Master Li Hongzhi on Aliens

A Warning from Master Li Hongzhi, founder of spiritual practice Falun Gong:

“The aliens have introduced modern machinery like computers and airplanes. They started by teaching mankind about modern science, so people believe more and more science, and spiritually, they are controlled. Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens. In terms of culture and spirit, they already control man. Mankind cannot live without science.

The ultimate purpose is to replace humans.
If cloning human beings succeeds, the aliens can officially replace humans. Why does a corpse lie dead, even though it is the same as a living body? The difference is the soul, which is the life of the body. If people reproduce a human person, the gods in heaven will not give its body a human soul. The aliens will take that opportunity to replace the human soul and by doing so they will enter earth and become earthlings.

When such (soulless) people grow up, they will help replace humans with aliens. They will produce more and more clones. There will no longer be humans reproduced by humans. They will act like humans, but they will introduce legislation to stop human reproduction.”

This is a transcript of a video by Master Li Hongzhi on aliens.

About aliens, Li claimed that extraterrestrial aliens are actively intervening in human affairs. Li claimed that aliens developed and introduced the technology used by humans today. Li has denounced modern technology as part of an alien plot to undermine morality. Li believes that human interventions, such as mechanical flight and electronic computers were given to humans by aliens.

One type of alien looks like a human but has a nose made of bone he confided. Others resemble ghosts. The extraterrestrials who arrived circa 1909 have not been idle. “Everyone thanks that scientists invent on their own, when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens. The aliens intend to replace all humans with clones. In terms of culture and spirit, they already control men”

…This science is itself actually is not scientific. It is merely something imposed on men by aliens, something that has penetrated the entire society and pervaded it in every respect. Since you are in the midst of it, you certainly can’t tell what it is all about.

The present-day science is very shallow. It can’t detect or know the real heavens because it crawls within only the current material dimension, and this has limited it. And the science imposed upon man by aliens is thus confined to this. Aliens are living beings in this dimension as well, and they are similarly incapable of knowing the truth of the universe.”

When I was talking about science, I said that science is not playing a good role. Not only does it pollute mankind’s environment and destroy the tissues of the human body, but also aliens will eventually replace human beings. Its things have penetrated every field in human society, Macon can’t break away from science, and everything is now created by science.

At this point I would like to take the opportunity to talk about another issue. As you know, modern science was brought to mankind by aliens. They came when the industrial revolution began in the west. They started with mathematics and chemistry, started from the shallow, simple knowledge of the earliest days, and penetrated on through to modern machinery, and eventually they developed up to today’s computers. As development continues further their ultimate goal will be to replace human beings. How is the replacement to take place? As I mentioned, in the body of today’s human beings almost everyone has a layer of the body that was created by aliens.

Why do I say that? It’s all because it’s because all of the science that they instilled in you has created a warped human mindset of your mind. There have never been humans like this in any of mankind previous civilizations. When the mind is like that, so is the body. As you know, every cell in your body is YOU, and your brain is connected to the brain of every cell. In that case, the thought processes inside the countless cells in your body are the thoughts of warped human beings, and the entire body has become like that. This ties into why gods no longer regard man as human. When mankind is no longer human, what is the point of gods’ saving it?

You know that when a person dies he doesn’t really die. The shell of the layer of the largest molecular particles sloughs off, whereas the part of the body composed of microscopic particles below molecules has not died. It is separated, as if a person takes off a piece of clothing. It isn’t really dead. Yet the person in this dimension has vanished, since the body needs to be cremated or buried and it will eventually decompose and dissolve. It has departed from this dimension; that is, this layer of particles has disappeared.

Then, as to the alien culture that I was just talking about, it is precisely using man’s own thinking to create the bodily layer that it needs, and it is doing so without man being aware of it. How will they ultimately replace human beings, then? You know that they still have to find a way to replace the shell of the outermost surface of human beings. This is the method of “cloning” that man now wants to use. God look after people, and when they don’t look after someone, they won’t instill the elements of life into that person.

