The Ghost of Genghis Khan – How Did the Mongol Khan Help Create a Globalist Playbook to Conquer the World?

The spell is broken. Although his grave remains hidden after 800 years, Genghis Khan’s curse has been wreaking havoc. As if secretly masterminding the New World Order globalist religion, his scourge of evil surrounds our collective memory of violence and fear in East and West alike. The Mongol hordes arrived to the Crusades just in time to partition the known world among ancient bloodline brothers in a killing spree that consolidated superpowers, strengthened the royal patriarchy, and left millions dead. The elites promoted monotheism and dealt every empire a winning hand in the Babylonian chess game that continues to ravage East and West in biowarfare against humanity.

Forgive me for connecting the dots in a unique and slightly edgy way. Please see it as a warning. The Chinese role in the Crusades is largely forgotten in history books. However, the top globalist turned out to be Genghis Khan, a magician whose Mongol Hordes conquered most of the world and set in motion the invisible globalist playbook we’ve been dutifully playing out for hundreds of years. How did Genghis Khan walk away the most powerful ruler, the richest man, father of millions, and the root of a powerful legacy of Babylonian evil encompassing both East and West? Aha! Read on….

Thankfully, the globalist grip is slowly dissolving. The spell of Genghis Khan has moved on. Take a look around, and enjoy this precious moment, an eerie transition from fear, as we embark on ascension to Fourth Density, the dimension of love.


  1. Was Genghis Khan the First Globalist? Who was this Mongol, revered as a God by his warriors, his tomb still hidden, because all who knew about it were killed? An embodiment of the will of the Great Sky God Tengri, Genghis Khan could be considered an early evangelist for the modern Globalist Religion, which aims to unify the entire planet under a single New World Order control. His curse now dispersed, the spell of his globalist Draconian empire fades into an eerie peace.
  2. How did the Mongol Hordes of horseback warriors cross the steppes of Eurasia? Powerful, determined, brilliantly coordinated and unified, with unparalleled horsemanship, precise archery, and resilience. This Mongol royal bloodline had already mixed with Huns, Khazarians, Turkic nomads, Sum-Aryans, and Babylon descendants, spreading Genghis Khan’s autocratic rule over all of Eurasia.
  3. Who Won the Crusades? The supposedly Holy “Taking up the Cross” to save Jerusalem from Muslims, turned into a self-serving Game of Thrones by the Pope and Babylonian patriarchy. Everybody won global trade routes, shared daughters, merged bloodlines, grabbed new lands, and oh yes, founded a new Venetian financial system based on silver. Genghis Khan ended up the biggest winner, as his DNA seed flows in the blood of 32 million humans now. How did he do it?
  4. Who Lost the Crusades? Some say 40–60 million people died in a major consolidation of superpowers. Women Lost, the Matriarchy lost, local religions were lost, female shamanic traditions lost, and the Black Death followed. Above all, the Muslim cultural heritage took a huge hit with the destruction of Baghdad and the Golden Age of Islam. 
  5. Sex and the Crusades: Royal Bloodlines, Swapping Daughters, and the Mongol Queens. The Crusades was a time of forging new royal alliances, uniting royal families worldwide, consolidating power, and strengthening elite bloodlines.
  6. The Elitist Four-Cast System of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. Mongol rulers divided Chinese into four castes, with themselves as the white-skinned minority at the top, and the majority Han Chinese at the bottom.
  7. War, Rinse, Repeat. After the Crusades, globalist deceptions have ruled the game. Did Genghis Khan and the Babylonian bloodline fool the world, pretending to be deadly enemies while masterminding world domination via the CCP? Why were race-targeted mRNA vaccines given to Americans, while the USA is invaded by military-age Chinese with natural immunity because the Chinese used a traditional non-mRNA vaccine? What kind of migrant race war are we seeing? Pan Mongolism with Rothschilds, Drugs, Border Invasion, and Chinese Elders gone rogue.
  8. Where Did Genghis Khan Go After Death? According to the Law of One, Genghis Khan ascended from 3D to 4D NEGATIVE, in Service to Self. He did it by being totally disciplined and one-pointed in Self Love and Service to Himself. 
  9. How Can We Ascend to Fourth-Density Positive?  This is not a battle between Good vs. Evil. It’s a personal choice between Service to Others vs. Service to Self. The path is through disciplined, passionate, one-pointed dedication.


