The Triple Burner, Your Crystalline Communication Matrix is Body-Wide Fascia

What is the Triple Burner?
In Chinese medicine San Jiao is sometimes translated as “Triple Heater,” Triple Warmer” or “Triple Energizer”. Sanjiao refers to the three origins of everything: heaven, earth, and water. The upper jiao receives ethereal influences likened to heaven. The middle jiao is associated with the earth element. The lower jiao is associated with draining of water. SO, this system is body-wide.

One could say the triple burner is a passageway along the primary Yin Yang vertical axis between the kidney and heart fire. The triple burner can be seen as a matrix of connective tissue, or membranes that envelop every organ, muscle and bones. Most importantly, this system communicates via crystalline liquids and plays a role in maintaining open the flow of Qi energy, and communication between organs.

Triple Burner Functions
The Triple Burner rules body liquids to keep them moving. It aids in transforming body fluids and balances Qi between the upper, middle, and lower areas. The Triple Burner plays an important role in coordinating digestion, communicating with the Spleen and Stomach. Most importantly, the Triple Burner delivers Original Qi to all organs.

Western Medical Practitioners are Discovering the Triple Burner
We are uncovering a new frontier within our bodies – one with previously unimaginable implications for our health and well-being.

What was once disregarded by medical science as inconsequential ‘goo’ – our connective tissue – turns out to be our largest (and most neglected) organ!”

We begin to understand the body as a matrix of electromagnetic energies. And the fascia or connective tissue is actually an energetic communication system.  It provides structure, protection and interconnection between other systems: our blood circulatory system, nervous system, muscular-skeletal system, digestive track, organs and all cells. This is major.

The collagen that makes up most of the connective tissue in your body is liquid crystalline in nature. Liquid crystals -known to be semi-conductors – are able to conduct energy in the way the wiring system in your house conducts electricity. They are also able to send, receive, store and amplify energy signals – like your high-speed internet connection.

Because fascia interconnects every system in the body – it provides a basis for information and energy transfer beyond purely chemical origins. In other words, while we’ve traditionally thought of communication in the body as mechanical ( chemical molecule fits into receptor like a key into a lock), we now realize we can open the lock faster with energy (like remote control devices).” From Technologies of Qi: Yin Yoga & Connective Tissue, by Danielle Prohom Olson

“Massage does not melt away the fascial tissue. What it does do is liquefy it so as to maintain your body’s ability to move in space.  We see the need for this liquefaction when we wake up in the morning or stand up after a long boring class and have to stretch. Your body naturally desires to maintain the fascia’s liquid state. To do this, heat and pressure are needed. Both can be provided through movement. Without movement, fascia will crystallize, dry up and harden through a process call thixotrophy.

Fascia means “band” in Latin, is a band or sheet of connective tissue primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilized, encloses and separates muscles, and other internal organs. Fascia holds together the entire body, it’s connected from our head to our toes. When it’s healthy it’s flexible, supple and it glides.

What happens when fascia has adhesions or knots?

When the fascia is unhealthy it can cause a host of problems. Often it’s sticky, clumpy, tight, and forms restrictions, adhesions and distortions or knots.

The Triple Burner Meridian Source Point is TB-4, Yangchi , meaning Yang Pool. It is located on the back of the wrist on the horizontal crease, between the radius and the ulna bones, closer to the ulna (outer bone). By moving the wrist in a relaxed way, the space becomes well defined. This point clears heat, activates the meridian, relaxes the sinews, and alleviates pain. It can also be used to treat diabetes, deafness, malaria, and wrist pain. 

The Source Point on a meridian is the point that most closely exemplifies the energy of the entire meridian. Clinically, all the Source points are of great significance in treating the internal organs. These points stimulate the vital energy of the organ meridians, regulate the internal organs, reinforces health factors and eliminates pathogenic factors.

Triple Burner Consciousness Issues:
Regulation, Coordination, Harmony, Boundaries, Relationship with World, Friendship, Discernment, Stubbornness, Suspicion, Dogma, Guilt.

Common Patterns of Triple Burner Imbalance
Headache, Migraine, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Facial paralysis, Toothache, Deafness, Sore throat, Neck rigidity, Pain along the channel, Elbow pain, Chills and fever, Nerve pain, Emotional upset, Suspicion, Breaking friendships and relationships, Religious fundamentalism, Anxiety, Depression, Inability to release negative thoughts.

The internal flow of the Triple Burner is important, moving from ST-12 (center of both clavicles) down to CV-17 (Conception Vessel heart level), where disperses into the chest and envelops the Pericardium. From the Pericardium, as the energy flows down through the diaphragm, it circulates through the chest and permeates all three burners. A continuing branch flows upwards, returning to the ST-12 point.

To Balance the Triple Burner Meridian: 
Set a clear intention to build health. Start on the fourth (ring) finger at TB-1, the outside corner of the fingernail to the wrist. Trace up between the two bones of the forearm through the tip of the elbow, up the back of the arm to the shoulder, and to the GV vessel in the center of the spine at GV-14 Da Zhui point. Trace up over the shoulder to the back of the ear, around the back of the ear and forward, ending at TB-23, the outer corner of the eyebrow. You can optionally trace the internal branch from collarbone down to the pericardium, to upper middle and lower burners in the lower abdomen. Trace both sides at the same time, or one after the other.

To Clear the Triple Burner Meridian:
Set a clear intention to build health. Trace backwards once, starting at the temple, up around the ear, down the neck down the outside of shoulder and arm, ending on at the outer edge of 4th fingernail. Trace both sides together or one at a time. Then trace forward 3 times as indicated above, both sides at the same time or one after the other.

Dr. Mai-Wan Ho Proposes the Acupuncture Meridian System Exists within the Continuum of Liquid Crystalline Collagen Fibers of the Connective Tissue

Hong Kong University Biochemist and Geneticist, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, states:

“We have proposed that the acupuncture (meridian) system and the DC (direct current) body field detected by Western scientists both inhere in the continuum of liquid crystalline collagen fibres and the associated layers of bound water that make up the bulk of the connective tissues of the body”.

Further, she suggests that the established Chinese acupuncture meridian system may be associated with the layers of bound water that coexist externally to collagen fibers. And this construct provides the conduit system for proton conduction pathways throughout the body to allow for rapid bodywide inter-communication of information.

The authors are plainly stating they believe that the acupuncture meridian system exists as a permanent functional structure within “the continuum of liquid crystalline collagen fibres and the associated layers of bound water that make up the bulk of the connective tissues and fascia of the body”.

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