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What Does it Mean to “Lay Out the Red Carpet”? 

A Red Carpet is a sign of royalty. Take a deep breath, and read the amazing story. In Biblical times, Phoenician tribes lived in Canaan, that we now called Lebanon. Their symbol was a purple Phoenix, the bird of fire representing survival and renewal from death. 

However in Greek, the word “Phoenix” or φοίνιξ means the color “Purple”. That’s interesting! 

The Phoenicians were skilled maritime seafarers who established a string of safe harbors. Eventually they found their way throughout the Mediterranean to Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Carthage, and Rome. They even settled in the British Isles and the Americas. 

Phoenicians Developed a Maritime Culture that Spanned the World.

Phoenicians Created a Monopoly on Murex Snails used as Purple Dye for Priceless Royal Vestments!

Murex snails made royal purple dye worth its weight in gold.

Tyrian purple dye was made by the Phoenicians, particularly those of Carthage. The dye produced a striking color ranging from lush purple to deep crimson, and would not fade in the sunlight. For some reason it was so exorbitantly high-priced, that the dye itself was worth more than its weight in gold! “Twelve thousand snails of Murex brandaris yielded no more than 1.4 grams of pure dye, enough to color only the trim of single garment”. Garments made with the purple cloth could be worn only by kings, queens, and their families. Any non-royal person wearing this color would be punished or disdained.


The ancient Phoenicians lived in Canaan, and perfected the technique of producing this dye. In fact, the name Canaan originally meant “Land of the Purple”, from the Akkadian word “Kinahhu” meaning “Purple”. The vast Phoenician maritime snail trade network lasted over a thousand years, during which they amassed enormous wealth. 

The land of Canaan and Phoenicia were considered the same country, and even the Bible uses these two terms interchangeably. This is the race known as the Greeks and Phoenicians. the Bible refers to them as the descendants of the Sons of Cain. 

“Phoenicians” Migrate to Italy, build Venice, and become the “Venetians”, the Ruling Banking Families of the World.

True Meaning of “Lay Out the Red Carpet”

A Red Carpet is a sign of royalty. And controlling the price of dyes was an important part of maintaining status. Was the “Red Carpet” treatment used for Kings based on the royal dyes?

By the year 1500, the primary 13 families of Venice had built the wealthiest city in the world, complete with glistening palazzos, canals, and ships. The Venetian navy at Arsenale was the most skilled in the Mediterranean, with a shipbuilding factory that could turn out a fully equipped warship in a single day.

At its peak the Venetian Republic had expanded to include Constantinople, parts of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Florence, Sicily, Malta, Crete, and Northern Italy. They also created cash markets for resources from the colonial world, such as slaves, coffee, tea, sugar, opium, medicines, and oh yes – poppies! The Vatican played two sides against the middle to sponsor the Reformation, carefully choosing Martin Luther and their major players, while at the same time imposing rigid dogma in Catholic countries via the Council of Trent,  

Phoenician migration and trade routes were vast.
The Phoenicians migrated to Venice, Europe, and the Americas, bringing their customs with them. Of mixed heritage part reptilian, part Aryan, they skillfully created trading networks all over the world. They closely guarded their merchant networks, and became extremely wealthy. They traveled the entire Mediterranean, Europe, British Isles, and the Americas. Eventually the Phoenicians made homes in many cities of Europe, especially Carthage, Alexandria, Rome, London, and Venice.

It is said that in the 7th century, a small group of Phoenicians landed on an uninhabitable swamp and archipelago near Venice, Italy. They were able to create a series of artificial islands out of the marsh using pine trees floated downriver from the Dolomite Alps. When buried vertically below the water level, these tree trunks made a firm foundation for a large city. 

The Venetians had no land. They were not land owners. They created their own land out of the marshy swamp. And it became, for a time, the richest and most dazzling city in the world. 

In 812 Venice became a Byzantine province of the Eastern Roman Empire. Byzantium opened all its ports to the Venetians. The lagoon city quickly developed into a state trading power of extraordinary wealth. Venice had an advantageous location for importing Asian goods into central Europe via the Adriatic, far more convenient than sailing all the way around Africa or Gibraltar to London or Holland.

The resourceful Venetian traders assisted ships carrying silks, spices, tea, sugar into Europe from Asia. Essentially, all trade between East and West came through Venice. Venice accumulated a large trade surplus, which was held in gold. Eventually the glass factories were moved to the island of Murano, which became the Costantini legacy of Venetian Glass that we know today.

After the fall of the Roman Empire in 467 AD, gold production was suspended throughout Europe, and Constantinople was the only city that minted gold coins. This suspension of gold production is said to be a primary cause of the “Dark Ages” recession in the Western Europe for about a thousand years.

