Ivermectin: Uses, Benefits for Cancer and Other Parasitical Illnesses

Ivermectin has recently come to global attention during the pandemic. Described as a “wonder drug”, Ivermectin is a drug discovered from Japan that has been in use on hundreds of millions of humans since 1981 and has an “excellent safety profile”. It is classified by the WHO in the “essential drugs list,” and has been distributed across nations by the UN.

Ivermectin has shown tremendous benefit to humans in 2015 its discovery won a Nobel prize for drugs. It has demonstrated in various studies to be beneficial against Covid-19 infection.

The most recent updated meta-analysis of worldwide ivermectin use in COVID-19 disease shows highly effective 85% protection from Covid, and 76% overall reduction in death for over 7,000 Covid-19 patients.  When compared with other medications for Covid, Ivermectin far outshines all others including Remdesivir, Casiri, Dexamethasone, and Budesonide. 

Ivermectin Effective for Cancer

A widely available insecticide, Ivermectin, has been shown to make drug-resistant tumors and leukaemia immediately responsive to the drugs; this is not the first time anti-cancer activity has been shown, with previous research on breast, ovarian, lymphoma and TNBC, plus studies showing improved response to Adriamycin and Taxol.


At the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Zoology in Beijing, scientists injected Ivermectin into the bodies of mice with solid tumours or leukaemia. The cancer cells, which previously had been highly drug-resistant, immediately threw in the towel. To confirm the types of cancers that might succumb, Professor Wu Yijun and his colleagues then took human breast cancers cells and others with Ivermectin and produced the same results.

Harmless Ivermectin treatment in humans ‘astonishingly safe’

The chemical which kills lice, worms, nematodes and mites, is produced normally by the bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis, kills parasites by disrupting the fluid exchange through the insect’s cell membrane. The FDA approved the anti-helminthic drug in 2015, finding it ‘astonishingly safe’.

Ivermectin can be used to treat many diseases.

It is anti-viral, anti-Covid, anti-inflammation, used to prevent or heal a wide range of RNA and DNA viruses, for example, Covid, Omicron, Delta, Monkey Pox, Dengue virus, Zika, Yellow fever, and others. It can heal many types of skin rashes, ulcers, skin parasites, treating wounds for minimal scar tissue. It can treat a wide variety of bacterial and viral diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, asthma., and lung ailments. It improves nervous system diseases such as epilepsy, neuropathy, nerve degeneration, and it can improve learning and memory.

Many scientists believe that cancer is at least in part due to a parasitic liver fluke, Clonorchis sinensis, along with two other helminth parasites (parasitic worms) Opisthorchis viverrini and Schistosoma haematobium (blood fluke). All three are classified as Group 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization. For this reason, Ivermectin’s anti-cancer properties make Ivermectin extremely useful in preventing and healing leukemia, melanoma, breast, prostate, pancreatic, colon, gastric, lung, cervical and thyroid cancers, as well as hepatoma, glioma, melanoma, multiple myeloma and many types of tumors.

Ivermectin can also be used to treat MRNA Spike proteins from vaccines, nematode roundworms, multiple sclerosis, HIV, and fibromyalgia. Ivermectin may improve metabolism and lower blood sugar in diabetics. Ivermectin can also reduce inflammation, which can aid in treating cardiovascular disease.

Fortunately, Ivermectin is no longer subject to patent restrictions, which means it is available inexpensively. Drug companies lack economic incentives to mass-produce off-patent products. Therefore Ivermectin is widely used as an over-the-counter medication for horses, dogs, farm animals, and humans.

Watch Mikki Willis’ video on Ivermectin:

The Truth About Ivermectin: A new short documentary by Filmmaker Mikki Willis

Which Countries are now Covid-Free because of Ivermectin?

In India, Covid has all but disappeared due to Ivermectin. For example, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh began dispensing free Ivermectin to all, and encouraging people to take it early as a preventive. “By the end of 2020, Uttar Pradesh — which distributed free ivermectin had the one of the lowest death rates in India at 0.26 per 100,000 residents in one month.” 

Are there any negative side effects or contra-indications?

Ivermectin is harmless, although it is actively discouraged by the pharmaceutical industry as it is unpatentable and unprofitable. 

Where to buy?

“Ivermectin 5 mg 100 tablet ORI” Rp70.000 di toko Zolitaire Tokopedia. https://tokopedia.link/ui6zWNX11rb

How Much Ivermectin to take?

According to the Zelenko Protocol, take Ivermectin 0.4-0.5 mg per kilo body weight for 5-7 days.
Take on empty stomach with 8 oz water.
Take a meal with fatty foods beforehand.
Ivermectin’s benefits are long-lasting. Its active metabolites have a 72-hour half-life, and significant biological effects can be seen up to one month after a single dose.

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