Heal Your Past Lives, a Book Proposal from Srijana in Bhutan

Hello, I am seeking a publisher for my book Heal Your Past Lives. I am also seeking a knowledgeable foreword-writer and book reviews. My mission is to show that it is possible to heal the body-mind-spirit permanently. I wish to empower people to recall their past clearly, painlessly and to discover well-being right now.

I also invite a screenplay and movie of selected scenes, because these stories are powerful teachings for all people. Truth is far more fascinating than fiction. Even a master science-fiction writer couldn’t invent the amazing tales I discovered in our history. Click on pdf below to view proposal and sample chapters. Thank you for your consideration.

Paro, Bhutan
Website: FiveSeasonsMedicine.com
Email: jane@fiveseasonsmedicine.com
Faceboook: Sri Jana: srijana1080
Bhutan tel: 975-1796-7830

Heal Your Past Lives
How to Dissolve Past Trauma that Conditions Your Life and Causes Unhappiness. 

My book Heal Your Past Lives offers a technique to permanently dissolve negative thoughts rooted in the past. Many people carry distant memories of traumatic heartbreak and fear. These memories can manifest in present time as disease, allergies, intolerances, limiting beliefs, and irrational reactions. We tend to attract and repeat what is familiar or expected. Now is the time for humanity to heal. In this ground-breaking book, 6-Step instructions show clearly how to pinpoint and heal your own past trauma.

I began doing regular self-healings and found I have over 200 previous lifetimes, many of them traumatic. I discovered how to identify and dissolve old impressions that were causing bad dreams, self-defeating habits, and perceptual distortions in my life. I persisted in weekly healings, scribbling messy notes through my surprise. As past scenes revealed themselves clearly under hypnosis, I could hardly believe the traumas I found. I did not find kings or queens, but instead far more surprising, real people. My journey included a life as a hermaphrodite on a distant planet and a humanoid in Africa. I lived in ancient Tibet, Biblical times, and starved as an American Indian. I lived through the reign of reptilians in Peru and of Yahweh, the Babylonian warrior gods. I saw the Inquisition and the Holocaust, suffering sometimes as a victim, sometimes a terrible perpetrator. I was persecuted as Hildegard von Bingen and fought as a general in Genghis Khan’s army. With each session, trauma vanished, and my health returned.

Living in Santa Fe felt better, and my healings turned into a life-changing journey, each day increasingly filled with joy and beautiful synchronicities. The book outlines six steps to heal your own past trauma, a journal of 54 unexpected past life stories, and how clearing those traumas transformed my life. Click on pdf link below:


Contents, Heal Your Past Lives

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