The 12 Forgotten Pandemics, complete video series

Hello friends, Here is the entire series of Forgotten Pandemic videos with my text. Enjoy!

Did you know we have more Suicides than Covid Deaths this year?
“The Forgotten Pandemics of the 21st Century are Already here, and Far more Lethal than a Virus”. My three decades of healing and studying anatomy are integrated here into a new way of thinking about Covid and the co-morbidities. These are the health issues that make Covid more life-threatening. The Forgotten Pandemics are 12 major health trends that affect billions of us and could be considered pandemics on their own. They are so widespread and growing that they threaten to overwhelm the next few decades, far more than a virus.

The research for this series has changed my life. I’ve illustrated the videos with colorful infographics. Start with Part I below, and then proceed to Parts 2 through 9 later. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!

The Forgotten Pandemics of the 21st Century Are Already Here

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Video Text:

Did you know that we have more Suicides than Covid deaths in the world? Yes. I’ll show you. The Forgotten pandemics of the 21st century are already here, and they’re far more deadly than a virus. The system is broken. It has been broken for some time. Pushed to the limit by impending frogboil, maybe just maybe we are ready to step across the threshold to change.

Humanity is at a crossroads. The world is falling apart. To succumb to fear and “go with the flow” is no longer the best choice. To choose silence, or the path of least resistance is now the enemy of Life itself. Many of us are searching outside for solutions or someone to blame. I suggest we turn the lens inward. Perhaps a new perspective can help us summon the strength to act, to overcome our karmic habit of spineless acceptance in the myriad delusions of the world. The iron law of cause and effect now requires that we join forces with love and step into a new level of individual discernment, discipline, and responsibility, to defend our DNA health and our destiny. The battlefield, my friends, is our bodies and our minds. Our challenge is to become the rulers of our own minds and be free.

Most of us believe Covid-19 to be very dangerous. However, this virus is not the enemy. In fact, it’s not even the cause of our discomfort. Do not believe the fear. As of today, we have just over one million Covid deaths worldwide. We know the vast majority of Covid deaths were our elderly, and that perhaps 94% of them had other preexisting conditions. What are those comorbidities? The diseases that doctors report as contributing causes of death? These are the 12 Forgotten Pandemics that affect billions of us, far more than any virus.

  1. The top Pandemic #1 is so invisible we almost missed it, yet it harms 7.5 billion people, everyone on Earth. Low Nutrient Food and Poor immunity, from eating food that has been processed, but loses nutrients each step along the way. We start with original food, but by the time we eat it, we’ve lost 70% to 90% of the nutrients. DNA modification, Farming chemicals, heat, milling, transport, storage, mixing, baking, packaging, every step costs us a little bit in valuable nutrients, especially minerals, until there’s nothing left. To make things worse, due to enzyme and microbiome imbalance, many good nutrients are not absorbed in our body, and get eliminated.The result is a world of fear, brain fog, tired adrenals, and low resistance to disease. So, the surest way to reduce Covid Deaths is to eliminate nutrient deficiencies, to shift toward holistic production methods, away from empty foods and chemical farming. Yes. A major change, which builds immunity and reverses risk of ALL diseases. Otherwise, our children and our grandchildren will be forever helpless in the coming surge of all the Forgotten Pandemics.
  2. Pandemic #2 hypertension now affects 1.2 billion people.
  3. Pandemic #3 is COPD Lung Disease, 560 million people.
  4. Pandemic #4 is Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis 550 million.
  5. Obesity is Pandemic #5, 480 million.
  6. Pandemic #6 is Diabetes, 470 million people.
  7. #7 is Heart Disease, affecting 450 million.
  8. #8 is Body Toxicity, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases, 430 million people.
  9. #9 is Alzheimer’s, 50 million.
  10. Pandemic #10 is Cancer, 18 million.
  11. #11 is Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity, from all our electronic gadgets. Electrical poisoning is invisible, and since the symptoms are much like Covid 19, it’s hard to know.
  12. The 12th forgotten pandemic is Suicide, self-harm plus drug overdoses. This year the W.H.O. estimates there will be over 2.5 million suicides.

Wait just a minute here! Does that mean suicides will exceed Covid deaths? Yes, probably when the year is over. And if 94% of US Covid deaths had other contributing causes, then just 6% of US Covid deaths were due to Covid alone. Worldwide that would be just 6% of one million, or 60,000 deaths due to Covid alone. Hum. Compare that to the 2.5 or 3 million suicides, this is far greater than Covid deaths. Sadly, suicides are primarily young adults. My heart aches for every one of these losses!

Today I weep with grief. Yet in my best moments I see us at a tipping point. Could it be an invitation, an opportunity for each of us to step through our own unique doorway, like a Stargate into the new chapter of our lives?

The Forgotten Pandemics are the underlying comorbidities to Covid-19. These are causing more suffering and death for everyone. Billions, of us far more than any virus.

Together they represent the MAJOR financial, medical, spiritual, and health issues of our time.

The solutions to illness are right here in our homes, our gardens, and our minds. To rebuild happiness for the long term, we must become healthy, strong and resilient to face the coming challenges. I invite you to click, to watch the video series: The Forgotten Pandemics of the 21st Century.

What will it take to walk through YOUR personal portal?

When staying the same is no longer an option, and the other side is unknown, both ways are a risk.

It’s time to step forward with an open heart and an open mind. I’m asking you to please find the courage within yourself to take a step. To do it. Or die. When we summon our determination and step into the other side, we discover a new future of wellness.

Are you coming?

