Life in Bali, Photos from Behind the Scenes

We have been in Bali for 3 1/2 years. Who would have thought we’d be here so long? We are so happy and comfortable at Keramas Sacred River Village, in Gianyar on the East Coast of Bali. Ketut Arjana is the owner of the retreat center and our good friend. His birth name “Ketut” means “fourth born”. A Balinese person’s first name always indicates the family line-up of children. 

Our beautiful friend and retreat center manager, Eka Sri Wedayanti, is elegantly dressed in leaves and flowers for blessings. Today is Tumpek Pengatag, which is the Hindu day to bless the grass, trees, crops and all plants. This is held 25 days before Galungan on the Balinese calendar. Eka is our beautiful flower every day. 

My favorite Buddha statue sits in the garden. He is so relaxed and humble. 


We feel so comfortable and fortunate to be in Bali with our trusted friend Ketut. We are making our home here, as the world future is rather unpredictable. We did not get the vaccine, and we have no interest in damaging our natural immunity with shots. When travel is possible, we plan to visit Bhutan, and make future plans after that. 

We performed a blessing with Ketut in his 7th-century temple, where his priest father (in white) performed the prayers. 

Feeling accepted in this place is a great blessing.

This is my little meditation gazebo where I often do videos. 

We live 10 minutes from the amazing Keramas black sand beaches. The view is vast, looking out SE toward Australia and Micronesia. some of the best surfing in the world is right here! 

We use the spa to do our healings. Lama D does Tibetan Kunye pressure point massage. I do Craniosacral therapy and energy healing.

This is Lama D’s kitchen. We have a large 4-burner stove, a huge commercial refrigerator, and plenty of shelves for storage. 

This is our altar in the bedroom. 

No day would be complete without a smoothie. This is beet, dragon fruit, orange, ginger, walnuts, and goji berries. But every day is different.

Every meal is a surprise with Lama D. Today’s breakfast is sautéed moringa, jungle ferns, garlic, and radish.

Our flock of white doves follow Lama D wherever he goes. He feeds them dark red rice. Unlike many domesticated birds, they reject white rice. They won’t even touch it, as they prefer unprocessed red rice from Bali. This red rice is a complete food, having 5x the mineral content of white rice. Ha Ha! Smart birds!

Every night before bed, we do a baking soda – Epsom salt bath for detox and deep sleep.

Lama D and I are delighted to have our friend Lee Schwing here in Bali from Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra, India for a while. 

It was a HYUUUGE and WONDERFUL victory to finally receive this AMMMAZING PEMF mat from Centropix KLOUD in the USA.

We take a lunch break with our good friends Eka Sri Wedayanti and Lee Schwing at Akasha Restaurant in Ubud, our favorite place to celebrate important events. Today we celebrate Eka’s finishing the new Keramas website, Lee’s safe trip from America, and the arrival of our special PEMF mat from Centropix KLOUD. Hooray!

Meet Tomy Kencana, my amazing teacher of Bahasa Indonesian language. We meet to study 3x per week. It takes patience, humility, and I’m happy to say I’m picking up the language. I can now engage in a simple local conversation. The Indonesian language evolved out of a shared pigeon-speak for boaters and traders throughout Southeast Asia. Then it was formalized by the Dutch East India Company for schools and business. Bahasa Indonesian is the unifying language of Indonesia, which is a good thing because the country encompasses 17,500 islands and 700 unique native languages!

Our “Sekah Healing Group” meets every other Saturday. Some of the common health complaints we see are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and dementia, kidney stones. The group requests a topic for the next meeting, and I prepare a talk in Bahasa Indonesian. Here we are playing a game sorting pictures of foods linked to different diseases. We have to pick a card and decide what category it fits in: “Super-healthy, Healthy, Neutral, Bad, or Deadly”. Everyone is different, so each person has to make his own choice. 


This is video for the Sekah healing group about Intermittent Fasting in Bahasa Indonesian language. We use games and videos to explain complex topics in a simple way. We have covered many topics so far, such as Body pH, The Immune System, High-fiber food, Keeping the Intestines Clean, Low-carb cooking, Water quality, Disease prevention, Detox, Parasite Removal, NUTRITIOUS food vs. EMPTY food, Mineral Deficiencies and Mineral Drops, Brain Balancing, Sugar, Fast Food, Healthy Oils, Causes of Hypertension, Inflammation, Setting Health goals. Next week will be about Preventing Heart Disease and Blood Clots.
Click here for a playlist of all my 10 health lectures in Bahasa Indonesian!

Each meeting of our healing group we try a healthy snack. Today’s snack is gado-gado with assorted local vegetables with peanut sauce. this peanut sauce is special, as it is sugar-free. During the meeting each person gets a 15-minute turn on the PEMF mat. It is wonderful to reduce stress and re-balance the Craniosacral CSF fluid flow in the body.

Parasite Removal – The new 21st Century Cleanse.  We Use 2 medicines: Ivermectin and MMS!

Our healing group is doing the Parasite Protocol following Dr. Lee Merritt. It is amazing, and I feel so much better. We were able to source everything right here in Bali. We start with Ivermectin doing 3 days on and 5 days off, cycling this way for about a month until there is no reaction. Then we do 21 days of MMS Protocol 1000, which is 1 drop activated chlorine dioxide per hour for 8 hours a day.

