Hang In There! We are OK in Bali…

Hello friends, this week my blog is about our life here in Bali. Coming to a new country has been challenging. Lama D and I are both separated from friends and family due to the world situation. This week’s blog is a sort of retrospect for Thanksgiving and my birthday, both in November. The world situation is so stressful that it would be quite possible for one’s thread of reality to snap. Fortunately the day to day confusion is minimal here, which has given us precious time to be quiet and meditate deeply.

In spite of many bizarre reactions we see in the world every day,  I am amazed and delighted to see people from all cultures and walks of life joining the awareness of world unity. It is happening in so many ways, especially online, in social networking, videos, and all manner of new communication tools. I am excited to see the human perspective uplifting its level of consciousness very fast. For me it requires quite a bit of time and energy to stay connected to this thread of world collective consciousness every day. Much of my energy is going into this.

We are blessed to find a beautiful place to stay in Bali. Keramas Sacred River Village has been our home for 16 months. This lush Eco-Retreat center has everything we need for a simple life. The surroundings are spotlessly maintained, although some days we are the only guests here. Due to the world shifts, Bali tourism is almost non-existant. This is a great hardship for all the residents, who have come to rely on tourism as their main support.

Lama D and I just finished launching our courses with NewEarth University. This was a joyful offering and a huge step for both of us. Lama D prepared seven lectures in English on all his favorite Buddhism topics. My 2 1/2 hour White Light Meditation Workshop was recorded on Zoom. The workshop is now available to purchase online at the NewEarth University Website, and here on my website as well. The cost is $50, and you can watch it online. It includes a full instructions manual and three guided meditations you can use anytime.

This is the culmination of a huge chapter of my life’s work. I did not invent the White Light Meditations – I’ve been receiving these teachings in various channels throughout my whole life. I finally put it together as a complete self-healing system for body, mind, and spirit. It incorporates Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Wisdom, Daoism, and of course my teacher Swami Rudrananda’s myriad practices. With this part of my life’s work finished, I feel a huge sense of release. Should I take a vacation? Who knows? I wonder – what’s next?

This is the “Yoga Shala” meeting room for classes. We will do lectures, Qigong, and Yoga here. Lama D and I taught English here for a while, but we discontinued the classes to do our own inner work.

Next to the Yoga Shala room is the gentle Keramas River, which is fed by 11 sacred springs from the Bali mountains. The river is beautiful and pristine. Its clear waters flow through the center, under, and around the buildings.

This is the dining room and restaurant which can serve up to 100 guests.

Our shared kitchen is simple and big. Lama D does all our cooking, and his food is AMAZING!!

Today’s menu is local red rice and cauliflower.

Next to the restaurant is the cooking class, in a traditional Balinese kitchen overlooking the Keramas river.

Broccoli and Balinese red rice with garlic.

We love Ketut, the owner of Keramas Sacred River Village. Here he introduced us to black rice pudding. Truly yummy!

The newest building  here is this grass-roofed house by the pool. It overlooks the river and is a serene place to eat or rest in a hammock. You can see Lama D is using it as his office today.

Lama D now has 5,000 Buddhism students in Bhutan. His first group on WeChat social networking was filled almost instantly. WeChat has a maximum group size of 500. He started with one group, and within two months it grew to ten groups! He teaches them Buddhist lessons by explaining (paraphrasing) the high teachings of the Je Khempo, head Lama of Bhutan monasteries. The Lama gives lectures in Chokey, a high Tibetan sacred language. Every day Lama D teaches ten groups on Social networking WeChat. He teaches them in Dzongkha, the local language of Bhutan.

 The Keramas Sacred River Village Butterfly Farm was built to protect the giant Balinese butterfly. A huge net covers the area so they will be safe to mate and reproduce.

The Attacus Atlas is one of the largest Lepidoptera species on earth, with a wingspan of 9-10 inches. These butterflies live for only 5 days and need to be protected. Since they do not have a mouth, they must live off the energy stored as a caterpillar. Their job as a butterfly is to mate and lay eggs for the next generation.

We live in this nature setting. Every room here is unique, built with local materials in Balinese style. This room features a private pool and a Buddha guarding the door.

