The Pericardium Channel, Self Love and Relationships

What are the Pericardium Channel Functions?
The name Pericardium comes from Latin Peri (around) and Cardium (heart). Often translated from Chinese as “Heart Protector”, “Spirit Protector”, or “Circulation/Sex” the Pericardium is associated with the Fire element and the Heart. The Pericardium protects the Heart from emotional trauma, constricts the chest to protect the Heart, and helps to express the Joy of the Heart. The pericardium helps regulate circulation in the major blood vessels running in and out of the heart. The network of the Pericardium includes the pericardial sac, the Pericardium meridian, the small intestine, and parts of the brain associated with the Pericardium channel.

Pericardium Psycho-spiritual qualities: One could say the function of the Pericardium is primarily psychological, as it rules our relationships and the emotional issues around them. Emotionally, pericardium energy is related to the loving feelings associated with sex, thereby linking the physical and emotional aspects of sexual activity. It does this by moderating the raw sexual energy of the kidneys with the all embracing love generated by the heart.

Known as the ‘King’s Bodyguard’, the pericardium is the heart’s protective sack. In Chinese Medicine it is a Fire organ whose special job is to protect the heart. Not only does the pericardium physically protect the heart, its energy also protects the heart energetically from damage and disruption by excessive emotions from other organs and external sources. In the Chinese system of health, extreme emotional outbursts are seen as powerful disruptors of balance and a major cause of disease. Without the pericardium to protect it, the heart could be gravely injured by every-day emotional fluctuations.

Pericardium Consciousness Issues:
Heart Protection, Joy, Vulnerability, Love, Self Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Expression, Relation to self, Relation to Others, Openness, Armoring.

The Source Point of the Pericardium Meridian is PC-7, Daling, Great Mound, at the inner wrist joint. Massaging or needling this point helps to access the laughter of the Heart. It is a powerful portal to Heart’s qualities of joy, contentment, radiance, equanimity, love hilarity, and fun.

Signs of Imbalance in the Pericardium Meridian:
Pericardium imbalance can manifest as chronic damaging relationship patterns, chest discomfort due to inflammation, or liquid around the heart. Other signs of imbalance include Guarded behavior, Relationship Fears, Excessive vulnerability, Too much joy, Incessant laughter, Giggling out of control, Mental Disturbance, Phobias, Sexual perversion, inappropriate intimacy or fear of intimacy, Depression, Stiff Neck, Nausea, Vomiting, Vertigo. A pericardium excess can give rise to uncontrollable laughter, while deficiency can manifest as profound sadness.

To Balance the Pericardium Channel:
Set a clear intention to build health. Start at mid chest at the heart, an internal path. Trace out across the chest to PC-1 just outside the nipple, then upward around the front of the armpit and down the arm through the biceps, elbow crease, down the mid front front forearm, between the heart and lung channels to the wrist.

Continue down the middle of the palm to PC-8 (Lao Gong) to end at PC-9, the outer corner of the middle fingernail. An internal branch goes down from the heart through the diaphragm to the upper, middle, lower burners. Trace both sides at the same time, or one after the other.

To Clear the Pericardium Channel:
Set a clear intention to build health. Trace backwards once, from the outer corner of the middle fingernail, up the inside of the hand, inner arm, to the heart. Trace both sides together or one at a time. Then trace forward 3 times as indicated above, both sides at the same time or one after the other.

“The Pericardium has a powerful influence on mental and emotional states. Its goal is to create feelings of joy and/or pleasure for the emperor (Heart).”

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