The 6 Extraordinary Organs: Rulers of Human Destiny?

At this moment in time we are traveling through a momentous period for humanity. Our days are marked by metamorphosis as the global reality melts before our eyes, dissolving into something quite unknown. It is understandable that we feel afraid, uncertain, and vulnerable. Most of us feel we’re living in a surreal situation. We search for truth in facts, details, and even “science”, which we attempt to link into a coherent pattern amid an endless flood of data. This sometimes helps, however it is often counterproductive. We are left exhausted, addicted to a cliff-hanger narrative, living each day in a state of relative panic.

Most of us have developed healthy habits to strengthen our immunity. We know how to avoid people, places, and toxins that can infect us with negativity or illness. These tried-and-true immune-boosting remedies are still important. Humanity has faced many life-threatening challenges throughout history. Our human bodies possess an innate capacity for survival due to a resilient adaptability. However, now we are at a new precipice. And the challenge is real. Maybe it is time to step into a new arena of multi-dimensional consciousness as a true path to mental stability.

Stability of the mind: the new frontier.
As we search for truths in the mind, we sometimes ride the ups and downs of emotional reactions to incomplete or manipulated facts. Where can we find the roots of mental stability? This article addresses the 6 Extraordinary Organs, which give rise to all the other organs in the body, and rule their well-being throughout our life. Therefore, these FIRST organs are a huge key to a healthy immune system, evolution, and unfolding destiny.

The Extraordinary Organs, also known as “Curious Bowels,” are a mysterious set of functions responsible for evolutionary changes in the human body and spirit. The foundational premise of Chinese Medicine holds that the human soul is endowed with the innate ability to elevate into “higher” dimensions of consciousness, which means we can access multiple dimensions. Perhaps THIS is precisely the skill we are now invited to grasp, as we see one reality dissolving into a much bigger one.

What happens at conception?
The process of physical life begins from the inception of the soul within the mother’s uterus after sexual intercourse. In this moment a soul meets the physical realm. It meets the Five Vital Substances of Life, the bridge between the spirit and the body. These are Energy, (Qi), Blood (Xue), Body Fluids (Jinye), DNA Essence (Jing), and Spirit (Shen). While these substances are physical, they depend on the unseen world for their function in the body. That is the reason we say the Vital Substances actually bring life force into physical matter. If the soul is successful in life, this unique human being can ascend the “ladder” of life (via the spine) toward “heaven” (represented by the brain).

“The BIG question, and the elephant in the room is this:
How can we find a deeper relationship with our true inner power to successfully navigate a total transformation of our world?”

The X-Organs are unique. They precede the other organs, give rise to them, and rule their wellbeing.
These six extraordinary systems (Qi Heng Zhi Fu) have no specify location, since they are body-wide. The X-Organs are very different from the 12 familiar organs in TCM. After conception, first the Extraordinary Meridians appear. These vessels give rise to the Six Extraordinary Organs of destiny and evolution.



The Six X-Meridians include the Marrow, Blood vessels, Bones, Brain and nervous system, Procreative system, and the Gall bladder.

The Great Resource of Wisdom is Inside our Body!
Within the X-Meridians and X-Organs lies critical information gathered throughout our ancestral existence from the beginning of time, including our past lives (if you will, since Daoists believe such things). By addressing these resources within ourselves we can gain access to wisdom that has kept our human lineage alive for its entire history. These body functions act as record books and deep reservoirs of wisdom, strength, willpower and ingenuity. While this process often defies words and concepts, it may be the BEST way to heal ourselves and prepare for a new future of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

How do we access the X-Meridians and X-Organs?
How can we explore this secret wisdom? Aha! There are two ways that I know of. 1) We can do this in meditation. 2) And we can do it through acupuncture. It will require a skilled practitioner, since many acupuncturists are not versed in these original manifestations of life. However, the technique is not difficult. Each X-Meridian and each X-Organ has one or more primary key points which can be used as a focus for that entire specific system in treatment.

By delving deeply into the X-Meridians and X-Organs we can change the dynamics of body, embrace the  courageous decisions each of us needs to make regarding fate and destiny, aligning this to the highest “purpose” of our human soul. This article addresses each X-Organ, its function, and its role in our larger evolution.



What happens at conception? The fertilized egg begins to divide. The first cell division becomes the primary central meridian. Again, the cell divides, creating 4, 8, 16 cells, which make the eight Extraordinary Meridians. At 32 cells the Extraordinary Organs appear, followed by the remaining 12 organ meridians. At the magical blastula stage 64 identical cells are ready to diversify to become the different body tissues. The process of life is orchestrated once again as if it always knew exactly what to do.