Video Text:
The Forgotten Pandemics of the 21st century are already here, and they are even more threatening than a virus. These growing health issues bring suffering and death for billions every year, far more than any virus. And they are our own doing. Are we helpless in the face of all this suffering and death? Not at all. You are always the master of your own mind and your actions. 
My favorite quote of the day is this:

“Everything comes from your thoughts, led and controlled by the mind.”

Do you know where it’s from? Yes, it’s from the Buddha.

To move into the new times, we’re going to have to eradicate these growing pandemics. Can we do it? Certainly. Do we care enough about our children to change our habits? Yes. That is the issue on the table today. Fasten your seat belts.

Pandemic #1 Low Nutrient Food, Low Immunity

The First Forgotten Pandemic to eradicate is: Low Nutrient Food and Poor soil, causing low immunity in 7.5 billion people, everyone on Earth. A recent groundbreaking study compared original sprouted wheat and red rice grown in virgin soil to their modern industrial counterparts of white flour and white rice. They found a shocking loss of 70% to 90% in essential vitamins and minerals. Interestingly, the missing nutrients matched up to be the specific solutions to reverse low immunity and eradicate our top Covid comorbidities.

But, Oh dear, these empty foods include some of our favorite comfort foods! Like pasta and bread, noodles, rice, potatoes, crackers, cupcakes, and snacks that are stealing our energy. Pandemic #1 is inviting us to care for the earth, and to care for our soil that is the root of health. The soil connects our physical life to the Earth we love. The solution to Pandemic #1 is to eat original food grown in untainted soil. If we do that, everything else falls into place.

Nutritional deficiencies are now a huge epidemic in all countries.
Wheat and rice were once rich in nutrients, mankind’s primary food for thousands of years. Prehistoric wheat once grew wild like einkorn. Hunter-gatherer tribes Sprouted the grain. Stone ground it by hand, and Baked it in rock ovens, BOY! was it loaded with nutrients!

Modern wheat and rice have lost over 70% of their original nutrients. Through the centuries now we’re down to one standard modern genetically manipulated dwarf wheat. High in gluten, easily harvested with glyphosate, crushed with high heat rollers that destroy nutrients, we remove the nutritious outer layers of the seed. The new flour is quick to harvest, easy to ship, lasts forever, but sadly empty of flavor and nutrients. Freshly ground flour lasts only 2 weeks, before it becomes rancid and harmful. That’s why I do not eat any kind of flour.

DNA studies suggest that 10,000 years ago, before the advent of farming, all rice was dark red in color. Eventually we developed hulling machines, which polished the rice until it was shiny and white!

Every grain has four primary parts: The hull, The bran, the germ, and the white endosperm inside. When we remove the outer hull, bran, and germ under high heat, we lose over 70% of the nutrients, leaving only the starchy white endosperm inside.

Soon we had fluffy white flour and shiny white rice all over the world. Everyone LOVED the clean white look.

But there were 3 unseen tradeoffs:

  1. Processing grains at high heat destroyed almost all their nutrients. So, you might need to eat more and more.
  2. The clean, white grains were high-glycemic, meaning high in sugar. As simple carbohydrates, they turn into sugar, raise blood sugar very quickly, the sugar rush causes body acidity and free radical DNA damage, an invitation to disease.
  3. The new grains were soft, low in fiber, and could cause buildup that clogs the intestines and makes you fat. Fiber is your friend. It facilitates good digestion and keeps your insides clean.

So, all this was very different from old-fashioned unprocessed grain that gave no sugar rush, satisfied hunger for many hours and the fiber left your guts squeaky clean inside.

Whole wheat flour is vastly more nutritious than white flour. Could this explain the rise in diabetes and other sugar diseases? Now, about 470 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes.

For example, this is a list of nutrients higher in whole wheat, that get stripped away in white flour. Are these OUR mysterious missing nutrients? Everyone knows Whole Grains are More Nutritious,

However, full absorption depends on two important factors:

  1. SOAKING – It is necessary to soak whole grains and beans 12-24 hours to remove indigestible seed coatings known as phytates. These are natural chemicals in seeds that irritate the sensitive intestines. Soak, rinse well, drain, and cook.
  2. WE NEED TO BOIL Whole Grains and beans a LITTLE LONGER -as whole foods may require more cooking. Too much heat kills food. Cooking just right makes it more bio- available, and that’s good for health.

Notice that Over 70% of Nutrients are Lost in White Rice

Every year vast farm acres are sprayed with industrial chemicals. When we poison our soil, we lose nutrients, we poison our water, it affects all life forms from insects to humans, birds, and plants. Our human microbiome is damaged. Could our widespread gluten intolerance be simply an intolerance to industrial food?

Pizza Tastes fantastic, even addictive. Nowadays all our crops are far lower in nutrients than the same foods 50 or 100 years ago. Wheat, tomatoes, milk, oils, olives, veggies all lower. Is there any real food here?

AND Here’s where the story gets very strange. The nutrients lost are known to be KEY in preventing certain diseases. These are the top killers that we see on the rise. I wonder, do our growing pandemics have anything to do with the nutrients we strip away?
Empty food causes low immunity, and disease. A few generations ago these illnesses were unknown. Could these missing nutrients be at the root of the forgotten pandemics? The comorbidities of Covid-19?

Healthy immune function depends on balanced nutrition. A Low-nutrient diet gives you poor immunity and you’re a walking invitation to Covid-19.

Mary’s Gone Crackers always uses certified organic, whole-food ingredients free of gluten,
But if they’re made with unsoaked hard-to-digest grains, ground and baked at high temperatures, their nutrition is LOST, like so many other rice crackers. And this is a serious problem for Japan’s 10 million diabetics.

When YOU shop, what motivates your grocery choices? Is it desire? Memory? Knowledge? Color? What guides you to put THAT into your cart?

