Does DNA Hold Your Destiny?

At the moment of your conception, a miracle happens. A lucky sperm from your father dives into an awaiting egg inside your mother. And in that passion, your life begins. Your unique DNA is created. A destiny begins to unfold as if directed by an invisible source. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to see it. Chinese Medicine is very old, and our first writings about it are from 4,500 years ago. It was divined from empirical study combined with deep meditation, written as a poetic dialogue between the Great Yellow Emperor and his two physicians. Its pages form the basis of Chinese Medicine, revealing how to promote body harmony, longevity, and spiritual freedom.


The roots of physical life are truly multidimensional. Immediately after conception a fertilized cell begins to divide. The first division becomes the primary central meridian. Again the cell divides, creating 4, 8, 16 cells, and the eight Extraordinary meridians. At the blastula stage 64 identical stem cells are ready to diversify into the different organs and body tissues. The Five Vital Essences appear, the Six Extraordinary Organs find their place, and give rise to all the other organs. The process of life is orchestrated once again as if it always knew exactly what to do.

Executive Summary:


Could the moment of conception hold the secret to your health, longevity, and even your freedom? It is the very first cell divisions of an embryo that give birth to energy pathways in the body. The very first channels to form are the X-Meridians. These sources of our ancestry and lineage just might contain the seeds to unlock our cellular memory and spiritual potential. The oldest known medical book written 4,500 years ago describes an ancient medical system conceived by integrating empirical knowledge with mediation, which possesses an underlying belief that the human soul is gifted with the innate ability to exist in “higher” dimensions of consciousness.


Ancient Chinese Medicine identified five vital substances: Energy, (Qi), Blood (Xue), Body Fluids (Jinye), DNA Essence (Jing), and Spirit (Shen). While these substances are physical, they depend on the unseen world for their function in the body. That is we say the Vital Substances actually bring life force into physical matter.

The Extraordinary meridians are the deepest pathways of Qi energy that appear immediately at conception when the egg and sperm come together, and the very first cell begins to divide. These channels are associated with your original blueprint and map of destiny. These very first meridians in turn give rise to the Five Vital Substances, the other 12 meridians, and all the organs according to our DNA heritage. The secret to our spiritual release from 3D can be found in meditation, and by cultivating the BODY.

The six X-Organs are: Marrow, Blood Vessels, Bones, Brain including the Spine and Central Nervous System, the Uterus, and the Gall Bladder. The Extraordinary Organs are interrelated, body-wide systems responsible for evolutionary changes in the human body and spirit.

Yes, this is perhaps the #1 topic of debate in our time. The fate of humanity depends on our DNA. Our destiny depends on the wisdom of the deep bone marrow, which happens to be your personal DNA factory of healing and cellular memory.  Through our sacred DNA lineage, we can remember our fathers, all of humanity, of all of life. However, by genetically modifying human DNA we are messing with the operating system to allow us to forget. To make us less able to reach our spiritual destiny. This is relevant NOW, because if we are unconscious of the gifts received from our ancestors, we cannot connect our role in the larger universe with the inner workings of our body and organs. This awareness was once inherited, but is being lost in materialist thinking of a one-dimensional approach to medicine.

Trust your DNA. Do whatever you can do to support your true destiny and that of others. Know your true self, do your work, plant seeds, live your life, choose your battles. Go to original sources of knowledge. True wisdom in every tradition always survives, hidden in plain sight. What to do? Plant seeds of Truth, Joy, and Humor. Nothing else will endure. Find an inexhaustible reverence for Spirit within you. Rely on this to bring inspiration to you every moment. Meditate on the White Light. Meditate on the X-Meridians. Cultivate your health. As the Buddhists say: “It is through samsara that we find nirvana.” In other words, it is through healing the mind and body that the spirit comes to readiness.



Great discoveries happen when a clear mind has an inspiration. Where it comes from, we cannot say. We just know it happens when the mind gets in touch with a greater field of knowledge, and something coalesces on the physical plane. Something shifts and the new is discovered, synthesized from a meeting of the intellectual mind and the cosmic field.

When a clear mind enters the vast cosmic intelligence, stuff happens. In a passionate union of opposites, a sperm meets an egg. Yang and Yin merge together to give rise to something completely unique in the universe, which is YOU.

