Sensory Games


What are Sensory Games?

Games are fun ways to challenge and develop your body intelligence. They align and tune the body – mind, which is the opposite of sitting at a computer screen.

Physical health requires a high level of body awareness. Call it physical sensitivity, i.e. having a clear sense what’s happening in your body. Sensory games are simple, enjoyable ways for anyone to develop body awareness, integrate the senses, and improve health. We often think of high sensitivity as a weakness. However it is actually a strength, and it is essential for health.




Sensory games are fun. Even better, they’re powerful transformational exercises. Put them in your handy toolbox of tricks when you or someone you know needs help. Use them when you feel confused, have an accident, or are preparing for an important meeting. They can help dissolve fear, anger, or pain in moments. Use these tools anytime, at the post office, in the car, in the bathroom, or show them to a child to restore balance and immediately improve the body’s level of functioning.

Some of these games come from ancient traditions such as Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Native American practices. They’re perfect for modern times too. These games are fun for kids, and will keep you feeling young and vital at any age!

Top 6 Acupressure Points to Start Your Day

The simple act of massaging these six points will reset your body’s subtle energy to allow health and wellbeing to flow more easily. Just one minute of acupressure on key points unblocks your meridians, to transform your whole perspective. Use gentle yet firm pressure with either middle finger or thumb on these 6 points. Massage in a circular motion for 10 seconds and breathe deeply. As you press, your brain releases endorphins, calming chemicals that reduce pain and invite pleasurable feelings. Your muscles can relax and blood flows more freely. As tension recedes, the body finds balance, and you’ll feel better. These are 6 top points that most people desperately…

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Are You Getting Your Five Cosmic Messages?

By Jane Barthelemy. Yes, the five messages we receive in our life are: Signals, Symptoms, Stones, Stress, and Solutions. No, they don’t come in as texts. They come in as situations for us to unravel. We often believe things happen to us as if we had nothing to do with them. We act like we are victims of chance circumstances. Perhaps some random statistical probability just landed on your head. Many people like to react emotionally as if surprised by something they experience. Sometimes people tend to repeat the same problem happening over and over. We may even complain about it. When something happens, do you feel expected to respond immediately…

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16-Point Meridian Activation of the Qi Jing Ba Mai

This is an advanced activation technique to exponentially raise your level of functioning, give you more energy, and align your body to your spiritual destiny. It uses 16 acupuncture points, touching and tapping in a specific order. The exercise takes about 2 minutes. This can be done on waking in the morning, anytime during the day, or in moments of confusion or tiredness as needed. Scroll down to see diagrams and instructions.  What are the Extraordinary Meridians? The Qi Jing Ba Mai, called the Extraordinary Conduits, or the Eight Marvelous Ones are the deepest pathways of energy or Qi deep…

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Tools to Deprogram Chronic Fear

By Jane Barthelemy. This article discusses our layers of fear as individuals and as a society, and how subconscious fear affects our health. What is fear? We view fear from both Western neurological and Chinese Medicine perspectives. How does chronic fear limit our brain’s cognitive function and condition our behavior? How does fear cause stress in the nervous system and distort our true experience of reality? How can fear over time ruin your health? How can we unplug a pattern of fear and stress in the nervous system? There are many ways to self-heal the fear pattern in your brain. One of the best tools is called Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing from Ayurvedic wisdom. It takes…

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