This is to say, the reason you’re alive in this world is not that you have a flesh body, nor is it because your mother gave you this body that you are alive. It is because you have your main spirit (Yuanshen) and the existence of all the other spirits (shen) that you can live. Why doesn’t a person keep living after he dies, and the body is laid down there, since it’s the same body after all? It is because all of his main spirits have left. That is, if a person isn’t given a spirit and isn’t allowed to reincarnate at the time of birth, he will still be dead after he is born.

So what will happen? Aliens will enter. This is the ultimate means that aliens will used to replace men cock, that is, cloning humans. Man is being used by aliens to destroy himself, yet he is not aware of it and is still protecting the science, destroying the human race. If humans are cloned en masse in the future, those beings will all be aliens that have reincarnated in human bodies, and there will be no more human race. Of course, the fact that I can address this today means that all of these problems are being dealt. Many have even been resolved already. I disclose this today to tell you of some realities related to mankind’s recent development.

There are various reasons why gods don’t look after man. One is that the thinking of today’s human beings is that warped humans, brought about by aliens, and never in history has there ever existed this kind of human – one like today’s. History repeats itself and there have existed human beings of different time periods multiple times.

But the human beings in each period have never been like todays. Jesus, the Buddha, and gods did say that when mankind meets with disaster they would come and receive man, and that they would return to save people. But when people are no longer human, as they see it, they will no longer come to receive them. Those who they receive are the ones who still qualify as human. Of course, this is discussing it in general terms; there are still many, many facets as to why warped human beings have come about. This is why gods don’t consider people human. This is most dangerous.

You mean cloning, right?
Let’s not dwell on those things. Mankind is destroying itself. The other day I said that mankind is cloning this and cloning that and that as soon as mankind starts cloning human beings, it is the beginning of accepting aliens’ replacing humans. Precisely because people can’t see the side of existence that is divine, people still feel that their relentless pursuits, their so-called explorations, are nice-sounding things. In fact, they are destroying mankind. Human beings are destroying themselves.

Question: Is one of the reasons human society has warped that the molecular cells of most ordinary people have been changed by aliens?

“The life and the substances of the human body that people refer to – namely, the composition of this body – together with the warping of the mind can change a person’s behavior and way of life, while ways of life can also change the composition of the particles in the human body. If this type of warping is passive, one that is controlled by some kind of creature, then it is utterly dreadful for human beings. It’s similar to the question of why humans can develop notions postnatally and why those notions can’t turn around and control man.

If you don’t eliminate them, they will become part of you in this life, and may even become a part of that, and may even become a part that dominates you. In other words this cultural framework that aliens have imposed upon people on earth has completely formed a set of methods for living and perceiving the material world: it has already become that way. So, once they have something like this in place, the kind of body I mentioned can be developed. How do you drive a car?

You have to use their methods. How do you build machine? How do you operate the stuff they created? This series of things has penetrated all of man’s ways of living.

It has developed this kind of body, formed this kind of thinking, and developed these sorts of things. I said last time that everybody who operates a computer has been catalogue by aliens with a number. That’s absolutely true. But our disciples don’t have this problem. I have cleaned it out for them, and moreover, aliens are in the final stage of being cleaned out. Yet there are still some that are hiding, but they are rarely seen now. They used to hide in those super – material dimensions in order to control human beings.

I have talked about super-matter and that is where they hid, so it was very difficult to detect to them. Human beings believe that only the existing molecules are the most material, when in fact they are when in fact there are things more material than molecules. They hid in those places to control human beings. We have already completed those dimensions – things in those dimensions have been cleaned up.

So, as to this undertaking of mine, living beings from top to bottom all know about it. The gods who are the highest want to cooperate with it, so they have made a series of arrangements. They believe that doing it that way is best for me. There has been an arrangement like this at different levels, linked from top to bottom. Yet they haven’t realized that their standards and their arrangements have become, to the contrary, obstacles to my undertaking. They have even been arranging human society from ancient times to the present so as to determine how today’s mankind would obtain the FA. They want to use human bodies and minds to preserve the wisdom of aliens.