The traditional garden is for events, gatherings, meals, parties, and weddings. who knows when they will be held again? Oversimplifying the situation, one could say that a very few self-oriented people got accustomed to bullying others around in a huge way. They created a double standard of living, and now are being forced to allow the rest of humanity to choose our destiny. The last thing they want to do is to give up total control of the money system. What will they do next?

Lama D’s job is to feed the fish. He chants and blesses the fish as he goes around. The fish love to eat.

The fish rush to meet Lama D when he comes by. Luckily, they live underwater and don’t have to put up with nonsense here on land. Here on land we have a very few VERY wealthy people who want everything for themselves. They distract public attention from their only goal of control, by inventing a nightmare virus with a “vaccine” that’s not, to reduce the population to a level they hope to control. Unfortunately they will not succeed, however some people are taking the shot and dying. Their total defeat will be inevitable and messy – like an old movie that’s almost finished. I pray it will end very soon. Of course, we can finish the nightmare whenever we want, by simply not buying their stuff or accepting their games.

Sometimes we stay here for weeks without leaving at all. Occasionally we drive an hour to Denpasar to buy food and supplies. We just roll our eyes and say”Life in Bali!”.

A family of goats awaits me every day. They live on endless supply of garden cuttings. Everything grows wild here in the jungle. Vines and giant branches are their favorite food!

This is Nandini, a sacred Balinese cow. She is my friend, and perks here ears outward to listen when I talk to her. She is passionate about grass.

Lama D and I went to relax in a restaurant in Ubud, a nearby city.

This is my work space in our room. My home office in the jungle. Ha Ha!

This is our room altar.

We’ve lived here for 16 months. It’s very peaceful and close to nature.

I’m so excited! Today I’m studying my own pH. These are my new pH papers and digital stick. I will be measuring pH whenever I eat and pee, to create a log to see what activities change my chemistry. Through the day and night I notice lots of chemical changes in my body. I believe they’re based on what I eat, my thoughts, what I feel happening in the world, and especially my emotions. If you read my recent article “Body Acidity: What’s Your Emotional pH?” you’ll understand why I want to measure it. I suspect we are all driven by emotions and desires. This will help me be aware of how my life is propelled like a roller coaster of emotions. Ha Ha! Give me a few months. Soon you’ll see it in my blog.

This is our spa rom where we do our healings. I do energy healing, and Lama D does Tibetan Kunye massage. I think it’s the cutest little house!

This is the inside of the spa house.

Moringa leaf is good for libido! Yep. A natural aphrodisiac that promotes healthy sensuality. It’s also said to prevent inflammation, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Moringa trees are everywhere here in Bali. Moringa promotes brain health, liver function, and kidney elimination. It is high in beta-carotenoids, Vitamin C,  quertecin and Chlorogenic acid so it helps to balance blood sugar. Although the flavor is sharp and bitter, I don’t mind. After a few bites, I’m wide awake, and have no desire to eat for several hours. Moringa powder sells for over $25.00 per pound online in the US. I just chomp on a few leaves every day.

Putu is our friend, and a capable team leader here. Today is Putu’s birthday on the Balinese calendar! In Bali people celebrate birthdays every 210 days or every six months according to the Balinese WUKU calendar. A newborn baby’s first birthday is called “Oton”, and it is a special ceremony three Balinese months after birth. The purpose of this ceremony is to remove bad karma and evils from prior lives to achieve a more perfect life in this incarnation.

Three months later there is another ceremony at six-months. After that birthdays are celebrated every six months throughout a Balinese person’s life. According to the Gregorian calendar, Putu’s birthday is September 24, so we plan to celebrate ALL her birthdays!

Lama D understands the global situation. The root issue is the coming transformation of our world money system. It’s HUGE! As the finances of humanity shift, it brings enormous change, which is challenging for many people. Lama D is chanting and praying every day for a positive shift in consciousness and understanding of what is true and valuable.

These beautiful black sand beaches are a short bike ride away. We humans are all connected, so a world reorganization will take time and patience. Huge change is inevitable. It is very positive, and it is coming. We will soon live in peace and happiness. It’s so amazing, it’s almost hard to believe!!

Thanks for stopping by! When you’re ready to come visit, just take a flight to Denpasar, Bali. We’ll pick you up at the airport. We’re at Keramas Sacred River Village. We send you warmest regards!






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