In the air today, Bhutan to Santa Fe

Yep, I left Paro Wednesday 11/28. Flying Kathmandu, Qatar, LA, and Albuquerque, to arrive just . 3 days later in Santa Fe. I have to leave Bhutan for 15 days for immigration rules, so I’m coming to Santa Fe to to stock up on winter supplies, get essentials from storage, and visit friends.

A chance meeting in the hotel breakfast room led to an invitation to participate in a sustainable entrepreneurial workshop for women. Each team prepared a business proposal. Mentors supported and critiqued the mock presentations. The last day there was a contest to select the top three proposals.

This group embraced me as a staff member. They worked hard to integrate environmentally sustainable concepts, and to focus on businesses that would offer something back to the people of Bhutan. They asked me to speak about being a woman in business, and what Bhutan has to offer the world in business.

I decided I wanted an everyday kira, instead of wearing jeans every day. My sister Ghalem took me to a fabric store and then to her tailor. In one week her tailor finished 2 kiras (long skirts), 3 blouses and 3 jackets. Her price was 1,100 Ngultrum, which is about $15.00. Amazing!

Here’s my first everyday kira, and English teaching outfit.

Ghalem and I visited the Sangchen Choekhor Monastery outside of Paro. Built in the 17th century, it is the mountain home of about 100 monks, who live in unheated quarters in spite of the bitter cold temperature.


Sangchen Choekhor Monastery outside of Paro

This monk approached us and we started a conversation. He offered to show us the sanctuary, although the monastery was closed.

Sangchen Choekhor Monastery outside of Paro.

Just outside the sanctuary stands this fully stuffed real bear.

My conversations with the Principal of Yoezerling High School in Paro have led to an interesting teaching job. Starting January I’ll be teaching English Creative writing, Taichi, and demonstrating BodyTalk healing system.

This is Yoezerling High School in Paro where I’ll be teaching.

I jump at every chance to eat sauteed vegetables. I’m getting tired of eating restaurant food. Now that our marriage certificate is complete, we can apply for the Lama’s US Visa. We won’t be in hotels any more, and will soon find a place to rent in Paro.

On the flight from Paro to Kathmandu, we got a beautiful view of Mount Everest.



The new Hamad Airport in Qatar is a showplace of modern technology. I’ll be here for 5 hours.

Thanks for checking in! Next week I’ll be in Santa Fe, returning to Bhutan on December 20th.

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