The Forgotten Pandemics – Infographics to Print & Healthy Solutions

Hello friends, my new video series is UP! It is about the underlying co-morbidities to Covid-19 deaths. These are the diseases that increase the risk of illness and death and can be considered pandemics on their own. Enjoy my infographics below! I invite you to print the PDF’s, share with others and use them! Here’s a link to my YouTube Series: The Forgotten Pandemics of the 21st Century, and how to avoid them. Best wishes for your radiant health! Sri Jana

Part I. Infographics Download and Print






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Part II.  Solutions to Forgotten Pandemics:

View pdf video transcript: Forgotten Pandemics of the 21st Century

View pdf of Solutions: Forgotten Pandemics – Solutions

“If you do all these things your friends will call you crazy.
If you do half of them, you will vastly reduce your risk of a pandemic.”

Five Food Solutions:

  1. Eat Good Stuff
    Alkaline diet of fresh whole local foods, 100% organic diet, Non-GMO. Measure your body pH. Eat mainly vegetables, lightly cooked, whole grains that have been soaked, and low-sugar fruit. Ask for organic foods in restaurants.
  • Eat organic whole local foods that we trust.
  • Eat artisan whole grains, and legumes, presoaked 12-24 hours. Then rinse well and cook. From those you can boil breakfast porridge, soups, blender breads.
  • Grind and use whole grain flours immediately. Or eliminate grains altogether.
  • Use low heat cooking like steam and boil. Avoid high-heat from frying, baking, micro-wave, broilers, and grill.
  • Healthy oils include coconut oil, organic animal fats, pure olive oil (beware 80% of olive oil is mixed with cheap seed oils), and avocado oil. Use my free lifestyle – recipe website
  • Use my books:
  • A dose of 100% unsweetened chocolate every day.
  • Use baking soda if desired to alkalinize the body. Cancer can’t grow in alkaline conditions. This can be beneficial according to the book: Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, by Mark Alan Sircus,
  1. Avoid Bad Stuff
    Avoid all commercial and packaged foods, and most bulk foods, all sugars, and processed grains. Keep blood sugar flat and low. Avoid flour, bread, cookies, pasta, snacks, crackers, chips, white rice, and sweets made with commercial flour. Make your own delicious foods with my free online recipes or my cookbooks
  • Avoid industrial grains.
  • Avoid microwaving or high temperature cooking as this destroys nutrients and creates body acidity.
  • No smoking or drinking.
  • Eliminate extracted seed oils, soy, corn, canola, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed, peanut, and “vegetable” oil. Instead use coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil (best quality as some is mixed), and avocado oil.
  • Avoid high-heat cooking methods like microwave, frying, broiling, and even baking, as high heat destroys nutrients. Use steam and boiling. You can trust a hot fever to heal microbes and even viruses.
  • Eliminate high-metal infused fish: Mackerel, Shark, Swordfish, and Tuna.
  • Avoid confusion and disagreement. Avoid diet fundamentalism. Listen to your body.
  • Avoid GMO-Free foods as they often use toxic glyphosate. Stick with organic, or a chemical-free farmer that you trust.
  • Detox your body every way possible. Toxins can accumulate in the body tissues, stored primarily in the bone marrow, fat, liver, and lymph.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, UV radiation in sunlight, chemicals in foods, pesticides, herbicides, asbestos in the lungs, tar and pitch, benzopyrene, heavy metals, plastics, microbes, radiation, and toxic medications.
  1. Eat high fiber foods exclusively, to keep body clear inside. Chia seeds, sprouted unpolished rice, whole soaked grains, steel cut oats, vegetables. Fiber cleans the digestive track, eliminates mucus, clears lymph, helps avoid sludge and opportunistic microbes: Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, and Viruses. Your new diet is a constant digestive cleanse.
  2. Body Discipline. Spend twice as much money on food, and eat half as much. Eat on time. Bless your food with gratitude for your life. Study your environment and make it your responsibility to recognize and avoid toxins. Avoid vaccines that contain harmful toxins or heavy metals. Eat quietly. Chew well and slowly. Consider calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. Bless your food. As you plant it, buy it, prepare, and eat it, to infuse it with higher energies of light, love, and health.
  3. Supplement with intelligence, high quality products.
  • Vitamin C,
  • Multi-vitamin,
  • Adrenal supplement (I use COOP brand Adrenal Rx(Buy at La Montanita Coop in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM) Contains Extract of Eleuthero, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, Schisandra, American Ginseng, Rhodiola, Red Chinese ginseng, Manchurian Thorn Tree.
  • I take large amounts of Super Lutein Mirto+, a powerful Beta Carotene supplement to counterbalance low nutrition in foods. It is made by Naturally Plus USA, an MLM company. I believe it is worth every penny I spend on it.