1. Was Genghis Khan the First Globalist?

Who was this man, revered as a God by his warriors?  His tomb was carefully hidden and remains unknown, because all those who knew of it were killed. His shamanic religion reveals the magical dark side of his faith, Tengriism which became a monotheistic belief in himself as ruler of the entire world by the decree of the Sky God Tengri. Based on shamanism and animism, the Turco-Mongol God Tengri represents a personification of the living universe. Like royal lineage in the West, the divine right of the royal Khan was accepted, and Mongols used it to rule the Yuan Dynasty as example of an enlightened society.

An embodiment of the will of the Great Sky God Tengri, Genghis Khan saw his role as uniting the entire world under Tengri. Maybe this makes him the first known Asian evangelist of the Khazarian Zionist Globalist Religion, which aims to unify the entire planet under one New World Order of total control.

Deadly Perpetrators of Extermination
The Mongol hordes destroyed hundreds of kingdoms and murdered millions of people. Historians say that about 11 % of the world’s population was killed due to the Mongol invasions, meaning around 40–60 million people in Eurasia. This would make the Mongols the deadliest perpetrators of extermination and mass-killing in known history. Using fear and mind-control to terrify a populace as his troops approached a target city, their demand was: “Surrender and give us everything, or die!”

What was behind this religious fervor?
Genghis Khan was known to use magical chants and to pray for many days in his tent before a military operation. According to the Law of One classic, Genghis Khan ascended to Fourth-Density Negative on his death. What does this mean? This indicates the existence of a Negative Fourth-density service to self, the Fourth Density of Evil. ( If true, his ascension is a clear testimony to one-pointed discipline in service to self, completely disregarding and undermining the well-being of all others.

A late arrival to the Crusades, Mongol leaders conspired with Royals, Pope, Venetians, Freemasons, Templars, and Muslims to conquer the largest contiguous empire in the world, control trade routes, and even overshadow the entire human genome. The Mongols were interested in winning vassals and plundering cities of their wealth. In Mongolian folk religion, Genghis Khan is considered an embodiment of Tengri’s will. His curse now dispersed, thankfully the spell of his globalist Draconian empire fades into an eerie peace.

2. How did the Mongol Hordes expand their army of horseback warriors across the steppes of Eurasia?

The Mongol Hordes swept across the Asian steppes; powerful, determined, brilliantly coordinated and unified, with unparalleled horsemanship, precise archery, and resilience. This Mongol clan had already mixed with Huns, Khazarians, Turkic nomads, Sum-Aryans, and Babylon descendants. Gathering an army of blood brothers along the way, they stormed across the steppes of Eurasia, spreading Genghis Khan’s autocratic rule over all of Eurasia.  

Early descendants of the Sum-Aryan Babylonians had already migrated through the Caucasus Mountains for hundreds of years. They called themselves Scythians, nomadic Iranians, who traveled throughout the Caucuses, Asia, and Mediterranean areas, integrating their bloodlines from Sumer with those from the Far East and China. 

The Serpent Bloodline: Root of Sum-Aryan Khazarian Mongol-Turkic Tribes?
We don’t know how many children came from the Sumerian Hybrid Goddess Semiramis and her husband Nimrod, the first Freemason. Traditional Hungarian folk tales tell that Nimrod had two sons Magor and Hunor. It is said that Magor was the ancestor of the Magyars, and Hunor was the ancestor of the Huns, indicating that the Magyars and Huns both came from Khazar Freemason roots.

In 860, King Bulan of the Khazars led the conversion the entire kingdom to monotheism instead of shamanism. His name Bulan means “elk” or “hart” in Old Turkic language. Their conversion was not only a consolidation of many nomadic groups, but also good for trade, as Khazar-Turks were already familiar with the ever-increasing number of travelers on the Silk Road trading goods between Europe and China. These became the international “Jewish” traders that have imported goods from East to West for centuries. Their conversion from Shamanic Tengri, the Sky God, to Yahweh of the Judaic Bible was hardly a barrier for these nomads, however the implications are huge in history. This Caucasian—Turkish—Mongolian ethnic group, who called themselves “Jewish”, became a very important ‘royal’ bloodline from the Reptilian point of view, sometimes called the “Sons of Cain”.