The X-Meridians and X-Organs that arise at conception are special keys to unlocking our human destiny. They are intimately linked to your personal DNA, your blood lineage, and cellular memory. By meditating on these systems with intention, we can refine the body and change our own destiny. We can restore the memory of the blood DNA lineage, and even recall our past lives. I believe meditation to be a key to healing our human lineage.

Chinese medicine is an integrated system to preserve health that sees the mind/body/spirit as a unified whole. Our physical reality is an expression of our mental and spiritual state. The goal of true medicine is to create balance to allow the body to heal itself, and also to help us harmonize in a changing environment.

Today we are talking about Chinese Medicine. We have to use what we find, what’s available. However, every culture has historical gems of TRUTH hidden in plain sight. China is an important focus of our current planetary destiny. And it just happens to be the source of the oldest known book on healing.

The world’s oldest known medical text, the Yellow Emperor’s Classical is said to be 4,500 years old. It was written as a poetic dialog between the great Yellow Emperor and his two esteemed physicians. I bought it online. At that time, the eight branches of Chinese medicine were headed up by Meditation and Qigong. Other important branches were Diet, Cosmology, and Tui Na massage. Surprisingly, the last techniques were Acupuncture and herbs, used only when all other methods failed. Therefore, medical students in those days were first trained in Meditation and Qigong because these were considered the most powerful ways to build a resilient physical body. Since ancient times, many changes have taken place in medicine. Nowadays, we think of Chinese medicine as acupuncture, although the most direct healing techniques were once meditation and qigong.

The basis of Chinese Medicine is to support the spirit. Its underlying framework is to balance the ten thousand things in the larger universe in harmony with the Dao or Great Spirit. I wonder – can Westerners ever comprehend Chinese Medicine? The interrelationships are subtle and complex, hence maybe they don’t fit in a memorized textbook rational world of materialistic “science”. When we accumulate more and more techniques, the Great Oneness gets left behind, and suddenly we find ourselves lost in too many concepts. Time is running out on balance and harmony in the world. Perhaps the only solution now is to rely on meditation and inner contemplation to bring us back to our highest destiny path. This is a humbling process, only for the strong.

What role does the Great Spirit, God, Absolute Oneness, or the Dao have in healing? What do YOU call that great unity that births dimensions, that creates continuity from one moment to the next? This vast power transcends all dualities, time and space. For that reason, the limited human mind cannot grasp it.

Agnosticism, Atheism, and beliefs in an essentially material world are grave obstacles to healing and spiritual growth. This basic misunderstanding of the physical universe is imbued in our education system, psychology, politics, government, and medicine. The thought forms we create may not be real at all. Since we are spiritual beings, and we’re not going to live forever, it seems very short-sighted to create a medical system based on physical health alone. To stubbornly insist on a materialistic world is not a rational model.

Today I invite you to meditate with me on the Five Vital Essences, which are the roots of DNA and life. Then we’ll look at the Extraordinary Meridians of Destiny. Then we’ll scan the Six Extraordinary Organs. Try to relax and internalize it both with the mind and beyond the mind. At the end we’ll try to put it in perspective of our DNA Destiny, and humanity’s current challenges.


Ancient Chinese Medicine identified five vital substances as the basis of life: Energy, (Qi), Blood (Xue), Body Fluids (Jinye), DNA Essence (Jing), and Spirit (Shen). Without these five substances there is no life. While these substances are physical, they depend on the unseen world for their function in the body. We can say the Vital Substances actually bring life force into physical matter. Universal elements, rocks, and bits of molecules, start to come alive.

Vital Energy or Qi is the life force that pervades all matter. It motivates and animates all of life, all action, thought, all healing and transformation. Qi is pronounced “Chee”. Think of this as all your meridians, threads of life extending up, down, and through your body. This is the energetic system of chakras, meridians, energy points and nadis.

Blood is called Xue, the sacred liquid carrier of life force. Its key role is to nourish all parts of the body. Blood is yin in nature and is considered to be created by the Qi. Qi gives rise to blood, which nourishes all the organs to produce more Qi. Circulation is a prime function of Blood. When Blood is undersupplied, issues with anxiety, sleep deprivation, and irritability may surface.

