Do You Drink Enough Water? An Exercise to Increase Absorption

Your body needs water to live. All body functions require H2O. When you MOVE, the water is absorbed. When there’s no movement, there’s no nourishment, no release of toxins, no joy, and no life! It’s that simple. All your organs, circulation, energy flow to the cells, brain function, and thoughts rely on water.

How much water do you drink per day?
Start with 72 -80 ounces daily, and drinking just 6-8 ounces at a time. If you are older or less mobile, you must drink MORE water, as your body forgets how to absorb. And aging is synonymous to dehydration. Quality water is your #1 key to good health. Dehydration also drastically reduces the exchange of nutrients across cell membranes. Bioenergetics tells us that water is associated with the experience and acceptance of joy in one’s life. Dehydration symbolizes a lack of joy. It’s that simple. Get it?

Dehydration is an Epidemic
Most of us drink far less water than we need. As a result, all body functions perform poorly. We feel exhausted, toxic, and moody or depressed. When we drink enough quality water and move the body (lymph), our health improves rapidly. 

Hydration Protocol for Water Absorption
Some people are so dehydrated, or their water is so poor, that the cells no longer accept water easily. Instead, the body rejects much of it by peeing it out. You can change that.

Here’s a tapping protocol to correct your water absorption level. It uses energy medicine to invite your body and your brain to accept and assimilate water and joy into the cells. See video below.

  1. Wet a finger (or Q-tip) with a few drops of water. Put it in your navel.
  2. BREATHE! Make an intention to invite water and joy into every cell.
  3. Place your palms gently on both sides of your head at the level of the temples, elbows pointing forward. Hold for a few seconds.
  4. Hold one hand on the lower back occipital skull touching both sides.
  5. While holding that with one hand, spread fingers of the other hand and tap the crown, the heart, then the belly (These are the 3 dantiens. Tap 5-6 times with your other hand: (When tapping the crown your hand should touch both left and right hemispheres at the same time.)
  6. Then place both palms again on both sides of your head.
  7. Move the back hand one hand-width higher on your skull and repeat tapping head, heart, belly. Then place both palms again on both sides of your head for a few seconds.
  8. Repeat Step 6 several more times, each time moving one hand width up and around the top of your head until your hand is over your eyes.
  9. To finish, hold both sides of your head with both hands. Use one hand to tap the 3 dantiens. Hold both sides of your head again, and then use the other hand to tap the 3 dantiens.
  10. Finish holding both sides of your head briefly.

Thanks for reading!

BTW Here’s a very interesting approach to calculating your water intake and your personal hydration needs at FittnessVolt. Water Intake Calculator:

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