The History of Medicine is always changing, reflecting ways of thinking within a given time. Major medical traditions of the world from East to West all have a long history.

Eastern medicine grew out of Shamanic traditions that survived after a great flood. These practices came down from the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. All these systems of meridians, nadis, energy pathways, gates, chakras, and points in the body, were based on observation of living people, combined with meditation and practices under continual change over thousands of years.

I try to go back to the oldest known medical book. It’s called the Huangdi Neijing, said to be 4,500 years old. It was divined from empirical study combined with deep meditation, written as a poetic dialogue between the Great Yellow Emperor and his two physicians. Its pages form the foundations of Chinese Medicine, revealing how to promote body harmony, longevity, and spiritual freedom. During the time of the Yellow Emperor, medical training had eight branches.

The top three were considered the most powerful: 1) Meditation, 2) Qigong, and 3) Diet, followed by other cosmological disciplines. 7) Acupuncture and 8) herbs were the very last two, used only when the other healing methods failed. I bought the book online and found it totally fascinating.

Early Chinese medicine was not only about the physical body, but it was also an esoteric study of how to enliven the spirit within a physical body. It encompassed both worlds.

This is the crux of today’s dispute contrasting physical vs, multidimensional. The schism is present in both Eastern and Western Medicine. True medicine is the integration of the physical body with the multi-dimensional. By refining the body, we cultivate the spirit allowing higher dimensions to come through the body. But if we see the body as a purely physical machine, we stifle the spirit.

The Six Extraordinary Organs are considered “mysterious channels of ancestry” because they’re the first organs that appear in an embryo and they are body wide. That’s why they are the organs of your destiny and ancestry.

The 6 X-Organs are: Marrow, Blood Vessels, Bones, Nervous System, Procreation, and Gall Bladder. Body-wide means these organs have no specific location. At conception it is these organs that give rise to the 12 “regular organs”, regulate them, and rule evolutionary changes in your body, mind, and spirit. That’s right, they generate and control all the other organs: the heart, pericardium, triple burner, small intestine, stomach, spleen, lungs, large intestine, bladder, kidneys, liver, gallbladder.

Chinese Medicine is founded on the assumption that a human being has the innate ability to receive and transmit “higher” consciousness. These multi-dimensional relationships were seen in deep meditation and form the foundation of the medical system. It cultivates health in the body, mind, and spirit to allow the soul to ascend the “ladder” of life (the spinal bones) toward higher consciousness, represented by the brain.

When we infuse the X-Organs with White Light in meditation, we vitalize ALL the organs AND body and alter our destiny. Life sometimes brings us challenges, pain, and illness. Instead of searching for a medical diagnosis to a perceived “problem”, instead of needling specific points, we use white light to jump-start our deepest capacity to heal.

The X-organs also hold DNA impressions passed from one generation to another in the family lineage, which is all highly relevant to the times we live in right now. The sixth X-Organ is particularly important because the gall bladder represents courageous decisions regarding fate, tipping point choices about destiny and evolution, like what humanity is dealing with right now.

Let’s look at each of the six X-Organs and explore their significance.


The BONE MARROW is a rich red fatty tissue located in certain bones, especially the flat bones of the torso. Marrow comes from Jing, the DNA ancestral essence of our genetic lineage. Jing is like DNA, a personal blueprint and universal memory. YOUR DNA is unique, one-of-a-kind in the universe.

In children red bone marrow is busy working in every bone. By adulthood, bone marrow new cell creation is only in the flat bones of the upper body, NOT the long bones (see image). The major cell production areas are the cranium, shoulder blades, ribs, sternum, pelvis, and especially the spine, with all its thick spongy tissue. What’s happening in the bone marrow is absolutely amazing. It’s a busy factory creating new cells, new DNA, all types of blood cells, and especially undifferentiated stem cells which travel wherever they’re needed to heal you during your sleep. At any given time, there are an estimated 100 trillion undifferentiated stem cells in adult bone marrow.

Visualize your marrow as a fountain of youth, a factory of healing, and rebirth, a busy happy nursery of new cells continually dividing and repeating the miracle of your conception until the day you die. Since all red, white, and defensive blood cells are created here, marrow is the root of the immune system.

A great deal of medical research has focused on stem cell replacement to heal the old and sick. However, I’ve seen very few medical studies that optimize bone marrow function in healthy people. This is a fertile area for improving health, athletic performance, longevity, and intelligence.