Stewart Swerdlow, author of “Blue Blood, True Blood” suggests the blueblood Sum-Aryan royals mostly established themselves in the Caucasus Mountains and became the Khazars. From there, they spread west towards Europe, seeding national identities for the Vikings, Franks, the Teutonic [German] peoples, and Russians. Moreover, when Atlantis sank, some of those refugees went to Western Europe and became the Celts. Some went to Greece, and others to the Italian Peninsula before the reptilian hybrids moved in. Later these hybrid Blueblood leaders infiltrated Middle Eastern peoples, such as the biblical Canaanites, Malachites and Kittites.

Babylon was the civilization that Sumer developed into as it expanded into Central Asia to become the Khazars. Many Blueblood organizations developed over time calling themselves Babylon Brotherhoods, later combining with the secret Atlantean-Egyptian schools in Europe to become the Freemasons, and later the Templars. Some of these immigrants went by the name of Bauer, now known as the Rothschilds, the family that took control of the financial and trade foundations of Europe.

Tracing the royal reptilian bloodline indicates that Emperor Charlemagne embodied two royal bloodlines, both those of King David and Alexander the Great (both Sum-Aryan/Reptilian). Together these bloodlines produced a combination which, to them, was a perfect genetic mix, or DNA fusion program. Stewart Swerdlow also says that the Reptilians developed hybrid bloodlines with a race now known as ‘the Greys’ from Rigel in the Orion system, and these became the slanted-eyed royal bloodlines of China and Japan. The Caucasus and Eastern Europe are highly significant because this region brought the ‘Golden Horde’ from the Far East to interbreed with Sumerian Reptilian ‘royal’ bloodlines creating a very important genetic combination from the Reptilian perspective, as well as a globalist perspective of control.

The Mongol bloodline mixed with Huns, Turkic nomads, Khazars, and Sum-Aryans for centuries.

According to David Icke, the current leading Zionist Khazarian families have no interest whatsoever in the “Jewish” people, but are serious players in the Reptilian bloodlines that have infiltrated all peoples and nations with the aim of manipulating themselves into total power and control.

Arthur Koestler, a courageous Jewish writer confirmed from their research that Jewish people have no historical claim to the land of Israel. They are not the biblical Hebrews and not ‘Semites’. They don’t originate from biblical Israel, but from a Sumerian people who became known as the ‘Khazars’ in what became southern Russia and the Caucasus Mountains. Today, their lands are largely occupied by Georgia.

 According to Alfred M. Lilienthal, Jewish former American State Department official, called these facts ‘Israel’s Achilles heel’, because it destroys Zionist claims to the land of the biblical Hebrews. Informed historians believe the Khazars-Zionists to be descendants of the Turkic tribe, known as the Huns or Hun, that invaded and savaged Europe from Asia around AD 450. The Huns’ territories spanned central Asia to central Europe, Siberia, China to North India. These Turkic tribes merged bloodlines by interbreeding with many peoples, including Chinese and Sumerians.

The Huns are best remembered for their leader, Attila the Hun, who killed his brother, Buda, after whom the Hungarian city of Budapest was named, and terrorized Europe. Like the Huns and Mongols, the Khazars spoke a Turkic language and are believed to be the same people. The Khazars controlled a large and powerful empire of Pagan Tengriism across much of Russia, spanning East to the Ural Mountains and South to the Caucasus. They made their living as traders and ‘middlemen’, charging fees on goods carried on the trade routes through their lands. The Khazar influence in Eastern Europe extended well into the countries we call Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. The Khazars were patriarchal phallic worshippers that engaged in ritual sacrifice of animals and humans.

Bloodline Summary
Genghis Khan, himself the son of a royal father and a Turkic mother, had light skin, green eyes, and red hair. The Mongol Horde had already long before merged with bloodline with the Huns, Turkic nomads, Khazars, Sum-Aryans, and descendants of Babylon for thousands of years. So the Crusades and the Mongol Hordes were a destined meeting of long-lost blood brothers, each group already carrying the hybrid reptilian bloodline desire to dominate the world, in a Biblical meeting of the so-called “Sons of Cain”.