This is also a trouble, a difficulty, created for me at the lowest level of my FA-rectification and saving people. So well everything they have done is meant to help this undertaking, all of it in fact acts as an impediment. But the greatest harmony brings to mankind is the obstruction to people’s obtaining the FA. This is especially evident in the disbelief in divine beings that is seen in modern science, as well as its negation of the traditional ways of thought and conduct of real human beings. These things are all obstacles to people obtaining the FA. Aliens are not gods, and they don’t know that those gods have arranged things this way.

It’s merely that gods have controlled them and opened the door to let them in. With this, the aliens gained an opportunity, for the human body is something they have a long desired. Nobody can restrict them anymore then, no matter what they do, so they are doing everything they can to obtain the human body and occupy places that belong to man. So this is something really complicated if we were to talk about it. Saying what I just told you already involves huge issues this is why the warped society and the state of today’s mankind have come about.

Time Magazine Interview with Li Hongzhi, 1999
Lee Hong Gi, the founder of an ancient spiritual practice of body mind and soul originating from China and now persecuted by the communist party in China speaks to TIME in this interview:

On April 26, Erping Zhang, a close associate of Li Hongzhi, the mysterious leader of the Falun Gong religious movement, called TIME in New York to say that major events were transpiring in Beijing. “It looks as though quite a few people have shown up,” he said. When we asked how many, he guessed that it might be 10,000. “But this is getting bigger,” he said. “They are planning to go to the government offices.” As it turned out, Zhang was correct. At least 10,000 Falun Gong members gathered in front of Zhongnanhai, the seat of China’s government, to demand recognition from authorities and freedom to practice their beliefs. The demonstration appeared to indicate that Falun Gong–which may have as many as 100 million adherents worldwide, mainly in China–is tightly organized. But Zhang insists that the protest was “spontaneous.”

A few weeks before the demonstration, TIME interviewed Li Hongzhi, the soft-spoken 47-year-old creator of Falun Gong, in Manhattan where he settled after leaving China a year ago. Li believes the ancient Chinese art of qigong (Falun Gong is one variation) can endow practitioners with superhuman powers. He also says the world is in chaos today because the human race has been invaded by aliens from other planets who hope to challenge mankind through scientific means, especially through human cloning. If Li’s ideas seem far-fetched, it is worth noting that he has fans and followers worldwide. On Oct. 11, 1996, Houston mayor Robert C. Lanier proclaimed the date to be Li Hongzhi Day. Li was interviewed in New York by TIME correspondent William Dowell. He spoke in Chinese and Zhang acted as interpreter.


TIME: How does Falun Gong differ from other types of qigong?

Li: There are different practices of qigong in China and in other countries, but they are primarily aimed at healing illnesses or keeping fit and maintaining good health. I am teaching a higher level of qigong. It encompasses a greater content. It is like the Tao, which is known in the Western world.

TIME: And this expresses an inner energy?

Li: You probably know that some people have supernormal capabilities. They are unique capabilities that are created during the course of the cultivation practice. In order to reach a higher level, we require people to reach the perfection or completion of cultivation. In Chinese we call this attaining the Tao.

TIME: In your book [Zhuan Falun] you talk about people levitating off the ground, but you say that they should not show other people. Why is that?

Li: It is the same principle that Western gods in paradise should not be seen by ordinary mortals because they cannot understand its meaning.

TIME: Have you seen human beings levitate off the ground?

Li: I have known too many.

TIME: Can you describe any that you have known?

Li: David Copperfield. He can levitate and he did it during performances.

TIME: You have said that this type of qigong should not be used to cure illness. Why is that?