Use These Healthy Sweeteners Without Glucose or Fructose
Available in a few groceries and online.

  1. Just Like Sugar Tabletop chicory root sweetener (temporarily out of stock)
  2. PureLo Lo Han Sweetener by Swanson
  3. Swerve Sweetener 
  4. Norbu Sweetener, Lakanto

Five (Six) Lifestyle Solutions:

  1. Prayer, Meditation, Nature attunement, Rest and spirituality are top priority now. Reduce stress and build resilience. Why are you here on earth? Quiet your mind, look deeper, see through superficial discomfort into the core meaning of every situation. Bless your life. Create protective light around yourself. See every situation as a spiritual lesson. Be passionate about loving God, or some force greater than yourself.
    Do my Six-Step Harmonization, A Focused Meditation to Start Your Day, link below, which stabilizes all body systems. Sleep 8 -9 hours or more every night, Be extra kind to yourself and others. Teach young children the value of life, good practices, the meaning of life. Establish a religious or spiritual understanding from an early age. Encourage strong family roots, connection with friends and loved ones
  2. Protect your DNA. Limit exposure to EMF’s, chemicals and heavy metals. Get a tool to measure EMF in your home, workplace, car, and community school. There are several meters. Measures W-FI with The Acousticom 2. Measure EMF’s is The TriField model TF2. There are more expensive meters – but these two will do the job.
    They can both be found on STOPSMARTORG, email:
    Study Arthur Firstenberg’s video: 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity on-body use of cell phones and electrical appliances. Use hands-free and loudspeaker. Text instead of phoning when possible, frequently change side of the ear while listening, selective use of tower and Wifi connection. Shield your baby with anti-radiation belly protector. At night, switch off your Wifi. Put your devices on Airplane mode or no internet. Better yet, turn off the power to your home. If you’re sensitive, sleep in a Faraday cage. Or move to a secluded natural home near a clean ocean and no cell towers. Support initiatives to make safer electronic devices.
  1. Have Fun. This is not optional. Plan some pleasure every day that helps you relax. Cultivate close relationships. Use all your senses. Laugh at your problems, maintaining a flexible mental attitude, open mind, accepting of change. Flexibility, adaptability and strength are essential now. Know when to insist on perfection, when to let it go. Be insanely kind and compassionate to others. Say something honestly uplifting to every person you meet.
  2. Clean Body, Simple Home – Eliminate substances you don’t need, and those known to damage DNA – commercial cosmetics, shampoo, creams, toxic toothpaste. Many of these are high in heavy metals and toxins. Use simple cosmetics and skin care like homemade coconut oil, baking soda, natural local products. Clear your kitchen and home of aluminum and non-stick cookware. Replace toxic kitchen items with glass, enamel, cast iron, or titanium. Best are all-natural substances that don’t release poisonous gases when heated up. Detox from mercury or other heavy metals. Test your levels, and if they are high, do a medically supervised detox program. Avoid toxic exposure to dust or air pollution. Use a hypo-allergenic vacuum system at home such as, water or filtered bag, etc. Avoid toxic air fresheners, chemical aerosols, and mosquito coils. Oh, and get a good home air filter. 
  1. Train your mind vigilantly with integrity so you can self-observe your triggers. Study the world and take responsibility for your own health. Use a broad-spectrum approach to research and healing using a variety of reliable methods and uncensored sources to give you the greatest truth. Avoid fundamental thinking, made-up thought forms, making assumptions. Be discerning, however sidestep all polarization. A healthy attitude means we don’t allow self-righteousness, polarized ideas, tantrums and emotional distortion to ruin your day. Use web resources that to not track, filter, prompt, or manipulate.
  1. Breathe, Hydrate and Move!
    Alkalinize the body with a quart of warm water with lemon on rising every morning. Walk outside in sunlight 30-minutes/day. Breathe! Choose a varied movement system that includes shaking, inversion, aerobic, building muscle tone, flexibility, and bone strength. Use natural body heat and sunlight to clear microbes and toxins. Yogic breathing, movement, massage, inversions, and frequent sex are all boons to your health. Stay juicy! Get a quality home water filter to remove chlorine, fluoride, and particulates. Drink 2.5 liters of clean water every day, in small doses to keep lymph clear. Avoid exposure to dust, animal dander, or air pollution. Use a hypo-allergenic vacuum system at home such as, water or filtered bag, etc. Avoid toxic air fresheners, chemical aerosols, and mosquito coils.Thanks for watching.
    Let’s make Earth a safe and beautiful place to live. All these links and graphics are free, available at the links below. I hope you found this interesting and useful. Thanks for watching.

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This article was written by Jane Barthelemy, aka Sri Jana, not a medical doctor.
Always consult your wellness advocate before believing anyone or starting any new regiment.

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