3. Who Won the Crusades?

The Crusades was NOT a religious war. From a global viewpoint, it was more like a Game of Thrones, a meeting of the Babylonian patriarchy. The descendants of hybrid reptilian Queen Semiramide and Nimrod, holding a reunion in the Holy Land for a land-grab, a daughter-swap, and redesign of trade routes and the world financial system with Venetian bankers in charge. Jerusalem was not rescued from Muslims, who lost many tons of gold and fine art. Millions of souls died in battle, especially at the hands of the Mongols, after which the Black Death pestilence further devastated humanity. The world got re-divided, new borders portioned out in a friendly alliance of royals, that could be used to pit powerful monotheistic religions in fear against one another in the coming centuries. And the good news was: Everybody won something!

The Doge of Venice Won Vast Wealth for Centuries to Come

He got new trade routes into Asia, alliance with Mongol royals who owned the Silk Road, and precious permission to trade through Muslim countries previously forbidden by the Pope. 

Venetian banks, which already controlled all world coinage and currency exchange, won control of European trade with Asia. Venice became the world epicenter of banking, trade, accounting, and commerce. Venice’s rulers played with profit margins from trade between regions by valuing gold and silver exchange differently. Venice even took the far East off a gold standard and put it on a silver standard in order to win more gold in the exchange. At the same time, Venice took Byzantium and Europe off a 500-year old silver standard, and put them on gold standard. 

The Venetian – Mongol Alliance
The Mongols were an important element of this Venetian banking cartel. Mongols, in their genocidal rule of Eurasia, looted the gold of India, Persia, Baghdad, and the Sung dynasty of China, replacing it with silver currency, to be used by the elite. For low caste Chinese, they used paper money. Slaves were a primary commodity along Venetian-controlled trade routes, and a large-scale slave trade came from conquered Mongol domains, paid in roughly hewn Mongol “tanga gold”, gold bars, and gold leaf.

Venice won dominion over Romania, Dalmatia, Albania, Cyprus, and Constantinople for a time. The Doge also returned home with trillions in gold bullion, fine art, and booty stolen from Byzantine and Arab cities which could never be replaced. Venice soon became the richest and most beautiful city in the world.

Muslims Secured Lands from North Africa to Arabia.
The Muslims were voracious warriors and expert horsemen, so that even Mongols and Europeans together could not overtake their lands. Saladin, the Sultan of Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, was the most famous of Muslim heroes. His expert troops used skillfully trained horses, novel weapons, and highly developed battle strategies to stop the advance of Christians and Mongols. He defeated a vast Christian army to capture Jerusalem in 1187.  Mongols and Europeans cooperated against Muslims causing chaos to weaken Muslim armies and fragment troops. But still the Muslims held their territories.


Byzantium – Russians Won the Vast Slavic – Caucasus lands
Although they lost Jerusalem, the Byzantine territory eventually spanned from Turkey, Greece, Eastern Europe all the way to Vladivostok, although it took a few hundred years for Mongols to relinquish control of these territories. This became what we know as greater Russia, encompassing all Slavic countries, and the largest land mass in the world with vast natural resources.

A Russian royal lineage ruled this area unified in Eastern Orthodox Christianity (along with many other faiths) in some level of peace until Czar Nicholas was murdered in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

The Pope Won Trillions in Gold, Booty, Precious Valuables Stolen from Cities in the Middle East.
Vast tons of gold and precious artifacts came to Rome from every captured city via the Knights Templar. The Pope also won many souls of Christian converts among Mongols across Asia. The Pope sent emissaries to the Chinese emperor, to invite people to convert to Christianity, adding to his collection of worldly souls. Many Chinese and Mongolians did convert to Christianity.

The Knights Templar, the “Poor” Warriors of God, returned to Europe with treasures of gold, new foods, and land titles in Palestine.
The Templars had their own treasure hunt in the Holy Land, where they secretly absconded sacred artifacts from the Temple of Solomon and Pyramid of Giza to date never revealed. They also brought home many new discoveries such as sugar, spices, healing herbs, ginger, aloe, myrrh, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, and silks unknown in Europe. The Knights Templar acquired a great deal of acreage in the Holy Land. Many centuries later this land came under British control, played a role in the Balfour Decision, the so-called Zionist homeland of the Jewish people, and became the State of Israel in 1948.