Fluids are called Jinye, meaning body liquids like the lymphatic systems and all liquids including blood plasma. We have Jin and Ye fluids. The thin, clear, and watery tears and sweat are Jin. Thick, viscous liquids to lubricate organs are Ye fluids. Fluids and plasma represent the primordial soup that gave rise to you in the first place.

DNA Essence is Jing. This is our fundamental personalized essence granted to us at birth by the eternal forces through that came through our parents and lineage. Your Jing can be increased if you nourish and cultivate it during your lifetime, like a personal savings account. Or your Jing can be destroyed. Some of the ways we damage our Jing are poor lifestyle, distraction, indiscriminate sex, toxins, junk food, addictions, negative thoughts, biological warfare, radiation, etc. DNA is your biological treasure. IT resides in every cell of your body, and is reproduced on cell division. DNA also comes from your bone marrow, which is a fertile source and DNA factory for stem cells and new blood cells.

Spiritual Energy is Shen. This is your direct connection to Great Spirit or GOD that is in every cell and every breath in your body. It is your multi-dimensional birthright to heaven and higher dimensions. Chinese Medicine holds that to reach our spiritual destiny we must first support our physical. This means the Jing essence and Qi that flows in the meridians. The ascension power of the spirit depends on the physical Jing and Qi for well-being and fruition. In other worlds, the refinement of the spirit comes through the physical body, which is the sacred temple in the physical 3D world. Therefore, the integrity and harmony of the human body must be cultivated and respected.

“The Blood and Qi, the Jing and Shen of man offer life and fulfill perfectly the natural destiny of each. ” – Neijing Lingshu, Chapter 47


The Extraordinary meridians are the deepest pathways of Qi energy within the body. Also called the “curious meridians, they appear immediately at conception when the egg and sperm come together, and the fertilized cell begins to divide. These channels are associated with your original blueprint and map of destiny. The X-meridians in turn give rise to the Six X-Organs, the other 12 meridians, and the rest of the body per our DNA heritage.

The X-Meridians carry the life flow of Qi through the body. So they are sometimes called an ocean, a collecting place of water. All rivers flow to the ocean. The “ocean” can also be a metaphor for consciousness in meditation. I see the Yellow Emperor’s book as a collection of ageless wisdom gathered in a state of deep meditation and contemplation about what it means to have a body.

The X-Meridians provide a map to discover our destiny, the purpose of life, and to bring our lives to the highest fruition, whatever that is for you. When we work with these channels we are in touch with the deepest aspects of our destiny and ancestry. These Vessels are our channels of self-cultivation and soul-evolution. They can bring insight and awareness into our destiny. When we heal them it is beyond words and beyond concepts.

Self-Healing Happens in the X-Meridians

We are designed to be able to maintain health, to know which way to go in our lives, to evolve, transform and change as needed. If the body loses these capacities, it is often due to a dysfunction or confusion of the Extraordinary Vessels. To the ancient Chinese, this inflexibility is the true cause what we call “aging”. The body loses contact with its original self-healing, self-awareness, rebuilding capacity. The will-power diminishes. The body begins to degenerate and fail. Ancient Chinese believed people should live healthy and strong late into their lives. Longevity practices were a Taoist specialty, and the Extraordinary Vessels are the most direct channels for promoting longevity and destiny.

There are two ways to access the X-Meridians.
1) A practitioner can first identify which X-meridian needs attention and stimulate specific acupuncture point(s).
2) You can do this it for yourself in meditation. This is the basis of the White Light Meditation #2. You can also use the link to 12-Breath X-Meridian Meditation. 

Each meridian has a specific function, and this is truly fascinating. See link to X-meridians’ functions. 


The six X-Organs are: Marrow, Blood Vessels, Bones, Brain (including Spine and Central Nervous System), the Procreative System, and the Gall Bladder.

The Extraordinary Organs are considered “mysterious” because they are powerful and body-wide. They’re the first organs that appear in an embryo, and these organs have no specific location. Even more importantly, these “curious organs” are responsible for regulating all the other organs, and for evolutionary changes in the human body and spirit. Chinese Medicine has an underlying belief that the human soul is gifted with the innate ability to exist in “higher” dimensions of consciousness. These relationships were divined in deep meditation to allow the soul to ascend the “ladder” of life (the spinal bones) toward higher consciousness, represented by the brain.