Li: Healing illnesses belongs to the lower level of qigong. A person with an illness cannot practice to a higher level. One has to purify one’s body in order to have gong. Healing and fitness are for laying a foundation at a lower level of practice.

TIME: Would you use qigong to cure an illness?

Li: I can do all of this, but I won’t do it.

TIME: Why not?

Li: Because I only teach people how to learn this dafa [great law] and to practice cultivation. I only teach the principles of fa to mankind. I won’t do anything else.

TIME: What is the final goal?

Li: The ultimate purpose is to enable people to attain the Tao and to complete their cultivation practice. In the end they can free themselves from the worldly state. I know that human lives are not created from the dimension that human beings think they know.

TIME: Why does the master reveal this path to the qigong now?

Li: Mankind has many things that it never knew before. What I can tell you is that human moral values are no longer good. In the course of the cultivation practice, one can upgrade oneself. Many people will be able to complete their cultivation and attain the Tao. There will be some who will not be able to complete cultivation but will become very good people.

TIME: Why did you come to New York?

Li: In China, the government is a centralized government. Because the number of our practitioners is large, the government may feel pressure.

TIME: It is difficult to teach in China?

Li: In China, there are more than 100 million who practice this. The official estimate of the number of practitioners is 60 million. I want to teach people to be good and not to be involved in politics. I told people not to get involved in political events to make sure that they have a very good practice in their environment without interference.

TIME: So why is the Chinese government concerned?

Li: America is a country with democracy. You probably don’t understand what it is like in a country that has a centralized government. The Chinese government knows that what I am teaching is good and that I am teaching people to have high moral values. They are only concerned because there are so many people practicing cultivation.

TIME: When did you learn about qigong?

Li: I started to learn when I was four years old. I was very young, and my teachers taught me aspects that were very simple.

TIME: Who were your teachers?

Li: I do not wish to have their names known. I had masters in two schools. Prior to the Cultural Revolution people enjoyed quite a bit of religious freedom. Chinese were quite used to such things. It was like going to church in the West.

TIME: When did you start teaching?

Li: I am more than 40 years old, and I have been practicing qigong for many years. When qigong became popular, I did not come out in the public. I did not want to teach about stopping illnesses or keeping fit.

TIME: What made you finally come out?

Li: When these masters asked me to come out. At the time I said that there were too many people practicing qigong, and I said that I did not want to cure illnesses or to help people keep fit. They said, “What you do will be different. These people who are teaching how to cure illnesses and teaching fitness, are paving the road for your coming out.”

TIME: Where were these masters?

Li: They were in the mountains.

TIME: How did the movement spread?

Li: Many people practice qigong in China. They all want to practice it to the higher levels, but no one was teaching them. They all wanted me to teach them. Some people organized the events and applied to the government for approval.

TIME: When did you decide to come to America?

Li: I came here last year, and I started the application the year before that.

TIME: Did you feel you were in danger in China?

Li: The government did not express a clear position, but the security ministries felt that there were too many people practicing. When we tried to hold meetings, they did not approve them because they felt there were too many people.

TIME: What is the wheel that is Falun?

Li: It is a pattern, or a symbol on the surface. What it is inside is much better.

TIME: So it is an idea?

Li: In the West, the spirit is separate from the body. In the East these are things that are very real and concrete.

TIME: You talk about placing the wheel into the body.

Li: I can use my mind to direct and order things to happen.

TIME: Is cultivation achieved through mental effort or physical exercise.

Li: Both are needed.

TIME: What happens after one attains the Tao?

Li: We have all heard about the Chinese deities. When one completes cultivation, one has special powers.

TIME: Can qigong prevent death?

Li: In the West, one can reach paradise through cultivation practice after death. In the East, one can achieve a divine status through cultivation practice while one is still alive.

TIME: You talk about the period of the end of Dharma.

Li: While Buddha Sakyamuni [563-483 B.C.] was teaching his Dharma, there was no written language, so the Dharma was passed by word of mouth. After 500 years, human discourse changed Buddha Sakyamuni’s original words and it came to an end. The ending of the Dharma means that the cultivation method began to become chaotic and could no longer enable people to practice cultivation.