So, how do we eradicate Pandemic #1: Low Essential Nutrients?
Spend more money on food and eat less! Better yet, plant an organic garden and eat for free. Eat clean, fresh, local, whole, unprocessed, organic, untainted foods. Soak whole grains and boil them longer. Forget packaged industrial foods.

Use Low Temperature Cooking Methods to Retain Nutrients
High temperature destroys nutrients. Raw foods are high in nutrients. But heat destroys nutrients, like deep frying, pan frying, grilling, microwave, and baking. Low temperatures such as Steaming and boiling can never exceed 212 degrees, which retains more nutrients. That brings us to our next video.

Pandemic #2 Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Pandemic #2 is hypertension or High Blood Pressure affect 1.2 billion people worldwide, and top comorbidity with Covid-19.
This is a clear invitation for us to rethink our habitual ways. Hypertension is a top risk factor for heart failure and Covid-19. Hypertension occurs when the blood vessels are clogged with plaque, and the heart gets overworked. In the US it affects 45% of adults, with over 500,000 deaths each year, more than 1300 deaths per day.

OK, What Causes Hypertension? You go to the doctor, get a diagnosis, and you take medication for the rest of your life.
But the root cause of Hypertension is hardly ever mentioned. Remember mixing glue in kindergarten? When 3 of our favorite sticky ingredients are mixed together: Refined flour, sugar, and extracted seed oils, it makes plaque, which accumulates in the arteries around the heart like glue or wallpaper paste! Combined with a lack of movement, plaque becomes a hard, plastic coating inside the arteries, constricting their flow.

How do we eradicate Pandemic #2 Hypertension?
Eliminate the three culprits: refined flour, sugar, and extracted seed oils: corn, soy, canola, safflower, peanut, sunflower and “vegetable” oils. Use instead organic coconut oil, butter, pure 100% olive oil, and avocado oil. Exercise.

Pandemic #3 is COPD, Lung Disease

COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lung Disease affects 560 million people worldwide. If you have COPD, or if you smoke or live in a polluted area, you’re a walking invitation to Covid-19, because it affects the lungs. The lungs are the window to the bloodstream, so whatever you breathe goes right into your blood into your tissues.

COPD is caused by long-term exposure to air pollution, smoking, industrial air, construction pollution, farming chemicals, fuel fumes, and home pollution.

How to Eradicate Pandemic #3: COPD?
Don’t Smoke, Everyone needs a home air cleaner, Move to a clean environment, Breathe, open the windows.

Pandemic #4: Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis which affect 550 million worldwide.
Bone diseases are a major health threat. Osteoarthritis, means joint inflammation. Osteoporosis is a loss of bone density affecting many women.

Ancient medicine regards the bones as the root of life-energy in the spine, our genetic history, the wisdom of the bone marrow, and the source of our willpower.

Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis are both directly linked to acidic body pH causing DNA damage. But the root causes of bone disease are rarely addressed in time. Instead we accept joint replacements and pharmaceuticals. The simple fact is that sugar and refined carbs are the #1 contributor to body acidity and bone loss.

How does this work?
Preventing damage to our bones is as simple as balancing your body pH. Sugar is acidic. Calcium is alkaline. When you eat something wonderfully sweet, the rush feels kind of exciting, but in fact high blood sugar creates an acidic imbalance in your blood. In order to neutralize the dangerous acidic sugar rush, your body steals alkaline calcium from your bones and puts it into the blood. Whew! Now your blood pH is restored, and the danger has passed. You’re still alive. Only problem is, the borrowed calcium from your bones is never replaced. If you eat sugar, there’s no supplement on Earth that can prevent bone loss and joint inflammation. You must find your willpower, you’re not spineless, you can say NO to sugar.

Are there any healthy “Natural Sugars?”
Sorry, No loopholes here. Any sweetener that raises blood sugar causes bone damage: Cane sugar, Beet sugar, Maple syrup, Honey, Agave, Coconut sugar, Rice syrup, and Date syrup are all glucose and fructose. Even sweet fruits like dates, raisins, mangos, pineapple, bananas, and grapes will cause damage. Refined flours (even gluten-free flours) convert into simple sugar in your mouth. They raise your blood sugar and lead to bone loss. But there ARE healthy natural sweeteners without glucose or fructose. You must get organized to buy them online. That’s what my books and websites are all about. See the links below.

One other factor is Nightshades, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant, tend to cause joint inflammation – in some Caucasians. I’ve been off nightshades for 10 years, and it really helps.

So, how do we eradicate Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis? These have the same basic solutions as ALL the Sugar-Related Covid Comorbidities: Download this infographic. It’s easy:
Avoid These High-Risk Foods. Eliminate High sugar, Low fiber, Acidifying, Chemical Sprayed, Low Nutrient Foods.

Instead eat More Low Risk foods, Low Sugar, High Fiber, Alkalinizing, Organic, High Nutrient Foods and drink plenty of water. This will protect your blood sugar and reduce your risk of ALL the pandemics.

Pandemic #5: Obesity

Obesity is Pandemic #5, affecting 480 million worldwide and growing.
The deep emotional roots that hold obesity in place, are asking to be healed now.
In the US, Obesity affects 42 % of Americans, over 99 million people, and by 2030 will increase to 50% or 164 million people.
Obesity loves sugar, carbs, low fiber, addictive foods, accumulated toxins, vegetable oils, junk food, and lack of moment. To eradicate obesity, that’s exactly what we are being asked to give up. Heal all emotional wounds and unravel the pattern once and for all! You can do this!

Pandemic #6: Diabetes

Diabetes affects 470 million people in the world, one of our worst killers and top Covid comorbidity.