To remember our true nature and original blueprint, can jump-start a person’s will-power and empower our internal capacity to heal. By studying the X-Organs, we can change the dynamics of the physical body and alter our destiny.

The X-organs are the holders of DNA impressions that are passed from one generation to another in the blood lineage. These impressions may be carried on to subsequent lives. In many instances our family DNA lineage is also intertwined with our sequence of lives – in which case the bonds between family souls is very strong indeed. The sixth and final X-Organ represents courageous decisions we must make regarding fate and destiny – therefore the Gall Bladder is responsible for tipping point decisions about evolution.

The marrow is a rich red tissue located in the bones. Marrow comes from the Jing, the DNA ancestral essence from our genetic lineage. Jing gives birth to DNA. The DNA contains our personal blueprint, our lineage, our ancestral, and universal memory. Your DNA is one-of-a-kind in the universe. All your cells contain your unique blueprint.

Bone Marrow is located in the flat bones of the upper body and head. It is a busy factory of new DNA, stem cells for healing, and blood cells. At any given time there are an estimated 100 trillion stem cells in adult bone marrow. Visualize a factory of growth, healing, and rebirth, A busy nursery of growing cells continually dividing and repeating the miracle of your conception until the day you die.

The bone marrow is the root of the immune system, as all red, white, and defensive cells are created there. That’s why it is the #1 source of physical health, growth in children, healing, regeneration, and blood. Chinese theory of blood formation in the bone marrow predates Western Medicine.

Healing happens naturally in a healthy body, especially at night, when it the nervous system is calm. However, when we are in an agitated state such as fight-flight response, all healing stops until calm is restored. This is a fascinating topic. For more details see my article “What’s Going On In Your Bone Marrow?”

The Blood vessels are the Circulatory System, which is controlled by the heart. The blood vessels hold and transport blood through the body from the large arteries down to the tiniest capillaries in the extreme outlying areas of the body. The bone marrow is the source of all cells in the blood, stem cells, red, defensive blood cells, and plasma.

Every beat is a contraction of the torus heart, a vortex of life, at once sending blood to be oxygenated in the lungs, sending out through the Aorta, and taking it in from the Vena Cava. Hence, a regular and balanced heartbeat is essential. On the blood’s journey through the body, the Liver stores, cleans, and regulates blood quantity. The Spleen also governs Blood. The Kidney filters and separates.

Bones form the rigid physical body structure. Like tuning forks, the bones respond to frequency vibrations. In Chinese Medicine, bones are considered the deep bedrock of memory, intelligence, and wisdom. The bones PRODUCE and HOLD the marrow. Bones are controlled by the Kidney Jing Essence, hence if Jing is weak, bones will be poorly nourished, brittle, or soft. That’s why treating the Kidneys can help heal bone injuries.


Brain tissue is essentially water and fat, called the Sea of Marrow in Chinese Medicine. So, it is intimately connected to our lymphatic fluid systems. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and the entire system of nerves extending out from the spine to the most minute parts of the body.

The Brain is controlled by the Jing DNA essence which resides in the Kidney and contains our genetic blueprint. The Brain gives rise to intelligence, concentration, memory, thinking, and sensory interpretations. The brain is closely connected to Heart and Liver systems, as blood from the Heart nourishes the Shen (spirit), while the Liver assists smooth flow of blood, thoughts, and emotions.

Nerve tissue is extremely flexible. Brain plasticity studies suggest we continually develop new synapses and neural pathways throughout life. Researchers in Switzerland recently mapped the brain neocortex, the most evolved part of the brain. They showed that highly complex brain structures constantly rewire during development creating networks with many high-dimensional structures that react to stimuli in an extremely organized manner. “The progression of activity of the brain resembles a multi-layered sandcastle that materializes out of the sand and then disintegrates”.

There has been much study of the brain as it relates to aging and Alzheimer’s. This is a modern epidemic caused by toxic accumulation, heavy metals, sugar, and lack of movement. Poor sleep, poor hydration, and lack of water circulation reduces brain function, contributing to risk of dementia.

This is in some ways the most important of all six X-Organs, as it controls procreation, heredity and links to the Jing DNA Essence. The female Uterus is called Bao Gong (palace of the child). The female Procreation system includes the genital organs, ovaries, and the body-wide reproductive systems involved in birthing, such as gland secretions, menstruation, conception, and pregnancy. The Uterus is controlled by Kidney Jing Essence. Therefore, Kidney deficiency can lead to sexual and reproductive disorders.

