Coronavirus lockdown begins in Bali, wondering what will happen…

This week a limited lockdown has started in Bali due to the coronavirus. Police are present and everyone is advised to stay inside. We had a chance to explore the island a bit, and now we remain at home. Fortunately we found an economical apartment in the southeast Nusa Dua area. We have a few local friends who are very helpful. 

We’re enjoying the warm weather. I’m ok with a simple life, living out of a suitcase.

Exciting news! Lama D has a new website for his healing work. He calls it Tibetan Healing Massage, and his website is

Before the lockdown we took a trip to the grocery store to get necessities.

Grocery stores are well stocked. This is the beer and pizza section of Carrefour, a French-owned chain.

I find this video by Dr. Thomas Cowan M.D. particularly interesting in the light of the world crisis. He hypothesizes that the Coronavirus pandemic is the result of a toxic cellular environment that is overwhelming the body cells to expel toxins. He theorizes that our situation may be a case of history repeating itself, and that it is either caused or exacerbated by electrification of 5G installations worldwide.

Lama D is dressed up in his Bhutanese Gho. We need to visit the immigration office to apply for an emergency visa extension.

The immigration office is inundated by thousands of foreign visitors who need to extend their visas. It was crowded but calm and peaceful. We finally left in exasperation, as there was no way the officers could process everyone. The following day we learned our emergency extensions will be automatic. There is no need to visit the office and no fee. Thank you!

We left the immigration pandemonium and took a break for fruit smoothies at a beach club the day before the lockdown. We’re the only visitors on the beach. It is gorgeous and eerily quiet.

Our driver Sila can explain what is going on, as we do not understand Balinese or Indonesian language. It happens that the lockdown begins on the exact date of Balinese New Years. Called Nyepi, this is the “Silent Day” in a week-long sacred ceremony that marks the end of one year and the beginning of Spring.

This was our last visit to the outside world before the Hindu festival of Nyepi, which means “Silent Day”. During Nyepi, everyone on the island of Bali turns off all lights and sounds, stops all traffic. It’s a day of quiet meditation and avoiding all worldly things. We did the same – we stayed at home with no electricity or cooking, and no lights or internet. We celebrated the Equinox, reviewed the past year, and pondered our wishes for the coming year 2020. It was quite lovely.

Today Indonesia has just announced national lockdown. We are instructed to stay inside except for absolute necessities. Police are guarding the streets. Lama D is studying English. I’m learning PhotoShop online.

Dr. SHIVA of MIT discusses Coronavirus and suggests what to do for yourself and your loved ones. Offering knowledge to destroy the infection of fear & uncertainty fueled by those who NEVER cared for your health. Holder of a PhD in bio-engineering from MIT and numerous other MIT graduate degrees, I find his approach refreshing. See what you think. Find more information about Dr. Shiva here: 

Meanwhile what’s happening in Bhutan? His Majesty, the Fifth King Jigme Kyesar Namgye Wangchuck, addresses the nation. He is saying:

“We have three branches that serve the country: The King, the Government, and the People. All three branches have a very strong cooperation and deep dedication to each other. We can support each other. Now we have to lock down all gates of the borders to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country. Day by day the risk is increasing. This is very important for our national health. Due to the coronavirus, our economy will go down. But my priority now is my nation’s health. Afterwards, there will be a recovery, and all nations can come up. Good government is the key to this.

Schools are closed. When you are at home, do not waste your time. Parents have a big responsibility to care for the children. And children have an even greater responsibility to follow the parents’ advice while continuing your education by yourself online. The coronavirus is especially dangerous for the elderly, therefore we must take extra care of our parents and grand parents. Do not worry, the government will support you to make sure you can get what you need. When you need my support I am here and ready anytime 24/7. Follow the advice of the government and be patient.”

All Bhutan schools are closed, and classes are continuing via social networking and television! My sister in law, Pema Lhamo, is teaching her classes on TV. Kids are glued to their cell phones, and the studying is intense.

This is my sister-in-law’s class on national television. She teaches Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan.

Lama D’s children are fine. Schools are closed so they’re at home doing their studies online.

I’m following all the news from the US. I find it interesting that our government is in the awkward position of choosing between widespread loss of life vs. the economy. Hmmm.. Let see… Now we must choose between two things: Life vs. Money. WOW! This is a very tough choice for those who have held money to be top importance their whole lives.

Although our rulers may choose to preserve money, I hope the people will choose life. If this is our choice, I’d prefer to let their economy go down the drain. I hope we can somehow discover that the money part is largely an imaginary human creation. With love, the money part can be restructured into a more balanced expression of real value. Perhaps those folks in the top 1%, the ones with their private jets parked in New Zealand and Kona, might prefer everyone to go back to work in order to keep the power control grid as it is. Today feels a bit like WWIII, in a way we certainly never expected. Here’s an interesting book about that very subject: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introductory Programing Manual. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for checking in! Best wishes to you wherever you are in this world. Please take care of yourself, cultivate your highest spiritual strength, and take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Until my next post…

Warmest regards,

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