“Buddha Speaks, for Children and Adults”

This book offers a rare opportunity for children and adults to have a meaningful conversation around everyday thought-provoking questions. Designed to empower and to build common-sense awareness, the quotes are designed to stimulate hearts and minds. Each quote has a unique illustration, an idea nugget to invite a dialogue and a deep dive into practical life lessons about behavior, values, how to react, how not to react, how to find balance, and much more. Children Ages 5 – 1 years. Adults 12-100 years.

The Buddha’s messages are practical, non-religious, compatible with any faith. Attractive images bring clarity to the his original meaning for easy understanding of advanced concepts in simple words. The illustrations clearly show the depth of the Buddha’s message for the adult, who may then unravel it for the child if desired.

These quotes are all authentic words spoken by Shakyamuni Buddha, taken directly from ancient Pali texts over two thousand years old. The translations are all new. I have carefully reframed them into plain English so that modern readers can fully comprehend.

We will need an illustrator. The sample images are my provisional ideas. I envision a book with 36 quotes however this could change. I have almost unlimited potential quotes, allowing for selective elimination.

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