Genghis Khan, Biggest Winner of the Crusades, Conquered a Vast Empire and Sired a Bloodline of 32 Million People!

A recent DNA study of “Y” chromosomes found evidence that Genghis Khan’s DNA is present in about 16 million men alive today, clear proof of the Mongolian ruler’s unparalleled sexual prowess. The study, published in European Journal of Human Genetics, took into account the social circumstances that enabled Genghis Khan, his sons, and grandsons to be such prolific lovers. A bloodline this huge could only happen in a political and social era when powerful warriors fathered children with many different women. Roughly 16 million men and 16 million women, means there would be 32 million people living now that carry the genome of Genghis Khan! 

For the Mongol rulers, this was far more than just a “Daughter Swap”. At the end of a military operation, Genghis Khan and his descendants were happy to absorb his enemies’ wives into his harem, if they wished to live. For example, one of his most famous quotes on post-battle joy:

“The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses, and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”
Genghis Khan

The best trick was to build his bloodline through royal alliances. In this way he left his seed in every royal family along the road from China to Europe. Any kingdom who did not submit to Mongol rule was robbed, utterly destroyed, and all inhabitants killed.

Greatest Contiguous Empire in the World
At its peak, the Mongols controlled of approximately 24,000,000 square kilometers (9,300,000 sq.miles) of Eurasia, the largest empire in the world.

Genghis Khan Died the Richest Man in the World
By the time he died in 1227 CE, Genghis Khan was the wealthiest person on Earth. He had amassed over 2 million tons of gold valued at $11 trillion USD, far more than any other Crusader rivals. His wealth came from cities plundered and payments by subjects along the Silk Road. His booty also included 270,000 horses, precious stones, and $1 trillion USD in diamonds alone. I wonder where that loot is now. 

4. Who Lost the Crusades? 

Women were ravaged, wise feminine traditions lost and forgotten.By far the biggest losers in the Crusades and the Mongol Invasion were human lives. Some say 40–60 million people died in Europe and Asia, not counting the Black Death that followed. People across Asia lived in fear and deprivation. The combined action of all global powers caused the deadliest extermination and mass-killing in known history. 

Centuries of wise feminine traditions were lost and forgotten.

Women Lost
Women worldwide perished, were traded, and treated as chattel.

The Matriarchy Lost
The Male God and Monotheism won. The Mother Goddess and all other ascended spirits were forgotten in the shuffle. The ancient female shamanic lineages that support health, life, and Earth, all lost.

This was a major consolidation of power.
Small kingdoms perished across the Middle East and Asia. Former power centers were reduced to subjugation, serfs, or slaves. Out of hundreds of small empires and communities, at the end there were only Six Superpowers: 

Big Six Superpowers Still Standing:

  1. The Pope 
  2. Knights Templars, British agents of the Pope
  3. European Royalty
  4. Muslim Royalty
  5. Republic of Venice
  6. Mongolian Royalty

Muslim Culture Was Decimated
This highly refined culture had to summon all its wealth in self-defense, at the expense of a tradition of higher education, art, and prayer. All lost. The Franks and Mongols effectively destroyed two of the most powerful Muslim dynasties of the era: the Ayyubids in Syria and the Abbasids in Baghdad.

Terrible Loss in the Siege of Baghdad 
The Abbasid Kingdom was founded by the great-great-grandson of Muhammad family in 749, and had ruled northeastern Africa, Arabia, and Persia. Their seat of power for almost 500 years was Baghdad, a jewel of Islam and one of the largest and most powerful cities in the world.

The Siege of Baghdad by Mongol Khan Hulagu

Under Mongol attack after a 12-day siege, the city of Baghdad fell on February 15, 1258. The loss is considered the single most catastrophic event in the Moslem history, and marked the end of the Islamic Golden Age. First the Christian Armenians breached the walls. Then Mongol Khan Hulagu demolished buildings and burned everything to the ground. Eye-witnesses reported that the mighty Tigris River ran black with ink from precious books from the Grand Library of Baghdad.

Historians say that the ruling caliph was rolled up in a rug and the Mongols rode their horses over him, as they believed that the earth would be offended if touched by royal blood. Nobody knows for sure how many people died. All the men, women, and children were massacred – 200,000 up to 1,000,000. In two short weeks, the seat of learning and culture for the entire Muslim world was conquered and lay in ruins.