Male Procreation is equally important. Many male-female sex organs are replicated or shadowed in the opposite sex. For example, women have no male member, and instead a clitoris. Our experience in the sex act summons every body system, sexual fluids, blood, skin, hair and all senses have a role in sexual pleasure and reproduction. Essentially Procreation could be considered the MOST important X-Organ as it links us to the universal ecstasy, to past millenniums, and to all future, to the joy of living in a body, linking us in the continuation of our lineage.

Qigong masters hold that all men and women possess the energetic area of the lower abdomen known as “DanTian” (Lower Elixir Field), called the “Sacral Chakra” in Ayurveda. The Dantian center contributes to body-wide harmony and energetic protection. The Dantian is an essential focus in Qigong practice because it regulates the flow of Essential Substances Jing, Blood, and Qi through the X-Meridians. It helps us root through our channels, express ourselves in the physical world, and procreate.


The Gall Bladder is unique as it is considered both an Extraordinary body-wide Organ and a standard Organ. Why is that? The Gall Bladder is a unique bridge between your destiny blueprint and everyday life. Do not underestimate the importance of this tiny green master of immunity and decision-making. We need it especially at this time to process anger, resentment, make decisions, to find courage, flexibility, confidence, strength, to be faithful to our own lineage, and to SPEAK UP.

The Gall Bladder holds bile from the Liver. Bile is a complex fluid and emulsifier of fat. Bile does many things – the list would take all day. Essentially, the Gallbladder releases bile into the small intestine to aid in digestion and absorption. The bile is intimately involved in digesting fats, cleaning the immune system, and regulating inflammatory cytokines (proteins in the immune system). Bile helps you excrete toxins, digest glucose, process insulin, and remove cholesterol. It also regulates tight junction permeability of the intestine. This is critically important as gastro-intestinal experts will tell you. Any “tight junction” malfunction or “leak” in the intestinal lining can cause inflammation to trigger allergies and auto-immune diseases. The Gall bladder also provides important protection to the blood from digestive pathogens and cytokine proteins. These functions make the Gall Bladder extremely important in these times of world stress and pestilence.

The Gall Bladder’s job is to assist us when it is TIME for a DESTINY DECISION. It is often treated when a sickness seeps into the deep Source or Shen, affecting the level of evolution. A practitioner can address the Gall-Bladder-Shen relationship to correct it. We can correct it ourselves by breathing conscious White Light into the Gall Bladder and the GB Meridian. (See diagram)

The Gallbladder helps us choose between options, make decisions. It helps us find our life direction, pull ourselves out of confusion, procrastination, or indecision. It gives us courage and initiative to carry out our life plans, and process emotions in a healthy way.

To care for the Gallbladder: Use healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, and fish oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C, fiber, nuts, buckwheat, liver, regular vigorous exercise, hemp, turmeric, beets, and avocados.

Gallbladder’s Worst Enemies: Repressed anger, resentment, bitterness, sugar, alcohol, GMO oils, statin drugs, obesity, potatoes, pasta, rice, dairy, cheeses, grains, and sweets.


The fate of humanity depends on our DNA. It is in the wisdom of the bones, the deep bone marrow, our personal DNA factory of healing, immunity and memory of our lineage. Memory of our fathers, or all of humanity, of all of life is in our DNA. It’s is our lineage. It is sacred. By playing around with human DNA we are messing with the operating system which could make us less able to reach our spiritual destiny.

Why is this question relevant NOW?
Everything we experience through our senses is connected to our blood, our DNA, and also our cellular memory. By contrast a person who remains unconscious of the gifts received from his ancestors, cannot connect his role in the larger universe with the inner workings of his body and organs. In past centuries this was very different. At that time the blood DNA conveyed experiences from the outer senses and also what mirrored in our inner awareness. As this consciousness was inherited, we could sense our ancestors within our own being. Try to imagine such a consciousness, and you will immediately grasp the Eastern tradition of “ancestor worship” as a kind of reverent memory of DNA blood lineage.

In past times a person’s awareness included not only his experiences, but also he could remember his ancestors’ experiences as if they were his own, brought in through heredity. Thus, a person could remember not only his ownchildhood, but his ancestors lives because they were contained in the pictures in his DNA and blood. This seemsincredible to the modern materialistic outlook.