TIME: Why does chaos reign now?

Li: Of course there is not just one reason. The biggest cause of society’s change today is that people no longer believe in orthodox religion. They go to church, but they no longer believe in God. They feel free to do anything. The second reason is that since the beginning of this century, aliens have begun to invade the human mind and its ideology and culture.

TIME: Where do they come from?

Li: The aliens come from other planets. The names that I use for these planets are different . Some are from dimensions that human beings have not yet discovered. The key is how they have corrupted mankind. Everyone knows that from the beginning until now, there has never been a development of culture like today. Although it has been several thousand years, it has never been like now.

The aliens have introduced modern machinery like computers and airplanes. They started by teaching mankind about modern science, so people believe more and more science, and spiritually, they are controlled. Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens. In terms of culture and spirit, they already control man. Mankind cannot live without science.

The ultimate purpose is to replace humans. If cloning human beings succeeds, the aliens can officially replace humans. Why does a corpse lie dead, even though it is the same as a living body? The difference is the soul, which is the life of the body. If people reproduce a human person, the gods in heaven will not give its body a human soul. The aliens will take that opportunity to replace the human soul and by doing so they will enter earth and become earthlings.

When such people grow up, they will help replace humans with aliens. They will produce more and more clones. There will no longer be humans reproduced by humans. They will act like humans, but they will introduce legislation to stop human reproduction.

TIME: Are you a human being?

Li: You can think of me as a human being.

TIME: Are you from earth?

Li: I don’t wish to talk about myself at a higher level. People wouldn’t understand it.

TIME: What are the aliens after?

Li: The aliens use many methods to keep people from freeing themselves from manipulation. They make earthlings have wars and conflicts, and develop weapons using science, which makes mankind more dependent on advanced science and technology. In this way, the aliens will be able to introduce their stuff and make the preparations for replacing human beings. The military industry leads other industries such as computers and electronics.

TIME: But what is the alien purpose?

Li: The human body is the most perfect in the universe. It is the most perfect form. The aliens want the human body.

TIME: What do aliens look like?

Li: Some look similar to human beings. U.S. technology has already detected some aliens. The difference between aliens can be quite enormous.

TIME: Can you describe it?

Li: You don’t want to have that kind of thought in your mind.

TIME: Describe them anyway.

Li: One type looks like a human, but has a nose that is made of bone. Others look like ghosts. At first they thought that I was trying to help them. Now they know that I am sweeping them away.,

TIME: How do you see the future?

Li: Future human society is quite terrifying. If aliens are not to replace human beings, society will destroy itself on its own. Industry is creating invisible air pollution. The microparticles in the air harm human beings. The abnormality in the climate today is caused by that [pollution], and it cannot be remedied by humans alone. The drinking water is polluted. No matter how we try to purify it, it cannot return to its original purity. Modern science cannot determine the extent of the damage. The food we eat is the product of fertilized soil. The meat we eat is affected. I can foresee a future when human limbs become deformed, the body’s joints won’t move, and internal organs will become dysfunctional. Modern science hasn’t realized this yet.

At the beginning you asked why I did such things. I only tell practitioners, but not the public because they cannot comprehend it. I am trying to save those people who can return to a high level and to a high moral level. Modern science does not understand this, so governments can do nothing. The only person in the entire world who knows this is myself alone.

I am not against the public knowing, but I am teaching practitioners. Even though the public knows, it cannot do anything about it. People can’t free themselves from science and from their concepts. I am not against science. I am only telling mankind the truth. I drive a car. I also live in the environment. Don’t believe that I am against science. But I know that modern science is destroying mankind. Aliens have already constructed a layer of cells in human beings. The development of computers dictates this layer of body cells to control human culture and spirituality and in the end to replace human beings.