5. Sex and the Crusades:
Royal Bloodlines, Swapping Daughters, and the Mongol Queens

The Crusades was a time of forging new alliances between royal families worldwide. Their daughters could be married off into a distant land to ensure peaceful cooperation between kingdoms. Careful selection of a spouse was important to maintain royal status of a family. Marriages had to consider the amount of territory the other family controlled and political factors, since marriage was an important link with shared bloodline.

Genghis Khan claimed at least six Mongolian wives and over 500 concubines. Many of his children were never recognized formally, so there’s no record of the total children he fathered. Numerous wives represented his reward for victory and proof of his dominance, so it was respected in Mongolian society at that time. Mongol marriage traditions were unique. Mongol royals traditionally chose wives from outside their clan areas. Even more confusing, Mongols could marry their own cousins and nieces. In addition to their many wives and concubines, the Khans often collected wives from the courts of vanquished kings. On the death of a ruling Mongol Khan, his son would inherit all of his father’s wives and concubines. Whew! So, in tracing the family lineage, it’s difficult to distinguish official children from illegitimate ones. This makes a family tree rather thorny and complex.

Whenever one of his daughters married a prince, Genghis Khan required the prince to divorce all previous wives, and to join Genghis Khan in battle, bringing his own army. He also decreed his daughter would rule the nation as Queen in her husband’s absence. These alliances helped the Mongols extend their power and spread their seed widely.

Genghis Khan’s sons married princesses from royal families of Asia and Europe, including of the Kievan Rus, medieval Georgia, Jerusalem, India, and Korea. Many Muslim sultans took Christian wives and consorts. Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII arranged a marriage between his illegitimate daughter, Maria Palaiologina and the Mongol Ilkhan, Hulagu. And in 1266, he sent another illegitimate daughter, Epuhrosyne Palaiologina, in marriage to Nogai, the Mongol Khan.

A Byzantine Christian princess caravan travels to marry a Mongol Khan of the Golden Horde.

Intense Daughter Swapping in Royal Families
For example, in 1238, the king of Hungary Béla IV married his son Prince Stephen V, to Elizabeth, the daughter of Mongol Khan Köten, who had invaded Hungary. Many Byzantine ruling families, married their children into foreign dynasties. Such as the marriage of Byzantine John Doukas Vatatzes with Constance, daughter of Emperor Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire. Later Andronikos II Palaiologos married his daughters off to Khan Ghazan of the Persian Mongols, and Toqta and Uzbeg of the Golden Horde. The Armenian Royal Family Rubenid made alliances by marrying their daughters to Byzantine kings in Turkey, Antioch, Tripoli, and Cyprus.

Arghun Khan, ruler of Persia requested to Emperor Kublai Khan a Mongolian lady in marriage. Lady Kūkājīn, a beautiful maiden of 17, was chosen, and was to be taken immediately to Persia. Since the overland road from Peking to Tabriz was long and dangerous, the envoys planned to take her by sea. They asked Kublia Khan if Marco Polo could give her safe passage on his return to Venice. The ships sailed in 1292, but suffered dangerous delays and disasters in Sumatra and India, only to arrive at their destination in Persia three years later. Marco Polo and the princess survived the trip, however meanwhile her promised king Arghun Khan had died. So instead she was given to his grandson. No matter, it was a noble gesture of friendly alliance, and further extended the Mongol seed in Persia. Chronicled from “The Travels of Marco Polo”.

By marrying their daughters to influential leaders of different regions, Crusader royals sought to secure alliances, gain access to valuable resources, and create a network of loyal allies. These marriages were often accompanied by gifts, tribute exchanges, and mutual agreements, strengthening political ties between the superpowers and local leaders.

Royal daughter swaps and alliances were likely conducted in the elite languages: French or Latin.  The main language of the Crusades was “Lingua Franca”, or “Language of the Franks”. European Crusaders were called “Franks”, as modern nations were unknown. A crusade meant “taking up the cross” to fight for the Pope in a holy Christian cause. Just like English is a “universal tongue” in modern times, “Lingua Franca” was like a pigeon Italian that everybody could understand. Translators from Greek, Syraic, Arabic, Turkic, and Mongolian were often used.