Yet, there was a time when human consciousness was such that an individual thought of his parent’s physical experiences as his own. A son would feel at one with his father as if they shared the same eyes. A different sense of identity, where people saw themselves as a cog in a wheel of destiny, linked by blood. We saw our identity as a link in a long line of generations.


Our question today is how this inner awareness of our DNA lineage got transformed into a different one. A materialistic one. In this world each generation rebels against his or her forebears. We think nothing of taking an experimental shot that effectively erases the original operating system that once functioned as a complete memory of our lineage and destiny. How did this happen? And what so we do now?

Just as communism transformed Classical Medicine in China, the Medical Industry has managed to persuade us to view ourselves as physical beings in a material world, which lacks the essential goal of healing the spirit and functions as a purely business model, leaving us nothing more to hope for. We are asked to surrender our most valuable asset, our DNA human lineage, our cellular memory, and our life “for our own good”. Now at this late date how can we reclaim it?

The Gall Bladder is for Making Destiny ChoicesWhy this question is relevant NOW? The fate of humanity depends on our DNA. Our cellular memory resides in the DNA, in the wisdom of the bones, birthed the bone marrow. DNA holds the memory of our fathers, our human community and all of life. This is our lineage, the source of our lives, and our destiny. The DNA holds the sacred path to ascension and the release from the cycle of life and death.

Through experimental pharmaceuticals we’re messing with the operating system which will essentially lock is in the material realm. For the benefit of a powerful elite. If you see anything strange in this, then we must reject the program.


Yes, DNA is the key to our Universal Lineage, to our Cellular Memory and our Destiny. Trust your DNA. Do whatever you can do to support your true destiny and that of others. I do not subscribe to the notion that human DNA is damaged in any way. Know your true self, do your work, plant seeds, live your life, choose your battles. Go to original sources of knowledge. Maybe the Huangdi Neijing is older than the Bible. True wisdom in every tradition always survives, hidden in plain sight. We think we need to DO something, but there’s nothing new under the sun. Just plant seeds of Truth, Joy, and Humor. Nothing else will endure. Authorities have been suppressing true wisdom, healing secrets, and spirituality for millenniums. The secrets of life are right in front of you. CULTIVATE THE SPIRIT and REFINE THE BODY. Higher dimensions COME THROUGH the BODY.

Practical solutions:

  • Find an inexhaustible reverence for God within you. Call it the Great Spirit or whatever. Rely on this to bring inspiration to you every moment.
  • Meditate on the White Light and see what it brings you.
  • Meditate on the X-Meridians of Destiny to purify them and refine your body.
  • Cultivate your health. As yhe Buddhists say “it is through samsara that we find nirvana.” In other words, it is through healing the mind and body that the spirit becomes tangible.

The wisdom of the ages is not in the mind. Just like wellness is not in pharmaceuticals or shots. We are born, and soon enough we die. Acquiring more knowledge will just block the passageways and create dead ends. You build ever more thought structures you’ll have to forget.

Alas, we won’t learn about healing ourselves in Acupuncture schools, or Universities, or Medical schools. To be free, we must break out of our own prison. The prison is our own, our limited mind, our thought forms, our habitual thinking. If you are an educated person, you have to Un-educate yourself. So, with regard to one’s ultimate freedom, the Un-Educated have a distinct advantage.

Find the passion within. Express it as an inexhaustible love for your Truth, or Music, or family, or God. Passion is a huge key to your release from limited life. No one else can drag you out of your self-created maze. Only you can break out by finding inextinguishable joy. If you want inspiration from the ones who figured it out, look for the wild ones. The crazy ones. These are the ones who left a mark of wisdom and beauty hidden for us to find. Maybe it’s in the rocks, maybe the chants, probably right in front of you. Maybe it’s mindfulness, maybe mindlessness. Some of these folks are famous, some unknown. Many left no written records. A few of them are Buddha, Jesus, Milarepa, Hildegard of Bingen, Padmasambhava, Zhabdrung Namgye, Mirabai, Yukteswar, Yogananda, Drukpa Kunley. All insane. They’re the ones who suffer the most, however they always have the last laugh. Yep.

Thanks for reading and huge blessings!


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