Teacher said that when the universe was cleaned up there were alien beings who escaped onto the Earth. Do they exist in the form of possessing spirits or in some other form?

Let me first explain what alien beings are all about. You know that this earth isn’t the only planet with life in this universe, and earth hasn’t existed just this once. I am saying that at earths position there were earths that existed before. Those previous earths were discarded. Some exploded. It happened many times – the number has been quite large. The final stage of an earth has always been a time when its lives were the most corrupt and its matter was the most impure, so the Earth could no longer be kept. It would be eliminated since the whole severe had turned into a ball of karma. The reason is, lives reincarnate. They reincarnate into soil, rocks, plants, or matter, and regardless of what they are reborn as, they carry Karma with them.

Earth would become a ball of karma when karma was all over the place so if that point it would be eliminated there would still be some people on earth who were relatively good, and those exceptionally few or extremely few ones were taken and placed onto another planet within the three realms. Yet through the ages this earth has been replaced innumerable times, and each time there were people who remained. So overtime those remaining lives increased in number. The gods in each time. Created humans with a different appearance, so the differences are quite substantial and there are some who were created on other planets. These are the alien beings.

They’ve become like a record of history, placed there like a page of history left behind. That’s the function they serve, a minor one. They were left behind in the final stage of earth during those times, and took with them the technology they had in those times over to other planets, so their starting point was more advanced.

Over this long period of time the knowledge of the universe they came to grasp far exceeds that of the inhabitants of today’s earth. Their bodies can enter other dimensions and adjust to the mode of those dimensions they are in; they’ve developed to this stage. Those things they ride in that fly back-and-forth – those aircraft that human beings call flying saucers – can enter ugly dimensions and fly into other space – times. If they travel in a fast space-time, after being there for just a short while they traverse a long distance. So that speed is inconceivable to human beings. The types of fuel they use aren’t in the least the kinds of substances conceivable by the technology, theories, or concepts of modern science.

Over the ages, these alien beings have continually been developing and metamorphosing. So in this universe there have really appeared the abnormal social relations that these kinds of lives have. Greed and lust have caused something like Star Wars to actually happen over where they live. They haven’t yet threatened humankind because humankind doesn’t have the ability to pose a threat to them. So they haven’t attacked humankind they would attack humankind if you were to threaten them.

Although alien beings haven’t attacked humankind, they know that the human body is the most perfect. They’ve just taken a fancy to the human body and want to steal it. They saturate all domains of mankind with science to make human beings firmly believe in science and rely on it. When human beings’ thoughts and way of existence are completely assimilated to theirs, they just have to replace people souls and humans will become them, and they will eventually replace the human race.

It’s a long story. They have been coming here full scale since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the west. They have come prior they had come prior to that time, but they didn’t control people then. Their full-scale arrival began when Caucasian society entered the industrial age. They made full preparations and systematic arrangements for occupying this earth. It was they who created science for human beings. So this science was set up by aliens. Their purpose was to unify human beings and simplify their thoughts to the point of being as uniform as machines. And they unified knowledge to make it easy for them to later on control and replace human beings.

Furthermore, they they’ve chosen a few nationalities as the vanguards of their future, total control humankind. Japan is a vanguard that drives technology. The United States is the vanguard in breaking away from all ancient cultures on earth. The cultures of even the most ancient and closed off nations haven’t been able to escape.

The whole world is being impacted by Americas modern culture. England was the vanguard in the manufacture of machinery during the early stages, and Spain was the vanguard of a mixing human races. With three alien beings get human beating to shake free of the god is to mix the races, causing people human beings to become a rootless people, just like the plant hybrid people make nowadays. South American, central Americans, Mexicans, and some people in Southeast Asia – all of these races have been mixed. None of this can evade the gods’ eyes. Alien beings have made rather extensive preparations for overtaking human beings.

