Personal Note for the Week

On a personal note, Lama D and I are still in Kuta, the South peninsula of Bali. We’re in a simple home near the Nusa Dua Beach. We’re under limited lockdown so we can’t explore Bali as we hoped. So we stay at home, except for a daily walk around the area where we live. It is quite hot here, so we’re moving slow.

We feel all the shifts and changes going on in the world. Things will never be the same. Such an exciting ride! Many of us are suffering cognitive dissonance, surprise, stress, and and financial uncertainty as we courageously face our demons, personal and collective. I feel a sense of grief for the world, as all my stereotypes of bad and good are being dashed to smithereens. On the other hand, I feel an enormous uplifting and opening for all of mankind. Please remember to relax, breathe deeply and meditate during this time.

My meditation practices are very much holding me together. I asked the universe what I could do to help, and received the instruction to offer the Six Sacred Practices through online sessions. This is part of my daily practice. It will soon become a video.

Today’s lunch is sprouted, fermented quinoa with red cabbage and cauliflower.

Lama D and I are resting a lot, drinking clean water, eating simple Balinese meals. Like papaya with yogurt.

We’re working on Lama D’s English, and writing the next book, which we will co-author. The new title is “From the Kingdom of Happiness, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook”. The book will be half stories and legends of Bhutan, which we’re transcribing from his memory. The other half is recipes that we’ll do when we return to Bhutan in May or June.

Oh, and we’re watching movies. So far we’ve watched Shawshank Redemption, The Rainmaker, Slumdog Millionaire, Apollo 3, and Bucket List. As a trained Buddhist monk, Lama D is fascinated with our varied American culture. His English listening skills are improving fast.

This amazing 5-petal flower was seen on our walk today.

Thanks for stopping by. We are fine here. We plan to be in Bali until late May of June, to return to Bhutan. Who knows? I send you so much love and best wishes.


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