Musings on our times – A channeled message from Srijana

A few days ago, I went deep into trance and asked a few questions. This is what came out. Please forgive that it is a bit rough.

One of the questions I asked was “What is a virus?”. The answer really surprised me, and I’m still wondering what it means. I was told that a virus is essentially a tiny bit of DNA intended by nature to be a healing force in the human system and all of life. A virus is an evolutionary tool, like a catalyst and a clearing. Viruses are generally our friends. Viruses are constantly changing. Of course, we can manipulate viruses to make them harmful, but that’s a different topic.

When a virus changes and upgrades in a new environment.
We call that “mutation”.
When a human being changes and upgrades in a new environment.
We call that “transformation”.

We use the word FATE to indicate some kind of fixed pathway, however our word DESTINY is much bigger than that. In the real universe, we humans are encoded with memories from other universes, other dimensions, and other timelines. While this is difficult to express in words, impossible to analyze, to model, or even converse about it, we are further invited now to forget everything we have been taught about the universe. We must now even acknowledge fatal flaws in so-called “scientific” Newtonian laws, that we have relied upon to desperately prop up our fragile, changing reality.

Human beings hold the memory of the entire universe, and like all living beings, we are constantly changing in response to our environment. Lifetime after lifetime we are born into a particular style or configuration and we work within the confines of that as if it is a kind of a blueprint. However each of us also has an overarching existence over countless lives strung together seemingly for a purpose. It seems we are meant to discover that purpose now.

Life endures. Life evolves in response to the environment. Yes, this includes DNA evolution but goes far beyond it. Evolution encompasses not only physical DNA, and includes deep memories of past lives and our spiritual ancestry. Our fast-track healing now involves tuning in to universal cycles deep within our subconscious memory to harmonize and balance ourselves to a new reality.

Every moment in TIME is unique. That’s because time is a function of SPACE. And SPACE is always in motion. This is necessarily true when we remember that not only is the earth rotating every day,  revolving around the sun, the phases of the moon influence our bodies are awareness, and myriad planetary relationships influence our inner vibration. Of course we must also take into account the sun’s orbit on some kind of trajectory through the vast Milky Way, our home galaxy, as our sun enjoys a binary star relationship with another sun and planetary system, perhaps a sister star in the Pleiades constellation. Not to mention that our home galaxy is constantly spiraling internally and moving in relation to other galaxies. This obviously means that each momentary configuration in time-space is unique, probably, perhaps NEVER seen before and will never occur again. We as humans, feel a changing awareness in each moment, corresponding to these cycles, that affects us in our daily lives perhaps more than we know. The roots of cause and effect are deeply embedded in FATE and DESTINY. These timelines are multi-dimensional and very old.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I suddenly realized that my books are ALL about the same thing: Merging timelines, and changing destiny..
Three years ago when I began to study past lives and write my upcoming book “Heal Your Past Lives”, I wanted to pluck out trauma from the distant past to dissolve old memories that were causing bad dreams, irrational reactions, and unpleasant expectations. Each self-healing session somehow called up my previous lives to remove old habits containing stuck, static, or extraneous, heavy energies at the root of fear and emotional dissonance in my life.  Little did I know that this process would actually change my reality. It’s as if I managed to “upgrade” every experience in my life, allowing me to see it clearly as a joyful opportunity, a positive lesson, or a cleaning of the slate. During the period as I researched my past lives, my destiny began to shift completely. As I believed more and more in the intrinsic value of my chain of existences in a simple way, as I accepted more and more an invisible inner reality, the old habits began to fall away. It was as if the timelines that were once my indelible, unavoidable FATE at the time, were dissolved and merged into a different timeline, a much happier and fulfilling DESTINY that defies explanation. In the book, I teach readers how to heal their own past trauma, and document my changing awareness over time.
What about my upcoming book Buddha Speaks? This channeled book is ALSO about the same subject of mutation and transformation, from a different perspective.

“I laughingly summarize my 50 years of meditation and healing into this:
A fervent wish to “upgrade my existence, to bring my true memory forward,
to bring the value of human life to the forefront of creation”.

There’s more. It’s so interesting and strange, something the Buddha said to me in the channeled book “Buddha Speaks”. In the chapter on sexuality he explained why Buddhist monks were forbidden to participate in sex. He described the purpose of spiritual practice is to “upgrade a human being”, essentially to “break it’s FATE of Samsara, of repeating lifetime after lifetime of suffering”. He said this involves closing off a part of the natural destiny to procreate, allowing the body liquids and energies to flow UPWARD. Thus the aim of the teachings of the Buddha is to lift people UP out of the biological heritage we are born into, in order to manifest something higher, into true evolution. Strangely enough, the Buddha also said that the very highest level of spiritual discovery in the human body is to experience sexual ecstasy with another person, because this can be a key to achieving supreme levels of spiritual realization and joy. He emphasized this was a rare practice for highly evolved Lamas involving orgasm without penetration or ejaculation. He described it as an advanced and secret visualization practice that can be used only after years of discipline and surrender, which is not appropriate for beginning or intermediate practitioners. He gave a severe warning to avoid using sex as a basis for spiritual practice. Yep. You’ll have to read it to believe it.

