos.

Amid a cosmic explosion.

Thanks for stopping by! Please be well and do not worry. Hold to what you love. Search for integrity as you savor every moment the fusion of dark and light that your life represents.  Best wishes! Sri Jana

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