MORE Music to Lift Hope

Are you taking enough time to rest? Listen to this expanded music playlist beyond words. Music helps us embrace the moment with JOY. Do you sometimes feel your nervous system melting away? Change is stressful. Maybe it’s OK to relax. Can you trust? Can you be vulnerable? Do you have the strength to let go of the old self you knew?

Who knows what kind of wings you will have? The caterpillar doesn’t know it’s about to transform, it’s just flooded with a cascade of hormones. Do you think a teenager understands puberty? Not at all. Sometimes it’s ok to just be quiet and keep walking.

I’ve heard caterpillars do NOT completely melt into goo during their metamorphosis. So, it’s not a random dissolution. Somehow everything comes together perfectly. The voracious caterpillar mouth turns into a delicate tube for drawing sweet nectar from flowers.

Doing NOTHING is your new job. Relax and DO Nothing. It is enough to be yourself.
I hope you enjoy my musical healing playlist!





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