Earth Day Celebration at Keramas Sacred River Village

Earth Day April 22nd began at 7:30 am in the dining room of Keramas Sacred River Village. A group of young volunteers from our staff piled onto the truck armed with brooms, bags, and cutters. Today their job is to clean up the Keramas River and its source temples.

The Keramas River is located in southeastern Bali in a beautiful jungle area. This river is so important to our lives, not only because it flows by and washes through our retreat center to the black sand beaches nearby, but also because it is fed by 11 sacred springs from the Bali mountains many miles away.

Because of its unpolluted mountain sources this river has always been extremely clean. We can swim in its pristine waters. We can bathe in the adjoining pools. We are blessed to have frequent ceremonies here at our 7th century private Hindu temple. The 11 springs that feed the river are also spiritual centers, each one with its own temple. They need to be protected.

In Indonesian language Bu means Mother. And Ibu means Woman. Pertiwi means Earth. So, we use the term Ibu Pertiwi when we honor Mother Earth.

Earth Day is an international day to remember how important it is to protect the environment, nature, the especially water every single day. Today we took the opportunity to join with environmentally conscious people around the globe to celebrate Earth Day. 

The climate in Bali is beautiful all year round. We are very close to the equator, so there are only two seasons 1) rainy and 2) not rainy. We are blessed with stable environment here. Global climate panic has not shown up in Bali. The weather is very consistent from year to year. We recognize Earth Day as a reminder to respect our Earth Mother Ibu Pertiwi all year round.

Warm greetings from Ketut, the owner and inspiration behind Keramas Sacred River Village.






Snack for all the workers has arrived!

The neighborhood meets about logistics, and keeping the river clean. Within a few months we hope to make path through all 11 springs, which will be a 3-hour hike through the wilderness. It will lead along the river to all 11 springs and their temples.

Relaxing at the pool during the meeting.


Warm greetings from Ketut, the owner and inspiration behind Keramas Sacred River Village.

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