Everyone who knows how to operate a computer has been registered. Of course, our students don’t have this problem. Once you obtain the FA, I clean up that layer in your body that’s been occupied by them. They have formed a layer in their body within the human body. It’s incredibly frightening! Everything people learn from elementary school right up through college is the science they brought, and everything that human beings use nowadays is the is the product of this omnipresent science. Why do the inspirations people get make computers and technology develop with such a tremendous speed?

It’s done by that layer of the body that alien beings formed so as to control the human race. It’s exactly because of that system of their technology and science that has formed in the human body is making people’s minds do so. Today it’s incredible how developed computers are. But it is not human technology. Man will be replaced by alien beings if it continues like this for long. But think about it, everyone: alien beings are, after all, beings within the three realms, where ordinary humans are. There are other reasons why they dare to do this sort of thing. It has happened because the FA of the universe has deviated, and the gods no longer look after things. So it has to do it with high-level beings as well.

If this situation is to be turned around, it has to begin from high levels. That’s because they have this idea that human beings are no longer any good, their morality has degenerated, and everything is perverted. So they think it’s all right to just replace them, given that they are going to be eliminated all the same. Buddhas are merciful to people because Tathagatas and Bodhisattvas are closest to humankind- they are the lowest level Buddhas. When Buddhas who are many levels above that level of Buddhist stop and take a look, Tathagatas are to them likewise ordinary people. Then what are human beings to them? Human beings count for nothing.

When they say see that human beings are no longer good, they just destroy them and start over. That’s their thinking. Mercy to them is not toward towards human beings but towards Buddhas. When gods are even higher levels stop and take a look, human beings are nothing to them and more trivial than microorganisms. You see the idea here, right? Some people are even saying “Teacher, you should save us such and such way”. To that I reply. “So you think that if a Buddha doesn’t save you you’ll suffer withdrawal just as if he were addicted to doing that?” That’s not how it is. Buddhas save people only out of their mercy upon people, upon you. People want to choose, they want to be saved in some specific ways, and they want to cultivate in certain ways. They don’t know what they’re talking about

That’s the situation as far as alien beings go. They are being swept out up there and they found out about the cleaning, so they scurried over here, and in particularly large numbers in recent years. Yet they don’t know that this thing I’m doing has been systematically arranged, so no matter where they run to, they can’t escape. They have to pay for all the bad things they’ve done, for sure. The principles of this universe are absolutely reasonable toward any life. So they have to answer for everything they’ve done.

As for how our lives will eventually be dealt with, alien beings definitely won’t exist in the future. If there are truly good ones among the alien beings, then their lives can reincarnate as other lives. Bad lives will be eliminated. So everything that every being done positions himself for the future. And that includes all human beings. Whatever a human being does positions him.

As of right now most of the alien beings who have come here did so fleeing for their lives. They knew that in the end it would be hard for them to escape, so some alien beings have married earth dwellers. But it’s not that they marry legitimately, because no one would marry them. They catch a village woman to leave behind their offspring. And there are those who are hiding among ordinary people. They can’t stay undercover no matter how they hide. Immense gong is coming up from the microscopic level. Whether it be steel, iron, wood, the human body, water, rocks, air, plants, animals, substances, etc., From the microscopic level of everything gong is coming up toward the surface

Tell me, where could they escape to? The gong is omnipresent and rushing up to the surface. So they see that there is no way to dodge it of hide from it. How do they exist? They aren’t actually possessing spirits. But some of them have assumed man’s appearance and walk the street. You have no idea who they are. Some have hidden and don’t come out. But the number is now small, very small. In the past they could hide, and their flying saucers could fly up and go to another dimension. But the other dimensions have all been cleaned up.

Immense gong is rushing here, and they can no longer hide. They can only hide in a cave or at the bottom of the city in this dimension. Even so, they can’t stay concealed. Anyway, that’s the problem they face. All lives are positioning themselves in this affair.…

You should know that although alien beings brought their science to human beings to achieve their goals, gods are in charge of everything and our in turn using them.

Thank you


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