Bone marrow also happens to be the final storage place for toxins your body doesn’t know what to do with. It tries to filter out poisons, but after many years, most of us end up with our bone marrow full of heavy metals, accumulated pesticides, and unspeakable poisons which slowly strangle our inner healing power. And of course, we get OLD. This why the White Light meditation is a useful way to clear toxins from your bone marrow and your whole body.

Healing happens naturally in a healthy body, when the nervous system is calm, and especially during sleep. However, when we are agitated, such as in a fight-flight response, all healing stops until calm is restored. This is a fascinating topic. It’s all about balance.

For more details see my article “What’s Going on In Your Bone Marrow?”


The Circulatory System carries blood in the body through the large arteries and veins down to even the tiniest capillaries in extreme outlying areas. Its center is the heart. Every beat is a spiral contraction of the torus heart, a wave vortex of life force, at once sending blood to be oxygenated in the lungs, out through the Aorta, and bringing it in from the Vena Cava.


The blood is a fluid, rich in plasma, which is linked to the lymphatic system, hence these two liquids are intimately entwined in constant intermingling through the blood vessels, lymph ducts, and intercellular fluids.


The recent discovery of the “glymphatic system” in the brain indicates that the flow of fluids and blood in the brain and body are intimately connected. The nose and cavities behind the mouth and the post-nasal area are wide open to the brain, as important areas for brain detox.

Don’t be surprised if your meditation brings a change as it detoxes your brain liquids. Post-nasal discharge, gunk in your eyes, yellow snot, or flu symptoms are indications of deep cleansing n your brain and body. All this fluid movement is extremely positive.





The bones form the rigid body structure. Like tuning forks, they respond to frequency vibrations. In Chinese Medicine, the skeleton is the deep bedrock of memory, intelligence, and wisdom.

The bones are intimately linked with the energy map of the body, the qi, chakras, and meridians. Bones actually hold the meridians in place and vibrate with the specific frequencies. Even the major joints are secondary chakras or energy centers.

When the bones are properly aligned, a body can experience perfect balance. This is called tensegrity. In this state, body movement is almost effortless.

Like a perfect Taichi master, all the bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons work together to maintain balance in harmony to the Earth, with minimal effort, just moving the Qi. You can do that too.

We know bone balance is critical. Just think how disturbing even a small misalignment of the spine, hips, or shoulders, can be. The White Light Meditation helps bring all these systems into alignment.









The Nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and countless nerve extensions from them. The Brain gives rise to intelligence, concentration, memory, thinking, and sensory interpretations. The brain is closely connected to Shen Spirit of the Heart. Nerve tissue is essentially water and fat. so, it is intimately connected to our fluids and frequency vibration.

Since your body is 70 – 90% water, and the brain is filled with fluid cavities, the “sinus” passageways meet at the important Confluence of Sinuses in the back of the head. The White Light Meditation penetrates and activates your pineal gland connecting you to the universal source through the top of your head. The two Amygdala centers that control fear and fight-flight are highly programmable through mind control directed frequency waves, which we can override with meditation. When these brain centers are integrated in balance, you will feel wonderful, immune to manipulation or panic.

Medical research around dementia now clearly indicates that this modern epidemic is primarily caused by toxic accumulation, heavy metals, high blood sugar, lack of movement, poor sleep, lack of hydration, and poor lymph circulation.

Brain studies suggest we are continually developing new synapses and neural pathways our entire lives. Swiss researchers recently mapped the brain neocortex of mice, showing complex brain structures that constantly transform, creating flexible networks with countless multi-dimensional nerve structures that respond to stimuli in an extremely organized manner. They say: “The progression of activity of the neurons resembles a multi-layered sandcastle that materializes out of the sand and then disintegrates”.

Your physical senses are highly sensitive receivers, as well as your brain interpretations of the senses. You can use the White Light Meditation to heighten all your senses: your vision, hearing, sense of smell, taste, touch, and the sixth sense that integrates all with your higher intelligence. The endocrine system is also a highly refined family of glands that inform the nervous system. The Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenals, Ovaries or Testes are divinely attuned to balance your inner and outer environment. The pineal gland is the light sensor and body clock of the body. It has high spiritual relevance, which is poorly understood, so I won’t try to explain it. I’ll just say it is the primary focus of our White Light Meditation.

We spend billions researching the brain trying to recreate neural networks in robots. Yes! Robots may win the contest in a few areas, like memory recall, multi-tasking, physical strength, night vision, logical prediction, and working long hours with no pay.