Americans love sugar. We eat an average of 152 pounds of sugar per person per year, up from almost zero 200 years ago.

Sugar takes a devastating toll on your health, causing body acidity, and free-radical DNA damage. Sugar causes a vicious cycle of craving, acidity, DNA damage, obesity, cancer, triggering weight gain, premature aging, and sickness. This is the #1 root of chronic disease.

Diabetes represents an invitation to change our whole idea of SWEETNESS.
WHY is our favorite flavor SWEET? Like a Mother’s love, SWEET is irresistible, a biological necessity. Sweet is Good. Or is it EVIL? Sugar gives us a quick fix, but then pulls you down. It triggers the same brain centers of addiction just like cocaine and hard drugs. It functions below the conscious level. We’ll do anything for sugar. We want it, and we’re uncomfortable until we get it. So, just remember modern food is addictive, and we’re all alcoholics.

The truth is, sweetness is all around us, inside us and in everything we see. Why not turn THAT into the sugar fix you need ? And build on it, so the fix is permanent, not fake or temporary. Give it to others around you? Like the Buddha says, “It’s all in your mind”.

Most people are unaware that over half our sugar comes from GMO beets, innocently labeled “sugar”, used in restaurants and the food industry worldwide. Eating GMO beet sugar is a double whammy against your health: you get the glycemic blood sugar, plus the modified DNA risk of genetically modified food. When you eat in a restaurant or buy a snack, you’ll get GMO beet sugar unless you insist on organic.

How will we eradicate Diabetes?
Eat high fiber, low sugar foods, Avoid flour and processed grains. Be kind to yourself and others.

Pandemic #7: Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease or CVD affects 450 million people, and is the #1 cause of death worldwide. Ancient oriental medicine says heart ailments are reminders to practice love, respect, acceptance, and to balance our own self -interest with love of others and our community.

How do we eradicate Pandemic #4: Heart Disease?
Same as hypertension: Eliminate the three culprits: COLD TURKEY. Skip refined flour, sugar, and extracted seed oils Exercise, Measure your body pH and follow an Alkaline Diet.

Pandemic #8 Body Toxicity.

The 8th Forgotten Pandemic to Eradicate is Body Toxicity. This is a sum of many inflammatory and auto-immune diseases, mostly caused by slow accumulation of toxins.

The Body Toxicity Pandemic is where stress and chemical imbalance hit the wall. After years of slow DNA damage from constant minute exposure to toxins, the body systems begin to function unpredictably. Complex symptoms may appear suddenly, but they’ve been years in the making. Body toxicity includes many disease names; hence, it’s is not a specific diagnosis and we don’t measure it.

Are we slowly poisoning ourselves? How many times do we accept a minute dose of toxin to get what we want in the moment? That easy sugar fix, that easy acquiescence, when we WANT to believe someone we’d like to trust but know in our heart we cannot. When we take the easy solution, it allows us to postpone a reckoning in the moment, while we slowly give up our mental and physical vitality to invasion.

The problem is, Body Toxicity, is a complex set of interrelated issues accumulated over time, that are difficult to reverse, and then Covid-19 can be extremely dangerous.

Accumulated Inflammation has many sources: Heavy Metals, Stress, Industrial Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Food Toxins, Microbes, Auto-Immune Diseases, Pharmaceuticals.

Body Toxicity includes: Inflammatory diseases such as Asthma, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Peptic ulcer, Lupus, Periodontal Disease, Colitis, Crohn’s disease, Hepatitis, and Parasites. It includes wildly diverse idiopathic diseases of unknown causes, some from long-term exposure, including Parkinson’s, Infertility, Depression, Neuropathy, Schizophrenia, ADHD, and bi-polar disorder.

We are constantly exposed to dangerous Heavy Metals.
Aluminum, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, & Arsenic can accumulate in the body tissues.

For example, Parkinson’s disease is said to be related to accumulated toxins from farming chemicals that cause nerve degeneration.

Autism affects over 5 million adults and 1.5 million children in the US. Scientists speculate it may be caused by multiple factors: chemicals in food, vaccines, microbiome imbalance, and lack of sunlight.

A major cause of cause of Body toxicity is simple dehydration. When the tissues are dehydrated, or if you don’t move the liquids, your lymph system cannot eliminate toxins, and they build up like sludgy sea water in your body. Please drink 2 1/2 liters of clean water per day and exercise.

Processed foods may be infused with flavorings and additives. Small Nano particles in drinking water, food, and snacks are so tiny they are not declared, but they WILL have unknown long- term effects. How does that work?
Your body is exceedingly intelligent. The body can substitute on a molecular level, like fitting a perfect puzzle together for your health. But when we take in manipulated food, altered DNA or chemicals, your body can substitute with a fake or incomplete molecule that’s similar, if it can’t find the real ingredient. This is where over time body toxicity gets very strange.

If food DNA is manipulated, the body can get confused. Like opening a nutritional Pandora’s Box, we create a metabolic time bomb that can have a very unhappy ending.

Processed foods, snacks, and vaccines contain tiny electronic bots, smart dust and rfid chips as small as nano particles, that accumulate in the body, act as sensors-receivers, and are very difficult to remove. ?Do you really want to eat bot-infused snacks with microscopic nano particles? !Stop it right now! These tiny information cells can influence your brain, your thoughts. They are DESIGNED to interact with your body functions, your cell phone health app, 5G internet, global data collection.

Poor Food leads to DNA Damage to Body Toxicity to Comorbidity to Covid-19 to Death

Countless animal studies show that low-nutrient foods and radiation combine to make each generation weaker, weaker, and finally sterile. Human fertility is also declining. Low sperm count in men and difficulty conceiving in women is closely related to food and environment. Hence, we hold more than our own health in our hands. All future generations will bear the costs of our choices.