I’m doing both Ivermectin and MMS, one after the other, so we can get most of the parasites. My favorite cleanse is the MMS, which gets rid of a larger range of parasites, prevents many other ailments, and it also removes biofilm (nanobacteria), a common calcification in older people. Here is my article on Parasites from Dr. Lee Merritt: How to DETOX your Inner EcoSystem: Parasite Control

This is everything I know about MMS. A Healing Journey with MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution

We recently invested in a Trinity Pro Biomedis frequency device to share with our healing group. This is an advanced bioresonance Multi-Frequency Synchronization tool to normalize body electro-magnetic energy and heal disease before it can manifest. 

You can choose any particular vibration, and wear the device for a few hours a day. I use it to heal and relax my eyes, as my eyes get tired with computer work. Ketut uses it to normalize High Blood Pressure. Ngura uses it to stop smoking.

For more information:

I’m teaching Qigong classes here at Keramas Sacred River Village. Every Monday at 10am and Every Thursday at 5pm. When are you coming for a visit?

Qigong vitalizes the vertical meridian and energetic root system connecting Earth to Sky.  

This was a sample class for our Sekah Group meeting. We are gathering the energy, holding a great Taichi ball.

We are growing a small farm of super-healthy plants like celery, basil, cilantro, parsley, oregano, beets, and moringa. Since beets are not native to Bali, we had to search all over for the seeds. But everyone is confused now because the package is in Russian. We wanted BEETS (свекла) but we got RADISHES (редис). Oh dear! Pretty soon we’re going to have tons of radishes! Good news! Beet seeds will be coming soon from India. Ha Ha!

So happy to celebrate at Akasha Restaurant in Ubud. This is the Chocolate Raspberry Fudge. Ha Ha!

Lama D and I are celebrating so much love at Akasha Restaurant in Ubud.

Lama D’s family came to visit us from Bhutan via Australia. We had a wonderful time with them – his cousin brother Ugyen Dorji, his wife Dorji Dema, his aunt Namgye Zam, and his cousin brother Leki Khandu. We visited Safari Park, a very fun place with wild animals from all over the world.

Our friends performed Balinese dancing for the family. Balinese dancing is totally unique, but has some features in common with Thai and Indian traditional dance. It uses beautiful hand positions and eye movements.

We took Lama D’s Bhutanese family to a Lebanese Restaurant Al Diwan in Seminyak, for awesome food, thanks to our friend Ahmed, the owner. These folks had never tasted Mediterranean food. We sampled Lentil Soup, Mujaddara, Baba Ghanoush, Tabouli, Lamb, Falafel, and Hummos Bi Tahini in Pita bread.

We say goodbye to Lama D’s family. They had a wild time here, and I’m sure they’ll be back!


Eka had the perfect Parfait for dessert at Akasha Restaurant.

This is my Gourmet Baked Tasmanian Salmon, with asparagus, broccoli, & roast tomatoes, creamy garlic eggplant sauce & fresh dill. Heavenly!

Jackfruit Coconut Tacos topped with avocado, kafir lime leaves & micro greens at Akasha Restaurant in Ubud. Yum!

This is Akasha Laksa, a local dish made with zucchini noodles, moringa, cauliflower, lemongrass, and turmeric in coconut milk. Fabulicious!!

   A unique metal tree of life on the wall at Akasha Restaurant makes an interesting visual background.

Thanks Sacha Stone and Akasha for an amazing celebration lunch with Lama D, Eka and Lee. 

When I wake up at 7am every morning, Lama D has already been up for three hours. His group is called Tharpi Sabuen, which means “Seeds for Enlightenment”. He’s hard at work every morning teaching Buddhism to 12,000 students in 24 groups on WeChat Social Networking (500 max per group). WeChat is the channel used by everyone in Bhutan. Even the grandmothers can use WeChat. Our jungle-view side porch overlooking the river is his office. He teaches in the Bhutan language, Dzongkha, and his students are Bhutanese, all over the world. 

This is a ceremony by Lama D’s group Tharpi Sabuen in Bhutan. He takes no money personally for the classes. He has 12 coordinators who handle funds from voluntary donations, which he uses to support many charities, events, and projects in Bhutan. 

Lama D’s mother is very proud. She is the honored guest at a ceremony sponsored by his Tharpi Sabuen group.

Recently the Tharpi Sabuen group installed a wall of blessing flags high on the mountain in Punakha district of Bhutan.

A sacred stupa is inaugurated in Thimphu, Bhutan by a resident Khempo leader. Lama D and I designed the stupa together, using images of the 5 patron saints of Bhutan and their mantras in gold plated copper. Construction takes place in Bhutan and Nepal. Lama D’s group has already installed seven of these stupas in various prayer sites in Bhutan, and plan to finish a total 205 stupas. People come up to the stupa and pray. 

Hundreds of his students attend a ceremony in Bhutan in honor of Padma Sambhava, the patron saint of Bhutan, pictured on the enormous wall hanging at the Dzong. This ceremony is sponsored by Lama D’s group Tharpi Sabuen.

Recently my 2014 MacBook Pro screen stopped working. Fortunately we have an excellent Apple store in Denpasar. I am now the happy owner of a new MacBook Pro 16″. Works like a charm!

My New Classes at LearnDesk, Online School.

I’m excited to announce I am now teaching online at LearnDesk, an international online school. On my profile I offer eight recorded video classes of different energy balancing techniques. Click here to see more. 

With Lee Schwing and Lama D at Chaiba Indian Restaurant in Seminyak near Denpasar. Today I am celebrating that I finished my 2 blogs for the week! Hooray! I’m having Spicy Vegetable Korma and Masala tea. For Lee – Palak Panir and Mango Lassi. For Lama D – Pumpkin Quinoa Salad. Yum!

Thanks for showing up!
Best wishes! Srijana

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