Lama D Teaches Buddhism in Bali and Bhutan

Hello to everyone. I want to share the big news about Lama D’s classes. A few months ago he started a small study group on Social Networking to discuss Buddhism. Within a year it has grown to 12,500 students, and a full-time job! His followers are all Bhutanese, living in many countries all over the world. He teaches the classes in Dzongkha, the language of Bhutan. WeChat is the most popular social networking app in Bhutan. He teaches from our healing center in Bali.

The groups are called “Tharpi Sabuen” which means “Seeds for Enlightenment”. This is a term that means you plant seeds as you live your life in order to build virtue so that on death you can go beyond the 6 realms of the world of Samsara and impermanence. In Mahayana Buddhism that means you’re beyond Heaven, and living in Paradise. In PARADISE, you are free of the 3D matrix forever. It means you are “Awakened”, “Enlightened”, and you never have to be reborn in a physical body again if you don’t want.

His 12 groups are all completely full with the maximum allowable 500 members. He gives lectures, sings chants, and offers advice about all ways to move beyond the physical 3D realm to release the spirit into freedom. He also paraphrases the lectures of the Highest Je Khempo, head of the monasteries in Bhutan, which are given in highest spiritual language and very refined concepts that high lamas study for years to grasp. Lama D’s groups also include many high lamas in Bhutan that show him great respect for his understanding of these refined concepts. They engage in a great many discussions on how to chant, how to live, how to refine and perfect the mind to reach enlightenment.


Every morning Lama D awakens at 4:00 to do his meditation. Then he begins teaching, four classes in the morning and four in the evening. During the day he answers hundreds of questions that come in. His teaching is very unique because he speaks flawless Dzongkha, Tibetan, and Chokey, which is the high spiritual language of Bhutan. He is able to interpret the ancient teachings in the local language, so that everyone can understand.

The highest teachings of Mahayana Buddhism are available to everyone in the Chokey language. They are not taught in English. These refined concepts are beyond translation and considered inaccessible to the Western mind. However, there are many other threads of Buddhism available to beginners on the path. The purification of the mind, body, and energy field is the highest expression of BEING. Tibet was the seat of Buddhism for many thousands of years, long before the great flood that wiped out all of India, China, and known civilization on Earth. We have no idea how old is the tradition. It goes back at least 18,000 years to the great Buddha, Thonpa Shenrab Miwoche, of Tibetan Bon Buddhism.

Lama D’s particular talent is to be able to teach these refined concepts in Dzongkha, the common language of Bhutan, which is a derivative of old Tibetan. Perhaps someday he will teach these concepts to the world – if he can find a way to penetrate the heavily conditioned Western mind. But it will be something like teaching kids to play baseball with invisible toys utterly beyond the mind, in a game where there are no losers and everyone wins. Ha Ha! So, the future remains a mystery. For now, let’s focus on being 100% present in this infinite moment today. OK?

Last week, the valleys of Bhutan received a dusting of snow for the first time in 65 years. All the people of Bhutan woke up to the hush and beauty of a perfect landscape. This is a photo of Lama D’s family home that morning in the rice fields of Punakha. They NEVER see snow! The Highest Lama of Bhutan, the Je Khempo, announced it was a blessing for the whole world, indicating an end to the Covid pandemic and lockdown periods. Everyone was overjoyed. Lama D made his class that day about the event, and sang a special chant. It went viral in Bhutan with over 100,000 listeners. I’m posting it here to give you an idea. 

Thanks for checking in! Blessings and best wishes to you! Srijana

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