Disciplined awareness means we think about the Future Costs of what we do Today. While there’s nothing wrong with making a living or doing what we like, we will not steal from our children to satisfy our greed today. Let’s clean up our bodies, our kitchens, our soil, and our food. Let’s pay the full price now. Then we can leave this earth when it is our time, knowing we’ve done our best.

So, How do we eradicate Pandemic #8: Body Toxicity? You guessed it! High-fiber, Low-Sugar, Alkaline diet, Test Heavy Metals. Reduce exposure, Drink 2.5 quarts of clean water every day.
Detox with chlorella, cilantro

Do your inner practice to balance body and mind. Relax and enjoy life.

Pandemic #9 Alzheimer’s Disease

Forgotten Pandemic #9 is Alzheimer’s Disease affecting 50 million people in the world, and this is projected to more than double to 131 million people by 2050.
Scientists call AD “Type 3 Diabetes” because of its link to sugar consumption. The underlying damage of Alzheimer’s begins many years earlier, with too much sugar, unhealthy fats, and lack of movement. We can prevent and even reverse AD if we cut out sugar, refined carbs,

add healthy fats and move!

Heavy Metals are also a factor for AD risk. Aluminum, mercury and cadmium are highly toxic elements. The principal sources of heavy metals are Silver-colored dental fillings, cookware, baking pans, vaccines, antiperspirants, sunscreen, toothpaste, aluminum foil, teapots, lipstick, cosmetics, preservatives, and large ocean fish such as Mackerel, Shark, Swordfish, and Tuna, since toxins are concentrated as you move up the food chain.

How can we eradicate Pandemic #9: Alzheimer’s?
Stay Active and involved. High-fiber, Low-Sugar, Alkaline diet, Exercise, Test Heavy Metals, Detox, Laugh, Sing and enjoy life! Does this sound familiar?

Pandemic #10: Cancer

The 10th Pandemic to Eradicate is: Cancer. which affects 18 million worldwide. It has many causes including DNA damage, radiation, body acidity, accumulation of toxins, and heavy metals. Cancer always has multiple factors.

Toxins can accumulate in the body tissues, stored primarily in the bone marrow, fat, liver, and lymph. Carcinogens may include radiation, cell phones, smoking, poor quality oils, vaccines, alcohol, UV radiation, farming chemicals, asbestos, car exhaust, tar, pitch, benzene, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, microbes, and pharmaceuticals.

Vegetable oils are associated with higher risk of cancer and other diseases.
When we have more free radicals than can be balanced by the body’s antioxidants, they can damage DNA. You can reduce your risk of cancer by eliminating seed oils: soy, corn, canola, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed, peanut, and “vegetable” oil.

Nutritional deficiencies can also cause cancer. Lack of Vitamin D (or sunlight), Low Vitamin C, low iron, or zinc can lead to DNA damage and cancer.

Since 1974 2 billions of pounds of glyphosate has been applied to farms, This chart shows a correlation between glyphosate and breast cancer in the US. We spray crops with Glyphosate by Monsanto and countless other chemicals worldwide to kill insects and weeds and dry the grains before harvest. Wheat, oats, rye, lentils, peas, and many other crops are routinely sprayed with glyphosate.

But it’s an endocrine disruptor that destroys DNA in human embryos, kills beneficial bacteria, damages the microbiome, and is linked to birth defects. American Researchers found “toxic zones” along the Mississippi River, with high cancer rates from farm runoff, and glyphosate may be an important factor.

How do we eradicate Pandemic #10 – Cancer?
Protect your DNA, eat a high-fiber, low-sugar diet, Detox your body, Protect your microbiome, Test and Avoid heavy metals, chemicals, and vegetable oils. Measure your body pH, eat alkaline foods! Relax and enjoy life.

Pandemic #11: Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity

The 11th Forgotten pandemic is Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity. This is caused by the many electronic gadgets around us including cell phones and 5G. It is a top threat to our DNA. It affects more people than we know, and the symptoms of Electronic poisoning are exactly the same as Covid 19 so it’s very difficult to know.

Electro-Magnetic Frequencies or EMF radiation is inescapable in the modern world. Electronic radiation damages DNA and exacerbates any stress. A growing number of people in the world suffer negative effects from EMF exposure.

What causes EMF sensitivity?
All biological living creatures use a natural DIRECT current 130 Volt electrical system, including the planet earth and all animals. When this natural electrical system is exposed to a different man-made electrical current (230V) unnatural and ALTERNATING, it interferes with, and environmentally challenges the DNA and many other vulnerable biological systems. This causes stress and damage in the nerves, blood vessels, organs, lymph, meridians, and energy centers. Electrical interference has increased dramatically since 1980, when the first cell phones came out.

Symptoms of EHS include headache, brain fog, dizziness, fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue and others. Does that sound familiar?

Common devices that emit harmful radiation include cell phones, power lines, tv’s, refrigerators, clocks, wiring in walls, switches, computers, kitchen appliances, smart meters, lights, cordless phones, cell towers, and Wi-Fi routers.

The California DOH Services said, “We have no idea how many people suffer from EHS, or even how to measure it.” They estimated that perhaps one million Americans have left their jobs because of workplace EMF pollution.

In the telecommunications industry, countless equipment testers, installers, and repair persons suffer radiation sickness, but are afraid to lose their jobs or do not know why they feel sick.

EMF exposure has increased infinitely, even before the 2020 installation of 5G worldwide. There are no industry-backed studies of EMF risks to health. Now that we have 5G in cities and thousands of satellites circling the globe, 5G wireless is everywhere.

