Opportunity is Knocking in the Lockdown…

Greetings friend. I hope you’re taking excellent care of yourself. I send you blessings for resilience and wisdom in these important times.

When things began to get “interesting” at first I was distracted. Then I was afraid. Then I started angrily researching the selfish perpetrators of evil and death. That turned into shock and depression. Then my mind arrived to acceptance and forgiveness. I began to bless all those who have been terribly misled and misused for centuries.

We are each on a path of processing many emotions and experiences. It’s a daily journey.

Then last Monday I had a bad fall face down on the front stairs of our house onto cement. It was not pretty and I almost broke my nose. I won’t show you a picture as it’s pretty scary. Lucky I ended up with only a scabby upper lip and some bruises on my leg. Everything is healing very fast. It was a warning. Now I’m behaving like an adult. I accept that life is giving me exactly what I need.

We have a lockdown here in Bali. We are allowed to go outside only for necessities. Suddenly I realized this is a huge opportunity. When have I ever had the time to do all the things I wanted to do??? The only requirement is that I have to stay at home. WOW! That is my simple message to you today.

How can I be of service?
I’m a little slow. Some people got it right away. But it took me weeks to get to this. There are so many things I CAN’T do. However there are many MORE things I CAN do. The question is: How be of service? Fortunately or unfortunately Lama D and I must stay here in Bali probably until late July. On one hand it is beautiful, and I do see it as lucky good fortune. I want to be of service to the new world we create. So here’s my promise. It’s a bucket list for what I plan to accomplish during the lockdown. And it might change.

My Lockdown Bucket List:  What’s Yours?

  • Finish my books.
  • Learn PhotoShop. Finish artwork for Buddha quotes.
  • Study Dzongkha enough to have a conversation.
  • Get healthy. Eat on time.
  • Do Yoga and Qigong daily.
  • Walk outside 30 minutes every day.
  • Eat 100% chocolate to uplift my mood
  • Mediate 2x a day to lift my vibration and stay sane.
  • Help Lama D learn English
  • Talk to my friends often.
  • Set up a video teaching channel.
  • Weekly blogs.
  • Lots of naps.
  • See the sky for 1 hour each day.

What is your lockdown bucket list? Time to get cracking! Let’s come together to build the foundation for a new world.

Thanks for stopping by. Please be well. I send you blessings and wishes for resilience and wisdom in these important times. So much love, Srijana

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