I come to Santa Fe, clear everything in storage

Lama D and I spent a few days relaxing in Mumbai. Then I flew to Santa Fe alone and he stayed behind, due to a rejected US visa. I discovered 99% of Indian and Bhutanese visa applications are rejected summarily by the US embassy, without even looking at documents. This was a pretty tough moment, as we had prepared for months requesting a short tourist visa. However I trust that all is perfect and made my solo travel plans immediately.

I arrived in Santa Fe the week of the Albuquerque balloon festival. It was beautiful, however all rental units in Santa Fe were full, so I stayed with my dear friend Myra Krien for a few days. Thank you, Myra!

My lovely friend Diane generously offered me her rental unit in Fort Marcy Condominiums at a good price, and I am very grateful. I have a full kitchen, washer, dryer, and extra space to sort boxes. Thank you Diane!

Now I can do my practice in the morning. Both Lama D and I meditate and chant daily. My morning practice fills me with joy.

This week is “show time” for getting my books published. I have submitted proposals for these six books to publishers, and now await positive response from any one of them. My six books are about Authentic Buddhism, Healing Past Lives, and Bhutan Travel plus traditional recipes. View my book proposals here.

Love Your Self Cafe is my favorite eatery, in DeVargas Mall behind Sprouts, next door to the Light Vessel Spa. I eat there often. Their vegetarian organic food is the best in Santa Fe!

Today’s lunch was organic Huevos Rancheros with red and green chili sauce.

Meet George, my favorite mover in Santa Fe (far right). George and his amazing guys cleared my two storage unit in four hours. Thanks, George! I can’t afford to store things that I’ll never need, and I can’t ship to Bhutan.

These guys are pros. They filled a truck in no time flat. I am so grateful to George and his wife Renee for disposing of my things. In return, I gave him all my furniture, computers, electronics, and clothes. I kept just a few of the most valuable items to distribute to friends on indefinite loan. I won’t need these things in Bhutan.

It was an interesting experience to see all my favorite things slip through my fingers and vanish. However then I remembered that I’ve had to let everything, I mean EVERYTHING go at least ten other occasions in my life. So I quickly selected a very few things (like my high-top fur-lined slippers, and my S-100 Canon camera). Then I walked away, leaving the rest for George – furniture, cabinets, food processor, dining room table, pressure cooker, iMac, framed art, etc, etc. He and his family can really use these things. Bye bye!

Now we’re focused on building the website for White Tiger Bhutan Tours. Are you coming to Bhutan with us? I’m excited to be part of this team. We already have two tours scheduled, even before getting the website up! The phone number on the flyer is to Ghalem, my brilliant sister-in-law, owner of the tour company.

I hope you can come for the tour in April! Even when I’m far away, I’m as close as your phone. My Bhutan number is 975-1796-7830. Or you can connect to me via FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/jane.barthelemy

My brilliant sister-in-law Ghalem (Auspicious Sign) owns and manages our tour company. She is competent, an expert organizer, and grounded. I would trust Ghalem with my life, and I do! My job is to write text for the website and tell people about the tours. I will be on some of the tours, and if you come I will be there!

I’m enjoying my time in Santa Fe, primarily focused on work I must finish here. Yes, I do get to play a little, so I’m having an open house for friends in my condominium on Saturday November 2nd, 10am to 7pm. Please come. I hope you can stop by to share a relaxing cup of tea!

I’m at the Fort Marcy Condominiums, 321 Kearney Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501, apt #52. From Paseo de Peralta, turn uphill onto Otero, take the first right on Kearney and go up the hill. Pass the condo offices and drive all the way to the top of the hill. On the right you’ll see a City of Santa Fe park. Turn into the large parking lot on the opposite side of the street. Park your car and come to #52, the 2nd condo on your right. If problems, call me: 505-930-2745.

Meanwhile, I enjoy the panoramic 360 degree sunsets here every day!

Thanks for stopping by! Next week I’ll be in Santa Fe. I still have lots of loose ends to tie up. I will fly to Paro, Bhutan November 6th, not sure when I’ll be back. Be well!

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