Accumulated heavy metals or certain toxins can attract and enhance electrical frequencies like a lightning rod and make you more likely to develop EHS symptoms. Dr. Brian Clement, a naturopath with a doctorate in nutrition, has successfully treated thousands of electro- hypersensitive people. He says:

“There is no doubt that the combination of heavy metals and EMFs is the number one cause of electrical hypersensitivity.”

We now have the advanced technology to use directed electronics to broadcast fear, violence, or stress. We can actually create anger, rage and illness. Or we can use electronics to broadcast love, wellness, new technologies, and abundance. This is within our power and is happening now as we speak. Some versions of 5G are harmless, and others can kill. Directed 5g energy is a deadly weapon. Unbiased study is needed in many areas.

Anti-radiation baby protection maternity wear is a fashion trend in China.

So, How do we solve Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity?
• Protect your DNA. Avoid on-body or near-body cell phones and electrical appliances, especially in children. Use hands-free and loudspeaker. Text instead of phoning, frequently change side of the head. Use tower and Wifi connection selectively.

  • Avoid living or working near a home smart-meter, Wifi router, or cell phone tower.
  • Turn off your cell phone and Wifi before sleeping, as the body is most vulnerable during sleep. *OR* turn off the main power switch to your house before sleep.
  • Get a Meter to measure EMF’s in your home and workplace. See the links below.
  • If you’re sensitive, sleep in a shielded Faraday cage, or move to a home without cell towers.
  • Research and support initiatives to make safe electronic devices that protect privacy.

Pandemic #12: Rising Suicide

The 12th forgotten pandemic is Rising Suicide. The World Health Organization estimates 2.5 million people will take their own lives this year. However, it is impossible to measure. As suicide is taboo in many cultures, I expect these numbers are UNDERstated.
Rising suicide underlines the loneliness and spiritual emptiness that many people feel. People who carry traumatic memories or have PTSD are more vulnerable to suicide, mental, or physical disease. A person is far more likely to take their own life during a crisis.

Suicide is now one of the top three causes of death in young adults. Opioids are the agent for most drug overdose deaths.
In the US, guns are the most common suicide tool.

Suicide can come after a period of depression, which is now infinitely higher than previous years. Depression is related to sunlight exposure, serotonin in the brain, exercise, and seasonal affected disorder.

Every world religion has a core concept of higher Truth that Values Life and Nature. Religion is highly personal and cultural. Have we lost trust in religious organizations? We are indeed our brothers’ keepers. Now we need to offer personal expressions of love and respect for others. When we teach young children how to connect with an inner force greater than themselves, call it Life, Nature, or God, this can help them make discerning choices. It builds an inner foundation of trust that can endure a lifetime. Any beliefs against life are dangerous and have no place in our world.

So how do we eradicate Pandemic #12: Suicide?
Cultivate Your personal internal practice! Extreme Kindness, Integrity, Spirituality, Sunlight, Practice love, Exercise, Walk in Nature, find something to feel gratitude, joy and hope every day. And especially I highly recommend 100% pure Chocolate always unsweetened, these are my favorite brands right here.


In summary, the Forgotten pandemics of the 21st century are already here, and they are even more threatening than a virus. Taking one statistic at a time, it’s pretty scary.

  1. Pandemic #1, Low Nutrient Food, Poor soil, and low immunity affects 7.5 billion, everyone on Earth.
  2. Pandemic #2 hypertension affects 1.2 billion people,
  3. Pandemic #3 is COPD Lung Disease affecting 560 million people.
  4. Pandemic #4 is Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis that affect 550 million.
  5. Obesity is Pandemic #5, affecting 480 million and growing.
  6. Pandemic #6 is Diabetes, affecting 470 million people,
  7. Heart Disease is Pandemic #7, affecting 450 million people, the #1 cause of death worldwide.
  8. Pandemic #8 is Body Toxicity, 430 million people
  9. Alzheimer’s Disease 50 million people in the world
  10. Pandemic #10 is Cancer, 18 million worldwide.
  11. The 11th Forgotten pandemic is Electro-magnetic Hypersensitivity
  12. The 12th forgotten pandemic is Suicide, which we can’t measure.

These 12 trends are all growing fast and represent our MAJOR financial, medical, spiritual, and health issues of the 21st century. They’re far greater than covid-19 deaths down in the far-right hand corner. Until we face these and eradicate them, we are walking risks for the next virus.

I’m suggesting we focus our best individual and government resources on these larger trends that affect the majority of people directly. Covid deaths are insignificant in comparison and are a direct result of these underlying health problems. So, our best plan is to limit Covid deaths is to reduce the risks of the comorbidities, the 12 forgotten pandemics.

Is it within our power to eradicate these pandemics? Yes. The choices we make today will have a huge effect on the future of mankind. Just remember that what you do and how you think is extremely important and has a far-reaching effect in this world.

To resolve these pandemics, we need to bring up the question of population control. Like the elephant in the room, only one group has put a plan on the table, to eliminate 95% of humanity’s 7 billion inhabitants on Earth. They firmly believe they’re doing this for the general good, and are working very diligently to do that. If the virus doesn’t kill, I wonder what tool will they use next? I’m not angry, I’ll be leaving soon enough. Just asking, what’s our solution to all this killing? What is the best way to organize our society? Shall we give up and accept transhuman bots and controlled cyber intelligence at the expense of our heritage of DNA wisdom? There is no place for selfish answers anymore. We’re all in this together. And what a ride it is! Let’s make Earth a safe zone, a beautiful place to live. Do we have any alternative?