What about my next book? Turns out it’s on the very same theme of “higher mutation and merging timelines. “From the Kingdom of Happiness, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook” invites an integration of East and West, blending two disparate timelines found in the modern age, to incorporate profound wisdom of ancient Buddhism. The goal of this book is to synthesize Eastern patience and wisdom with Western linear logic, to create a unified, upgraded contemporary human being. Perhaps the idea arose from a necessity I felt the very first time I met my husband Lama D, a renegade Buddhist lineage holder, and the first time I visited Bhutan. Although the Dzongkha language is very different and the lifestyle radically simple, palpable wisdom of the hills and its deep connection within the lineage of the people is so pure, ancient, and complex, that Westerners will benefit just to come in contact with it. We need to rub shoulders to absorb whatever content we are able, while this beauty still exists on earth. This book explores the merging of two timelines and lineages through every means possible, like stories, myths, ancient prophecies, photographs, Himalayan recipes, festivals, and of course a personal invitation for you to visit the Kingdom of Happiness.

So what is going on now? Is this a test of the survival of the fittest? No, not exactly, at least not the way Darwin meant it, and there’s nothing random about it. These days and weeks are an invitation, an opportunity to jump through a portal, to merge two timelines. This can be done as a physical human living a body. Or it can be done by crossing over to the other side, as we see many people making a shift through the unique process of dying. This time is a RARE opportunity. As I see it, maybe this isn’t “once-in-a-lifetime”. It might be closer to “once in a million”. So let’s enjoy it, work it for everyone’s benefit, and make the most of it.
In conclusion, do we get any advice here? Yes. Cell biologists say that any living organism, in order to manifest the highest version of its own life force, will become less and less impervious to the ravages of its physical environment. Resilient. Immune. Stronger inside. Hence it is very important for us to root ourselves in our true wishes, our deepest reality, the beautiful, big multi-verse. We need to protect ourselves from and become immune to outer disturbances, inconveniences and physical challenges caused by myriad static energies and distractions. (To name a few, these can be things like worry about money, family dissonance, EMF’s, 5G, disagreements online, listening to the media, trying to convince others of an opinion they can’t accept, poisons in food, water and the environment around us. We become more impervious to static distractions, especially fear and anger.
Facts change every day. We don’t need to chase after every fact every day in our search for the truth. Our deepest core DESTINY, our wish for TRUTH and LIFE is constant. It never changes. Translate that into everyday practical terms, it means we stay simply one-pointed. Turn off the TV if it radiates fear and dissonant factoids. Relax the mind and autonomic nervous system to dissolve any old knee-jerk “fight-flight” habitual responses. We use daily meditation and all our available tools. We let go of old conditioning whenever you find it no longer helpful. During times like this once a day may not be enough. So we can increase our practice to 2x per day, or do it constantly.
You are free to live in your own inner world. With practice, you can even live in two worlds simultaneously. You can keep one foot in real deeper world where you receive inspiration, and the other foot in an outer world where you express it, assisting others who wish to see clearly. We can all hold the biggest vision of light and joy within each of us, as we express that freely according to our special personal gifts. Then it’s easier to choose every day to view the physical world’s happenings with compassion and love. My Six Sacred Practices offer is available to serve you, insulate you, and help you establish permanent awareness in the most positive realms. The practices are channeled and designed to address these very issues. Then we relax and enjoy the ride.

It’s understandable to be angry as we discover what has been going on behind the scenes. However as we see the multiple levels of control and domination with compassion for others,
we see they have also been devalued and used badly. Clear seeing is an expression of wisdom, detachment, and forgiveness, rather than allowing ourselves to succumb to fear and anger.

Anger is utterly counterproductive to life. We should not be angry at the perpetrators of Covid19 or 5G.  Yes, we can work diligently to end it. More importantly we should become resilient to it. We should not be distracted by the thousand myriad tests and physical distractions that inevitably come our way. Just like the leprechaun who finds the pot of gold must overcome some very tantalizing distractions, in order to claim a great treasure.

What is our treasure? Our great treasure is freedom and peace on earth, something we all really want. Visualize what you want every day. See it exactly. Describe it and ask for it clearly. Let this practice fill your days, as we recreate the world together in the image of truth and goodness.

When man-made laws are no longer relevant, we must rely on the Laws of Nature – the laws of perfection, beauty, and timeless destiny. The secret to facilitating change is found in the still point. In the STILL POINT, a SHIFT HAPPENS. Infinite silence is like a “sweet spot” to reveal every solution, every destiny. Stay in the still point long enough, and you will BE the solution. While this a Law of Nature, I don’t know how it works. It is beyond words. This is our challenge now. To find a point of complete silence, the sweet spot, the stillness that is the source of ALL. We must find it, believe it, and stay in it long enough to allow the transformational miracles to happen.

Lama D and I are alive and well in Bali. We wait and ride the shifts, looking forward to a time when we can return to Bhutan and receive you as a guest. In the meantime we send you many blessings and encourage you to find your biggest, most beautiful truth every day. Just send me an email if this resonates for you in any way. This channeled messages is over. Goodbye.






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