6. The Elitist Four-Cast System of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty

In 1279, the Mongols conquered all of China, becoming the first non-Han ethnic group to do so, and established the Yuan dynasty. The Mongols divided society into four castes, with themselves as the white-skinned minority at the top, and the majority Han Chinese into the bottom two classes. 

New laws of the Yuan dynasty stipulated that four castes of people received different treatment in political, legal and military affairs. Top two castes were the light-skinned Mongolian people and Semuren people.

Your caste determined your tax status, your treatment by the judicial system and eligibility for positions in government. To apply for administrative positions, the third and fourth classes had more difficult tests. For the same crime, different punishments were handed out to different classes of people. The lower two casts of Han people were forbidden to carry weapons, congregate in public, or to raise dogs or eagles. It was forbidden for Han Chinese to take Mongol names, wear Mongol clothes, or learn the Mongol language. Intermarriage  between Mongols and Han was discouraged. Emigration was seen as disloyal to ancestors, and was banned in the Yuan dynasty. 

An elite dynasty of separation by language.
The Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty spoke Mongolian, the Turkic Chagatai language, and mostly refused to learn Chinese. The caste system separated ethnic groups, so that the Mongol elites were educated in Mongolian, the Han Chinese learned Chinese. At first the Chinese Han subjects were not allowed to learn Mongolian, so the government bureaucracy used many translators to re-write documents in Mongolian. 

7. War, Rinse, Repeat. 

Eight hundred years of globalist regimes followed the Crusades. How did Genghis Khan and the Babylonian bloodline fool the world, pretending to be deadly enemies, meanwhile masterminding world domination? Aha! That’s Easy!. Just take a look at Queen Victoria’s Opium Wars and the current rage of Fentanyl in the USA. Check out my article: Opium and the Dragon, How the Queen’s Secret Drug Trade in China Built the New World Order Global Agenda

Queen Victoria’s Opium Wars were over two hundred years ago, a bitter loss and humiliation for China. But how is this relevant now? How did the British East India Company transform China into a Western puppet? How did the Queen’s poppy fields defeat the powerful Dragon empire, bankroll the Bolsheviks, Mao’s Communist revolution, and create a global coalition known as the New World Order? How did the Crown’s secret opium trade turn into a quadrillion-dollar underground drug empire including the CIA, Pentagon, MI6, and Mossad, all marching in lockstep with the WHO and United Nations toward AI Control, Transhumanism, and the GREAT RESET?

Pan-Mongolism Warnings Nobody Heard
In his apocalyptic book: Tale of the Anti-Christ, Russian mystic-theologian-philosopher, Vladimir Soloviev gave a chillingly accurate look into a future no one then envisioned. Soloviev warned of an evil force about to conquer Christian Russia, that he called “Pan-Mongolism – the union of all Eastern Asia against Europeans.” The Mongolians were the mercenaries of the Venetians who drew upon power from occult, Satanic rituals. in order to cast “a new Mongolian yoke” over Europe.

Soloviev wrote that the Antichrist and his devils would be a seemingly well intentioned people who promised freedom but delivered slavery. The Venetians had taken the Roman Church under their control, financed a series of popular wars: the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Russian Revolution the Mao Revolution, laying waste to Europe, Russia, and Asia, with and billions of casualties. 

In 1400 the DNA Descendants of Babylon were the Papacy and Royalty. In 2100 these are the powerful multinational corporations we know.

DNA, Drugs, and Invasion
To understand the link between the past and present, just take a look at the increase in Fentanyl in the USA from China, a repeat of the British Opium invasion of China 200 years ago. Examine the widespread evidence that Chinese are collecting DNA data of Americans. Look at our border crisis, an invasion of military-age Chinese men sponsored by the UN, but without the mRNA vaccine required by the US military. The Chinese did not employ mRNA vaccines. They used traditional vaccine technology.

Early on in the pandemic, mRNA Covid-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna were widely available internationally, but for some reason Beijing made the decision not to import these foreign vaccines. China instead chose their own local vaccine makers, perhaps motivated by targeted DNA data and national security concerns.