Our goal is to resolve our differences now, to build happiness and health over the long term, for everyone on Earth, plants and animals. To do that we must become healthy, strong and resilient to face the changes ahead. You can help. Your job is to deal with what’s in front of you in your life right now. That helps everyone. Whatever you’ve been avoiding, do it now, face it and resolve it forever. Above all, whatever you do best, please offer it now.

I will say it again:
Humanity is at a crossroads. The system is broken. To accept fear and “go with the flow” is no longer the best choice. The path of least resistance is now the enemy of Life itself. Instead of looking outside and fixing blame, we can change perspective to look inside. We can overcome our own karmic habit of spineless acceptance in the myriad delusions of the world. The iron law of cause and effect now requires that we find the strength to embrace each other with love and step into a new level of individual discernment, discipline and responsibility, to defend our DNA health and our destiny. The battlefield, my friends, is our bodies and our minds. Our challenge is to become the rulers of our own minds and be free.

Part II. Solutions to Pandemics:

“If you do all these things your friends will call you crazy.
If you do half of them, you will vastly reduce your risk of a pandemic.”

A. Five Food Solutions:

1. Eat Good Stuff
Alkaline diet of fresh whole local foods, 100% organic diet, Non-GMO. Measure your body pH. Eat mainly vegetables, lightly cooked, whole grains that have been soaked, and low-sugar fruit. Ask for organic foods in restaurants.

  • Eat organic whole local foods that we trust.
  • Eat artisan whole grains, and legumes, presoaked 12-24 hours. Then rinse well and cook.From those you can boil breakfast porridge, soups, blender breads.
  • Grind and use whole grain flours immediately. Or eliminate grains altogether.
  • Use low heat cooking like steam and boil. Avoid high-heat from frying, baking, micro-wave, broilers, and grill.
  • Healthy oils include coconut oil, organic animal fats, pure olive oil (beware 80% of oliveoil is mixed with cheap seed oils), and avocado oil. Use my free lifestyle – recipewebsite
  • Use my books:
  • A dose of 100% unsweetened chocolate every day.
  • Use baking soda if desired to alkalinize the body. Cancer can’t grow in alkalineconditions. This can be beneficial according to the book: Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, by Mark Alan

2. Avoid Bad Stuff
Avoid all commercial and packaged foods, and most bulk foods, all sugars, and processed grains. Keep blood sugar flat and low. Avoid flour, bread, cookies, pasta, snacks, crackers, chips, white rice, and sweets made with commercial flour. Make your own delicious foods with my free online recipes or my cookbooks

  • Avoid industrial grains.
  • Avoid microwaving or high temperature cooking as this destroys nutrients and createsbody acidity.
  • No smoking or drinking.
  • Eliminate extracted seed oils, soy, corn, canola, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed, peanut,and “vegetable” oil. Instead use coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil (best quality as some is mixed), and avocado oil.
  • Avoid high-heat cooking methods like microwave, frying, broiling, and even baking, as high heat destroys nutrients. Use steam and boiling. You can trust a hot fever to heal microbes and even viruses.
  • Eliminate high-metal infused fish: Mackerel, Shark, Swordfish, and Tuna.
  • Avoid confusion and disagreement. Avoid diet fundamentalism. Listen to your body.
  • Avoid GMO-Free foods as they often use toxic glyphosate. Stick with organic, or achemical-free farmer that you trust.
  • Detox your body every way possible. Toxins can accumulate in the body tissues, stored primarily in the bone marrow, fat, liver, and lymph.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, UV radiation in sunlight, chemicals in foods, pesticides, herbicides, asbestos in the lungs, tar and pitch, benzopyrene, heavy metals, plastics, microbes, radiation, and toxic medications.

3. Eat high fiber foods exclusively, to keep body clear inside. Chia seeds, sprouted unpolished rice, whole soaked grains, steel cut oats, vegetables. Fiber cleans the digestive track, eliminates mucus, clears lymph, helps avoid sludge and opportunistic microbes: Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, and Viruses. Your new diet is a constant digestive cleanse.

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  1. Body Discipline. Spend twice as much money on food, and eat half as much. Eat on time. Bless your food with gratitude for your life. Study your environment and make it your responsibility to recognize and avoid toxins. Avoid vaccines that contain harmful toxins or heavy metals. Eat quietly. Chew well and slowly. Consider calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. Bless your food. As you plant it, buy it, prepare, and eat it, to infuse it with higher energies of light, love, and health.
  2. Supplement with intelligence, high quality products.
  • Vitamin C,
  • Multi-vitamin,
  • Adrenal supplement (I use COOP brand Adrenal Rx(Buy at La Montanita Coop in SantaFe and Albuquerque, NM) Contains Extract of Eleuthero, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps,Schisandra, American Ginseng, Rhodiola, Red Chinese ginseng, Manchurian Thorn Tree.
  • I take large amounts of Super Lutein Mirto+, a powerful Beta Carotene supplement tocounterbalance low nutrition in foods. It is made by Naturally Plus USA, an MLM company. I believe it is worth every penny I spend on it.Use These Healthy Sweeteners Without Glucose or FructoseAvailable in a few groceries and online.
  1. Just Like Sugar Tabletop chicory root sweetener (temporarily out of stock)
  2. PureLo Lo Han Sweetener by Swanson
  3. Swerve Sweetener
  4. Norbu Sweetener, Lakanto