However, humans will always win in other areas such as self-healing capacity, multi-dimensional awareness, spiritual connection to the Divine, creating a family legacy, sense of humor, enjoyment of life, sexual pleasure, passion, having children, determination, unpredictability, feistiness, and ability to crash AI predictions by using non-sequiturs. For example, we can stymie our handlers by unpredictably changing the subject from brain anatomy to your past life memory on Alcyone, to the bacterial pestilence on Earth 300,000 years ago, to your mom’s oatmeal cookies, fish food, and engaging in an angry tirade, all of which may send your robot fact-checkers on a wild goose chase.

You don’t have to know anatomy to use the White Light Meditation. When you breathe white light into the brain center, you simply clean and calm your body fluids, which in time will reveal your own higher intelligence.


is in some ways the most important of all six X-Organs of destiny, because it links you to your heredity, to the Jing DNA Essence. The female procreation system includes the genital organs, ovaries, and the body-wide reproductive systems of birthing, menstruation, conception, and pregnancy.

Don’t forget the female pleasure centers, the erogenous zones tucked away on the skin and deep inside. Don’t exclude the passionate deep links of partnership and motherhood.

Male Procreation is equally important. Many male-female sex organs are shadowed in the opposite sex. For example, women have no male member, and instead a clitoris. Our experience in the sex act summons all body systems to function in a special way: sexual fluids, blood, skin, hair. All senses have a role in sexual pleasure and reproduction.

Procreation links us to universal ecstasy, to past millenniums, and to the future, to the simple joy of living in a body, to self-love, to the continuation of our lineage beyond time and space.

Qigong masters hold that all men and women possess the same energetic area of the lower abdomen “DanTian” (Lower Elixir Field), sometimes called the “Sexual Chakra”. The Dantian contributes to body-wide harmony and energy protection bubble called WeiQi. The Dantian is an essential focus in Qigong as it regulates the flow of the Five Essential Substances in the body. According to my Daoist teacher, Master Mantak Chia, the Lower DanTien is located just below the navel. Its role in the body is to collect sexual and emotional energies.


The Gall Bladder is considered a unique bridge to your destiny blueprint. Do not underestimate the importance of this tiny green master of immunity. We need it especially now to process emotions, make decisions, find courage, resilience, confidence, strength to be sovereign, and to protect our lineage. The GB is both a  as an extraordinary organ produces Bile, therefore is part of Essence.

The Gall Bladder meridian starts at GB-1, the outer corner of the eyes. It spirals around the cranium and brain like tiny fissures of penetrating light. Then it zig-zags down both sides of your body to the gall bladder organ under the liver on the right side and continues zigzagging down the sides of the legs to the fourth toe.

Chinese medicine describes immunity as related to willpower. This is closely akin to our ability to have faith, endurance, ingenuity and evolutionary consciousness.

The Gall Bladder is a little green sack under the Liver that holds bile. The GB releases bile into the small intestine to aid digestion and absorption. Bile is a complex fluid and emulsifier that helps digest fats, clean the immune system, and regulate inflammatory cytokines (proteins in the immune system). Bile helps digest sugar, insulin, and to get rid of toxins and cholesterol.

The Gall Bladder regulates “tight junction” permeability in the intestine. This is critically important because any “tight junction” malfunction or “leak” in the delicate intestinal lining can cause inflammation triggering allergies and auto-immune diseases in the blood. The Gall bladder also provides important protection from pathogens and cytokine proteins. These functions make the Gall Bladder extremely important in current times.

The Gall Bladder assists us when it is TIME for a DESTINY DECISION, when some kind of misunderstanding seeps into the deep Source Spirit or Shen. We can then activate it ourselves by breathing White Light into the Gall Bladder and the GB Meridian. And that’s what we’re going to do in a few minutes.

We discussed earlier that a human body is like a plant. Many traditions see a sacred Tree of Life, with roots deep in the earth, and branches extending up to heaven. The tree branches get to exchange air, wind, and light drawing nourishment down through the vertical meridians in the trunk, like a column. Through its roots underground, a tree exchanges water, nutrients, all kinds of insects and microscopic life. A tree brings balance and benefit to everything around it.


The X-Organs are often called “organs of evolution.” Throughout human history, they have changed shape and they seem to evolve as man does. For information on how to access your deepest evolutionary wisdom through 1) meditation, or 2) through a treatment, see these two links:

To integrate meditation into the X-Meridians and X-Organs, see my Online Workshop: 3 White Light Meditations

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Integrated Energy Medicine treatment, is available both as a distance session and in person.



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