Royal Bloodlines of Modern Rulers from Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Khazaria, and Venice
Many of their roots may be traced back to Venetian oligarchs of Khazarian extraction who married into European royal houses in the early twelfth century. The main royal houses descended from extraterrestrial-human hybrids of Sumer, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and a long line of Egyptian Pharaohs. They include Philip of Macedonia (382-336 BCE), Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE) and Rameses II (1295-1228 BCE). This key bloodline comes down through the famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra (60-30 BCE), who married Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar. and bore a son, Ptolemy XIV. It seems Cleopatra also bore twins with Mark Anthony. The same bloodline includes Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who in 325AD designed Christianity into the religion we know today. In modern times, these powerful of the Venetian Black Nobility families operate in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland Greece, and the entire globe.

Pyramid of Control

The Venetian Black Nobility families who have secretly ruled the world for centuries may include some or all of these names (alphabetical):

  • Aldobrandini
  • Borgia
  • Breakspear
  • Conti
  • Chigi
  • Colonna
  • Guelf- Ghibelline
  • Medici
  • Gaetani
  • Pamphili
  • Este
  • Farnese
  • Orsini
  • Pallavicini
  • Somaglia


Did You Know the New World Order was Invented by King George III and the Venetian Party in 1714?

Over 600 years ago, the plan was set into motion. How did it happen? 

After King William’s death in 1702, Princess Anne became Queen and the cabal of Britain’s Venetian Party (then operating under the banner of the Whig Junto) continued to exercise vast influence over affairs of state driving the nation into ever deeper unpayable debts and war. By 1710 Queen Anne came to realize how she had been deceived by her close confidante Sarah Churchill. After eight years of manipulation, the Queen decided that she had enough, and on September 20, 1710, she dissolved the Parliament and began draining the swamp under the guidance of Robert Harley, whom she promptly made “First Minister” (Prime Minister). Harley was a member of the Scribblerus Club which favored a peace treaty with France.

However the peace treaty with France never happened, due to a long series of mysterious deaths of heirs to the French throne, leaving only an ailing King Louis XIV, who was in close daily contact with the British Duke of Orleans, a Jesuit cabal member.

Sadly, upon Queen Ann’s death (Most likely due to poisoning by her new physician Daniel Malthus, great grandfather of the misanthropic high priest of depopulation, Thomas Malthus) the Venetian Party took full control of Britain and never let go again.

With the ascension of George III to the throne in 1714, the satanic Hellfire Club rose in prominence. The Venetians gained power, Robert Harley of the Scribblerus Club was arrested, a poisonous slave trade came to dominate 18th century colonial activity, and a newly enforced era of divide & conquer was unleashed in full force.

King George III was already formulating a “One World Government”, and had lined up at least 50 countries willing to come into this future world dictatorship with him. Their goals simply stated were to make the world over into a One World Government, controlled and dominated by the Committee of 300. 

The Venetian cartel soon partnered with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a wealthy Khazarian banker who after the Battle of Waterloo, acquired control of both British and French economies. His other business was renting mercenary German soldiers to fight for Britain in the American Revolutionary War. Venetians unsuccessfully tried to stop the American quest for independence, and their Venetian Navy provided about one-third of British naval manpower during the American Revolution. 

What’s Conscious Capitalism? 

“The Separation of Wealth and State” 

Imagine a new type of Hybrid Capitalism that holds that all benefit comes from the individual. Most importantly, it requires a level of awareness and participation by every society member. In this system, major assets would be held in common by the people, not by the government. Resources such as Air, Water, Land, Energy, Gold, etc. are owned and shared in common by the people. The government is the “protector” of the wealth of a nation without ownership. The wealth is owned by “the people”. The government’s role is small and administrative, to carry out the decisions of the people.

Conscious Capitalism is a gold or asset-backed global digital networked economy through decentralized local groups of like-minded people, where groups organize to be partly moneyless and partly self-sufficient, with larger resources shared in common and carefully managed. Read more…

Conscious Capitalism resolves the inequalities of Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”. It assumes the total elimination of the self-serving elite class system, through catastrophic crash or slow disintegration. A policy of non-secretive open book accounting gives transparent public access to all banking and financial information. A digital trade system allows a separate cash exchange rate for each country, and optional moneyless barter exchange by contract agreement. Large accumulations of wealth are not allowed – accumulated assets over a certain limit are recycled back to the common people.  

In the future, society’s success should be measured not by GNP, but by some other measure, maybe health, education level, wisdom, longevity, or even better – GNH Gross National Happiness like they do in Bhutan!


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