B. Five (Six) Lifestyle Solutions:

  1. Prayer, Meditation, Nature attunement, Rest and spirituality are top priority
    now. Reduce stress and build resilience. Why are you here on earth? Quiet your mind, look deeper, see through superficial discomfort into the core meaning of every situation. Bless your life. Create protective light around yourself. See every situation as a spiritual lesson. Be passionate about loving God, or some force greater than yourself.
    Do my Six-Step Harmonization, A Focused Meditation to Start Your Day, link below, which stabilizes all body systems. Sleep 8 -9 hours or more every night, Be extra kind to yourself and others. Teach young children the value of life, good practices, the meaning of life. Establish a religious or spiritual understanding from an early age. Encourage strong family roots, connection with friends and loved ones
  2. Protect your DNA. Limit exposure to EMF’s, chemicals and heavy metals. Get a tool to measure EMF in your home, workplace, car, and community school. There are several meters. Measures W-FI with The Acousticom 2. Measure EMF’s is The TriField model TF2. There are more expensive meters – but these two will do the job.They can both be found on STOPSMARTORG, email:
    Study Arthur Firstenberg’s video: 5G, Birds, Bees, and
    Humanity on-body use of cell phones and electrical appliances. Use hands-free and loudspeaker. Text instead of

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phoning when possible, frequently change side of the ear while listening, selective use of tower and Wifi connection. Shield your baby with anti-radiation belly protector. At night, switch off your Wifi. Put your devices on Airplane mode or no internet. Better yet, turn off the power to your home. If you’re sensitive, sleep in a Faraday cage. Or move to a secluded natural home near a clean ocean and no cell towers. Support initiatives to make safer electronic devices.

  1. Have Fun. This is not optional. Plan some pleasure every day that helps you relax. Cultivate close relationships. Use all your senses. Laugh at your problems, maintaining a flexible mental attitude, open mind, accepting of change. Flexibility, adaptability and strength are essential now. Know when to insist on perfection, when to let it go. Be insanely kind and compassionate to others. Say something honestly uplifting to every person you meet.
  2. Clean Body, Simple Home – Eliminate substances you don’t need, and those known to damage DNA – commercial cosmetics, shampoo, creams, toxic toothpaste. Many of these are high in heavy metals and toxins. Use simple cosmetics and skin care like homemade coconut oil, baking soda, natural local products. Clear your kitchen and home of aluminum and non-stick cookware. Replace toxic kitchen items with glass, enamel, cast iron, or titanium. Best are all-natural substances that don’t release poisonous gases when heated up. Detox from mercury or other heavy metals. Test your levels, and if they are high, do a medically supervised detox program. Avoid toxic exposure to dust or air pollution. Use a hypo-allergenic vacuum system at home such as, water or filtered bag, etc. Avoid toxic air fresheners, chemical aerosols, and mosquito coils. Oh, and get a good home air filter.
  3. Train your mind vigilantly with integrity so you can self-observe your triggers. Study the world and take responsibility for your own health. Use a broad-spectrum approach to research and healing using a variety of reliable methods and uncensored sources to give you the greatest truth. Avoid fundamental thinking, made-up thought forms, making assumptions. Be discerning, however sidestep all polarization. A healthy attitude means we don’t allow self-righteousness, polarized ideas, tantrums and emotional distortion to ruin your day. Use web resources that to not track, filter, prompt, or manipulate.
  4. Breathe, Hydrate and Move!
    Alkalinize the body with a quart of warm water with lemon on rising every morning. Walk outside in sunlight 30-minutes/day. Breathe! Choose a varied movement system that includes shaking, inversion, aerobic, building muscle tone, flexibility, and bone strength. Use natural body heat and sunlight to clear microbes and toxins. Yogic breathing, movement, massage, inversions, and frequent sex are all boons to your health. Stay juicy! Get a quality home water filter to remove chlorine, fluoride, and particulates. Drink 2.5 liters of clean water every day, in small doses to keep lymph clear. Avoid exposure to dust, animal dander, or air pollution. Use a hypo-allergenic vacuum system at home such as, water or filtered bag, etc. Avoid toxic air fresheners, chemical aerosols, and mosquito coils.Thanks for watching.
    Let’s make Earth a safe and beautiful place to live. All these links and graphics are free, available at the links below. I hope you found this interesting and useful. Thanks for watching.

Suggested Further Study:

  • Practice my Six-Step Harmonization, A Focused Meditation to Start Your Day.
  • Use my free website
    Use my cookbooks: Subscribe to my healing newsletter / travel blog:
  • Read the book: Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, by Mark Alan Sircus, cancer/
  • Research EMF’s at STOPSMART.ORG,
    Study Arthur Firstenberg’s video: 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity
  • Wear an EMF shield pendant around your neck.
  • Don’t use a keyboard, instead use dictation voice recognition systems.
  • Protect your computers and cell phones with a Gia computer chip
  • Use an infrared sauna daily, consume copious amounts of chlorella (at least 30 tablets aday, in the worst cases from 120 to 180 tablets per day) a green freshwater algea.
  • Ground your home properly, which can be done cheaply
  • Support initiatives to make safer electronic devices.
  • Study the work of Dr. Brian Clement at the Hippocrates Institute inFlorida:
  • Johana Budwig, a German Physician in the 1950’s who had a 90% success rate healingcancer. She used traditional oils and protein, and had her patients eliminate all industrial seed oils. She wrote a book called The Oil Protein Diet Cookbook. The science seems counterintuitive, but it works! There are many modern versions of her protocol, so be careful. Best to read her original book, available at Amazon or get free onlinehere:
  • Read this insightful article by Chris Kresser: How Industrial Seed Oils Are Making UsSick.
  • Drink 2-2.5 quarts of clean water every day.
  • Oil pulling removes bacteria from the mouth.
  • Meditation balances body and mental functions.
  • Detox with chlorella, and high fiber diet.
  • Clear old trauma and emotional imbalance.Disclaimer:This article was written by Jane Barthelemy, aka Sri Jana, not a medical doctor. Always consult your wellness advocate before believing anyone or starting any new regiment.

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