It’s the rainy season in Bali

Everything is lush and green. Each day is so quiet, it’s an exercise in surrender and determination – at the same time. The entire island is waiting to see when tourism will return, since that is the life blood of the people. This is still unclear, as it depends on the world situation and the US election. Bali relies greatly on tourism from Australia, but that country just extended its restrictions on overseas travel until mid-March. It that comes true, then soon we will have been here for one year.


Enjoying Study of the Bhagavad Gita
These days I’m enjoying making a video series on the Bhagavad Gita. It beats being angry or researching the world situation. The Gita calms me and helps me remember that the Truth never changes. Science, Religion, Life, Death, and Truth always were and always will be. Although modern world view might listen to politics, opinion or “spin” on a story, the Big Truth is always just there.

Whew! Each chapter of the Gita is a new revelation, and also a challenge to our Western world view. I discuss these issues directly in my videos. I use careful translation into English with sacred images and music. Thus, my series is unique from other online Gita classes, many of which teach Sanskrit chanting. I can’t do that. So far I’ve finished four of a total of 18 chapters. This project will take me 8-10 more weeks to finish.  Click to see the playlist on my YouTube channel here:

Exciting News! We’re going to Teach!
Lama D and I have just joined the faculty of the New Earth University. It is a wonderful online institute with an inspiring faculty and diverse offerings. Click here to see our proposed classes.  Read about the New Earth University here. Below is Lama D’s curriculum for lectures on Buddhist Pure Dharma. (He plans his classes in Dzongkha, then translates into English.)

Lama D spends his days consulting to the parliament of Bhutan, with whom he has many lifelong friends. And he speaks with his extended family. Today he’s making his office in the dining area out of the rain.

Our breakfast today was red rice and broccoli. I’m crazy for cruciferous veggies! We eat simple, local food. We found a great source for organic red rice, homemade feta cheese, and fresh veggies. Sometimes we gather greens from the jungle here at Keramas Sacred River Village. Since Lama D insists upon doing all the food shopping and cooking, I await my meals every day. Funny, because I’ve always loved preparing food. But not any more. It’s a nice break after so many years of being the “cook”. Instead, I work on the computer, take walks around the temple, or make videos.

Today’s lunch is wild spinach, green beans, and cabbage from the garden, with feta cheese and garlic. Yummy!

Today the staff surprised us. On my way out for a walk I discovered they made a Christmas tree with sparkles and lights!! It’s suspended from the lattice above. These people are mostly Hindu, but they are open to all religions and they like to make Western people happy. Maybe I’ll show up as Santa!

Life is relaxed here. We are the only guests in this beautiful retreat center. The staff keeps the place very nice. We eat in the empty restaurant and prepare our food in the shared kitchen. We take walks and pray every day at the 7th-century temple. It’s safe and very quiet. Once every week or so we take an exciting trip to the city for lunch and shopping.

“There’s a crack, a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen

Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you and all of us for the many wonderful changes going on in our world!
Sri Jana

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