Are You Getting Your Five Cosmic Messages?

5-messagesBy Jane Barthelemy.
Yes, the five messages we receive in our life are: Signals, Symptoms, Stones, Stress, and Solutions.
No, they don’t come in as texts. They come in as situations for us to unravel. We often believe things happen to us as if we had nothing to do with them. We act like we are victims of chance circumstances. Perhaps some random statistical probability just landed on your head. Many people like to react emotionally as if surprised by something they experience. Sometimes people tend to repeat the same problem happening over and over. We may even complain about it. When something happens, do you feel expected to respond immediately with a “comeback”? Well, most of these assumptions could not be further from the truth.

How many people can just quietly observe?
I have come to believe that everything that happens in our lives is part of some cosmic messaging system. Reality exists to help us to move along on our true path. Like a personalized cosmic messaging system designed just for you, harsh difficulties appear only to teach us something we need to learn. Perhaps our single most important responsibility is to simply observe and listen to the messages, in order to move toward our highest destiny. Only when we observe can we correctly interpret the messages coming in. Life is a lot easier when we listen and accept. Observing without reacting is a skill anyone can develop. It’s a challenging game you can use every day, so much fun, and extremely rewarding!

Are you getting your messages? We receive them every day. How do you interpret them?

  1. Signals – Like a feather, these are gentle reminders to be aware of something, to consider something.
  2. Symptoms – A stronger reminder tells us Ouch! That hurts! Maybe I should notice something.
  3. Stones – These are the rocks and stumbling blocks that stop us from listening. Our beliefs, our habits, etc.
  4. Stress – Add stress to the mix, and you’re living in an hot pressure cooker!
  5. Solutions – Always available, know that you can find a best way to solve any issue, so it benefits everyone.


1.  SIGNALS can be almost unnoticeable changes, like:

  • A little itch.
  • A pain.
  • A feeling.
  • Dreams.
  • Synchronistic happenings.
  • A weather change. The wind whispers as it changes direction. Thunder or lighting.
  • An emotion. You feel anger, joy, hatred, worry, grief, or fear.
  • A little intuitive message.
  • A word that everyone around you seems to repeat to you.
  • A reaction you feel to a situation.
  • A momentary shift in the energy in a family or group.
  • A detail you never noticed before about something you see every day

Are you getting your signals?

2. SYMPTOMS are more serious, such as: hammer-1600x900

  • A diagnosis from your doctor
  • A part of your body stops working
  • Excruciating pain
  • Emotional explosion or blow-up
  • Terrible suffering of people you love
  • A migraine headache
  • Serious indigestion
  • A visit to the hospital or emergency room
  • A sleepless night
  • An illness or disability
  • You lose your job, a friend, or a marriage
  • A warning from your boss, teacher or parent

Are you listening yet?

3. STONES block our ability to observe and listen, such as:stones

  • A habit that you don’t want to change.
  • You judge a situation.
  • A belief that my way is best.
  • You believe something you learned that may not be true.
  • You think you already have the whole picture and you know what’s right.
  • You think you’re entitled to something so you demand it.
  • You feel great resistance to anything.
  • Stubbornness or refusal to accept what is.

Are you listening yet? Or are you fighting an invisible enemy?

4. STRESS increases the intensity of whatever is happening, for example: stress-relief

  • Multiple Signals and Symptoms happen simultaneously, threaten to overwhelm.
  • Overstimulation, EMF’s, TV, computers, cell phones, loud noises cause stress.
  • You believe that time is limited so you have to rush around, creating stress.
  • Overwhelm can happen from sheer volume of sensory input.
  • Stress makes everything else more challenging.
  • Stress reactions can come from stressed people around you. Like a virus you catch.
  • Stress can be mental or emotional strain, from challenging circumstances.
  • Stress can “switch” you to fight-flight mode so tiny things trigger emotional reactions.
  • Stress can be your own self-imposed habits, such as the tendency to worry or hurry or be anxious.

Stress is your response. You own it. Can you calmly take it apart piece by piece and put it behind you forever?

5. SOLUTIONS are new and bright ideas that help you become an observer. light-bulb

  • Slow down. To be a good observer, you must slow down.
  • Take a step back, take a breath, calm down, and start over.
  • Observe yourself in every moment. How do you feel? What do you say and why?
  • Ask for the truth to be clear. Ask for the best solutions to be shown to you.
  • Become an observer of human nature. Notice other people and their details.
  • Keep a journal. Write something about how you feel every day, your dreams, etc.
  • Make a choice to DO SOMETHING. And then DO it completely.
  • Or choose to DO NOTHING. This is sometimes the best choice.
  • Breathe deeply and ask to open.
  • Find a spiritual practice that quiets your mind and brings new harmony into your life.
  • Take a walk in Nature and leave your problems behind. Maybe your perceptions will change.
  • Turn to face your situation with openness and a wish to change
  • Observe that you body is trying to tell you something about your life. Try to interpret that.
  • Take a breath, laugh and say “fiddle dee dee”, I’ll think about that tomorrow.
  • Prioritize your issues and face them calmly one at a time.
  • Ask for what you need.
  • Clean up your diet, as digestive issues can exacerbate emotional issues.
  • Move your body with exercise, Qigong, Yoga or walking outside. Movement helps process emotions.
  • Don’t complain. See the difficulty as a personal gift to untangle or accept.
  • Put yourself in your “opponent” person’s place. Really. And notice what they may feel.
  • Never allow yourself to become polarized in an argument. Try to see all sides.
  • Thank the universe for giving you this gift of difficulty and ask for help to understand it.

There are infinite solutions to your issues. Can you find the ones that are perfect for you?

Quietly observing yourself and your life is the best starting point for making things better, reducing stress, and finding solutions. The difficulties in our lives are gifts that exist to teach us something about ourselves. Complaining is useless waste of energy. Simply observing yourself is a lot more fun and it’s extremely rewarding. Try it, like a game, and see how you like it!

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