The Border Invasion
This means we are being invaded by a military force that may be protected from new viruses, or immune from bioweapons that target a certain white genome, so that more and more Americans are vulnerable to coming outbreaks. America is under attack. We have been betrayed by our own government and the CCP. 

Chinese nationals are flying to Ecuador, where they can enter visa-free. They then make their way to the southern edge of the Darien Gap, about 66 miles of jungle separating Colombia and Panama. The migrants cross the natural barrier on foot, and once safely on the north side continue the journey to America, often by bus. How can Chinese can afford to pay $35,000 each to Mexican cartels to be smuggled into America?

How long has this been going on? Wasn’t that a song somewhere? Aha! Thanks, George Gershwin.

Our every action is like planting a seed. What we do today begets many “offspring” events of the same ilk. Planting good seeds brings lasting benefit for you and the world. Planting selfish or harmful seeds will reverberate, multiplying wider and wider uncontrollably through history, infusing collective reality, sprouting in the most terrible ways to bring vast harm. That’s why the ghost of Genghis Khan had to be eliminated.

Do the Mongols Still Rule the World? Alex Collier quote
“David Icke wrote that global power strings still come from the East. The ancient Dragon families had profound wealth. I don’t know the source of their wealth. They helped to create many empires, societies, civilizations. At some point those societies broke away, decided to do their own thing and essentially went rogue. And then in the West they created their own financial system and told those ancient families in the East to “go pound sand”. The ancient families did everything possible to reign them in, but they wouldn’t have it. And that’s the reason for a lot of the problems in the world. I believe there’s something to David Icke’s words”. Alex Collier 2024

8. Where Did Genghis Khan Go After Death?

I’m told Great Khan had a personal interest in spirituality. He was known to pray in his tent for several days before important campaigns, and he often met with different religious leaders of all faiths to discuss the details of their practice.

In his old age, he summoned to his camp the Taoist leader Qiu Chuji, a master known for extreme asceticism which held that man’s “natural state” had been lost but could be recovered through prescribed practices. It took two years for the master and his monks to cross over 5,000 kilometers through the snowy mountains of Turkestan (today’s Afghanistan). When he finally met with the Khan, Qiu Chuji tried to dissuade the emperor from killing. He taught the Khan about how to love his people and how to gain immortality by having a pure heart and few desires.

Genghis Khan meets with Taoist Master Qiu Chuji.

According to the Law of One channeled by Carla Rueckert, Genghis Khan is one of a few humans known to ascend to fourth-density negative at his death. What does this mean? There are said to be two fourth-densities. Both fourth density positive and fourth-density negative are realms of love and understanding. However, one has to do with love of self, and the other with love of others. In other words, service to self vs. service to others.  

According to the Law of One, Genghis Khan was aware through memory of Atlantean understandings of how to move into intelligent infinity. He used magic somewhat unconsciously, always oriented single-mindedly on service to self, sparing no efforts in personal discipline to double, re-double and so empower this gateway. He chose to ascend in service to self, and on his death went to the Orion group. The Orion Group is said to be associated with the Ciakhrr and Draconian beings in Rigel and Capella areas of our Milky Way Galaxy. According to the Law of One, 4D has both positive and negative density. However, 5D, 6D and higher densities are all positive. (

9. How Do we Ascend to Fourth-Density Positive? The Takeaway:

If Genghis Khan can ascend to Fourth-Density Negative, then we can ascend to Fourth-Density Positive. How did he do it?

According to the Law of One, Genghis Khan ascended from 3D to 4D negative, in Service to Self. He was able to do this by being oriented single-mindedly on service to self, sparing no efforts in personal discipline to double, re-double and so empower this gateway to infinity. (

This is not a battle between Good vs. Evil.
It’s an internal choice between Service to Others vs. Service to Self. 

Your path is your own, and a very sacred path it is. I can’t tell you exactly how to find your path. I CAN tell you it is about discovering, uncovering, and developing your personal highest abilities to harness them in service to all sentient beings. It is about one-pointed focus, discipline, passion, and honesty to double, re-double and empower this positive gateway to the infinite.

From this information, I’m assuming there is a path to positive ascension for humans by being oriented single-mindedly upon service to others, sparing no efforts in personal discipline to double, re-double and so empower this positive gateway to the infinite. It’s about total dedication and one-pointedness in love. 

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