The New Normal is Continual Change and Beauty – Our Photo Shoot!

Hello friends. Every day in Bali is a discovery! The energy feels so unique every morning, I need to start with a grounding meditation, then stay awake to ride the waves of possibilities coming in. Recently we met a surprising couple from St. Petersburg, Russia. Marina is an Instagram designer, and Ed is a personal online mentor. We’re all serendipitously trapped here in Bali, and it feels perfect! In minutes we had cooked up an Instagram presence for Lama D and me to promote our classes, healings, and workshops here. The photo left to right: Ayu partner in water company, Ketut owner of Keramas retreat center, Ed online mentor, myself, and Marina my Instagram guide.

Marina is pushing me, and I’m doing my best to respond – ha! She brought a wonderful local photographer, and the chemistry is fun. The photo shoot is finished, and today I was supposed to color code 4,000 photos. Yikes! But I hate pressure. So instead I’m just playing around sharing a few raw, untouched screenshots with you to give you an idea of what will take shape as soon as the world opens. We hope you can come for a visit!

You are invited to come enjoy our workshops and classes. They will include Meditation, Emotional Healing, Kundalini breath work, Qigong and Taichi, Practical Buddhism discussions with Lama D, Readings from my channeled book Buddha Speaks, and classes on How to Heal your Past Lives. We offer a class on the Sacred Anatomy for the Body to develop your inner awareness. We teach the Bhagavad Gita, a fascinating deep dive into Hindu wisdom – guaranteed to change your life. We offer two workshops: 1) Rejuvenate Body, Mind, and Spirit on diet and lifestyle. And 2) A Bali Spiritual Journey to discover traditions and visit sacred sites on the island. Read more about our classes here.

We’re working with Ketut, owner of our Keramas Sacred River retreat center, which offers beautiful, affordable accommodations. He and Ayu, his partner are  creating a new bottled water brand from Keramas sacred springs. It’s delicious!

We taste the first bottles of fresh spring water with Ketut, Marina, and Ed! Yes, we are sitting in the middle of the pristine Keramas River, a stream fed by 11 sacred mountain springs. It’s washing our feet.





I taught a song to our English students. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. What fun!

Lama D is teaching English! A great accomplishment!




Teaching a meditation – breathing class.

We are truly lost in the jungle…

Lost at the beach…

The black sand beaches are just 5-minutes away by bicycle.

Lunch by the pool.

Doing Craniosacral therapy.

Feeding the goats.

An online class via Zoom.

Thanks for joining us. Please be well. Love from both of us!

Sri Jana

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